60: Maajid Nawaz Well it has something to do with Islam (London)

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still getting help with the voice parts.
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2 Responses

  1. SALZOPYRIN says:

    Stop falling for the Islamic Muslim leis, stop looking and start seeing the real truth, Islam is a World Wide Disease and has but one cure which is the total removal of all carriers by what ever means.Stop being on the defensive, Time to start being on the offensive, NOW!
    Revenge is coming I want to see in the news.  I want to hear of vigilantes/militia taking the fight to the muslims.
    We need ex-military vigilantes/militia joining the fight  for our country, their experience and training would be invaluable
    I want Muslim interment camps,I want the news that Mosques are burning across the country; I want news that a mass deportation of Muslims is taking place,
     I want to read that Muslims have been killed in revenge militia terror acts across the country.
    No quarter must now be given, fight fire with fire and we will win the day and clean out this filthy cancer of Islam.

  2. Burlats de Montaigne says:

    If there isn't some fairly radical action taken by the UK government to cut out this pernicious death cult then people will take matters into their own hands. There will be mosque burnings and shop firebombings and people will die. It is VERY close to the surface right now in London.

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