3 Stooges – Iconoclast | Dangerfield | OTO – Migrant Caravan, Tommy Robinson in UKIP, Brexit

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40 Responses

  1. Kinjal Datta says:

    Iconoclast What's your opinion on the Hindus???

  2. Rain ee says:

    I agree with Chris move to Hungary, I, ve bought a house there with a view to becoming self-sufficient and safe, property is really cheap, for now, I've started a vlog about the venture,
    check it out, its a bit boring though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzAGOKsnEb8

  3. Rob Sylvia says:

    I think Steve Bannon is playing optics. For a year the media portrayed him as a nazi. I listen and hear him being stealthy, same truth, less confrontational. I think he does this because of his association w Trump , because the press here still tries to imply that Steve influences Donald and that code for Orange Man Bad

  4. Rob Sylvia says:

    Your commentary at 17:00 is spot on. It’s weird how many progressives want open borders here in the states. They won’t say it openly, but they know the migrants will vote for liberals. It’s not about compassion, it’s about votes and power

  5. Force Sensitive says:

    There is no way Hungary, Czech or Poland could house that many white people. Sadly, white people by a majority will stay in a genocidal European country. If Europe can't house just 1 million immigrants, It says everything about housing Europeans as well.

  6. Force Sensitive says:

    Guarantee that Black men will follow wherever the white women goes. If your going to have a save haven for white people, that's going to be hard.

  7. Reuben McGregor says:

    Those of us who were fortunate enough to be born here in New Zealand have had a mixed racial beginning between the Europeans and the Maori from day dot so we have had to deal with racial diversity but kind of on a equal footing due to the Maori being a handful and not afraid to fight for what they believed to be basically right and true.
    NZ is mixed for sure however the problem is not race but religion. Muslims are welcome but dont think im going to allow my daughter to be subjected to Sharia law if she happened to fall for a muslim and I wont be forced by a gangster hiding behind the guise of religion to believe or live by a made up set of rules that are barbaric and wrong in so many fkn ways its just ridiculous! We have Sikhs here in my neighborhood and they are respectful of the average kiwi and dont even try to push their ways upon us and everyone gets on fine. Indoctrination of Sharia Law in any non muslim country is just wrong and those radical muslims need to realise they are only pawns to those who want one world order – GLOBALISATION!
    Once the establishment who have been planning this since the start of the Freemasons, which people seem to forget are not only whites but muslims also, those radicals will be quickly put down as the chaos the radicals created served its purpose and also if you look at the Georgia guidestones which want a global cull most people will have abandoned large parts of the world and are now concentrated in major cities and countries.
    The warning signs are there and people who speak up are branded and silenced. Wake up everyone as times will be a changing……

  8. Britain has Fallen says:

    MSM news flash: " There was some light soft throwing of stones it was all done in a playful manner" Lol
    Oh and sign the anti-UN global migration pact if you haven't already https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/232698%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%A0?fbclid=IwAR3t8frwKAa6_cuWe14wGKQPc4QvOqX0geasl25zWAfMEL4BCekJhVBjSjY

  9. kansasrockers says:

    Iconoclast I am from America and this is scary it is literally an invasion and proud of Trump for not listening to liberal outrage. I am proud that contries like Poland, Hungary, and Italy standing up to the EU and their multiculturalism ideologies. What you guys are talking about how being white will be a minority is going to be true.

  10. raccoon says:

    Went to a Christian church with all Algerians fun and God then came home to Muslim hate as I walk the streets Scotland.

  11. raccoon says:

    Missed the chat as i was in a jail cell for upsetting Allah

  12. SuperBeautifulNoise says:

    You are starting to stink for white nationalism, I am sure the guest in the white shirt is. You guys delusional if you think you will be able to mass deport non whites from west, if that is attempted then there will be violent civil war that will kill thousands if not millions. I hope I am wrong with my take here but tbh you would not be the first right wing Youtuber that I watched that became one. 😐

  13. Jacob Bertsch says:

    I have no doubt Americans will wage war before we run.

  14. Nico CC says:

    You guys act like these degenerate backward barbaric cretins have any logic to think, "You're right, Europe should be Europe, let's stay home in our shithole countries." Or that they are thinking about the fact that they will turn Europe into the same shithole they came from. Tell me something guys, does Cancer care that it is killing the host it depends on to live and that it will eventually die with the host because of it own actions? The answer is "no". Same with these people and the people enabling them.

  15. KooKoo Kocks says:

    BTW This was excellent. Enjoyed every single second of this podcast and want more.

  16. MrVitalic85 says:

    Great speech!

  17. rodraku says:

    and the racist puppy is back again

  18. Unbounded Gamer says:

    Wish they would have asked a native Texan about this

  19. Drole says:

    What you guys have to remember is that each state is different. See my comment to Jazz Fan.

  20. Drole says:

    I think it was VICE that interviewed a Honduran who said the Mexicans didn't want them because they are Racist!! Hysterical!!!

  21. Brad James says:

    It's a bit of a leap to say drag queens reading to kids in libraries is perverted. It's silly and pointless, but what's the difference between that and kids of the same age seeing a pantomime dame performing the innuendo-laden dialogue of panto?

  22. Steven McGrath says:

    Research Watchman Of America. They have a great system.

  23. Steven McGrath says:

    Spot on ! ! ! How do I joining in on the video conversations. PS: keep having 'White Children' ! ! ! Don't give up. Believe it or not 'white' people have been in worse situations. Watch The Way Of The World, good stuff.

  24. hjnjd says:

    1:17:25 actually they created the 16th amendment and lots of people hate it and want to abolish the 16th amendment

  25. Carmen Jennings says:

    I've got a bad feeling about this.

  26. Carmen Jennings says:

    Yes Ben Jerry. Thanks for your comment. That document doesn't sound real good for western civilization!

  27. Yt Yt says:

    Not cool with the fur hat. Why support animals being skinned alive?

  28. DingBatSplat says:

    Tommy Robinson is a Zionist/Zionist puppet that's why he's a one issue activist – the Islam problem. He's job is to keep everyone concentrating on this issue and not looking into who's behind it and stopping them.

  29. Itchy Tooth. says:

    …"It's natural to want to be with your own people"… Muhammad Ali.

  30. shoutinghorse says:

    You just need to look at the tent cities in California to realise the problem the US has with illegal immigration. It's truly frightening what the future holds.

  31. Itchy Tooth. says:

    How long before we see a 'European Spring'?

  32. tony smith says:

    They will not change our minds if we do not leave the EU as we voted for, there will be a peoples revolution and it wont be pretty

  33. Aux46 89 says:

    The white race must be destroyed
    End of the story

  34. Robbie Retro says:


  35. Robbie Retro says:

    The deliberate conflation of Migrant, Immigrant and Refugee to establish sympathy is starting to collapse.
    U.N. has it's biggest funding from ARAB STATES. I wonder who suggested the U.N. global compact on migration?

  36. Robbie Retro says:

    Third world migrant children grow up to be third world migrant adults and my tolerance has expired, I actually don't CARE if these people bring their children into a situation that causes the death of these children. A dead child on a beach is the consequence of his parents negligence.
    Here is an idea, fix your own country, make it nice, like white europe and the anglosphere, then you don't have to go anywhere!

  37. Ruby Honey says:

    tell you something ?

  38. Xsitescript says:

    We haven't been disarmed yet .. they are trying hard to get our guns.. the people will pull down the old shotgun or hunting rifle.. these turd don't have a chance.

    When you lose the right to keep and bear arms you lose the ability to stand up.

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