6 reasons to pledge to your favorite creator’s Patreon

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I know some people don’t really “get” Patreon, so in this video I explain what’s in it for you!

► MY PATREON: http://patreon.com/ginnydi


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14 Responses

  1. Happy Bob says:

    At the current moment you are one of the two folk I can afford to support and even though my pledge's are a small amount, it makes me feel a bit better about being me that I can help two of my favourite creative people.

  2. 雲KID says:

    I've been sending this to like EVERYONE!

  3. xanderps210 says:

    I love just being able to follow on patreon just to stay up to date with creators.

  4. Real Faction says:

    Creative work full time? Damn, wish I could do that. I've been doing what I do for 13 years and I'm just now making just decent money on stuff. Grats, that's a huge feat! You put a lot of work into what you do and it shows in the quality, you deserve it. This channels gonna blow up bigger and you'll be a positive voice in the YouTube community, we need someone like you with all the crap going on right now. Thank you 🙂

  5. Nick Howe says:

    Is that an Izzet signet your wearing?

  6. Erin Mac Daddy says:

    The eggplant in #3 killed me, hahaha. Thank you for making so many awesome informational videos! I absolutely love all of the resources you put out about cosplay social media.

  7. Deegan DeLoof says:

    I still can't get over how aesthetically pleasing her hair and eyebrows are.

  8. Brian Williams says:

    I think you ticked the important ones!

    The media most of us consume these days doesn't come from a small number of large creators (network T.V., movie studios, game studios), a lot of it comes from smaller creators that put out things that really appeal to their niche. I honestly can't remember the last time I sat down and watched a T.V. show. I might watch something on netflix, but maybe 80% of my watching time is here on Youtube these days. If you enjoy that kind of thing, you need to support it. Be that pledging monthly to someone, buying something out of their merch store, purchasing some little micro transaction in their app. Hell, even something as little as helping those people get in better with the Youtube algo by doing the "like/comment/subscribe" thing can help.

    There are a lot of really talented people in the world and the way things are coming together we're all able to really enjoy that talent. But it's really hard for them to provide that content for us if they also have to work a full time job while doing so.

    Like you said, a lot of small gets really big.

  9. Patrick Martin says:

    You're one the most incredibly hard working, and most down to earth good hearted people out there, creating such fabulously beautiful works!!! And it is an absolute joy to be part of your patreon club!!! Besides getting the awesome rewards, you share every aspect of your creative journey, and take us along with you on these fabulous projects!! You always give so much more back, and are always ready to share a joke or story! Thank you for all you give to us all!!!

  10. Eteana94 says:

    I like doing it for the core meaning of it : I want the creators I admire to be able to do more of what they love and on their own way improving the world. I want all those fabulous persons to know that what they're doing ? it's worth it.

  11. josie hughes says:

    People always made it seem like patreon is just a way for creators to earn more money for themselves, but you did a good job explaining that the money made goes right back into the content created for your viewers!

  12. Tyler Smith says:

    I only recently found your channel so maybe this answer is out there somewhere but is there a way to find your stuff outside patreon for individual purchases for those who can’t afford regular donations but still want to support you? Things like prints calendars or your songs?

  13. kiiper13 says:

    You're an amazing cosplayer and do such a good Jester, really looking forward to your next vid

  14. Leona Cookie says:

    I've been subscribed for quite a while and I really enjoy your content-you seem a true Ravenclaw and i appreciate you making this video. Good luck in the future and any future projects!

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