6IX9INE – TIC TOC ft. Lil Baby, KIKA ft. Tory Lanez & WAKA ft. A Boogie | REACTION

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Reacting to some bangers off of 6IX9INES new album Dummy Boy.

Song Of The Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWonLls2i2I



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31 Responses

  1. Lael Hansen says:

    What’s your favorite song on Dummy Boy?

    SOTD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWonLls2i2I

  2. Alpha_LightXD says:

    Her face reminds of a chipmunk

  3. Tune in for what!!! says:

    Anyone thinks the song of the day is fire?

  4. Cheatnotes - cosmicpvp says:

    Waka Issa head banger

    Like if agree

  5. Илья Reznichenko says:


  6. Ismael Valenzuela says:

    Can we get 69 likes

  7. [Fade] Oreo Gaming says:

    Kika is my favourite

  8. xTrthz says:

    top 3 songs on dummy boy

  9. Akshat Lalani says:

    stop talking so much during the song

  10. Nick Gregory says:

    This sounds nothing like a drake beat. That young thug type shit

  11. jack morris says:

    You need to make another song

  12. vagazzon tv says:

    Scott storch did these beats (Waka Mama and wondo). go made some research girl… he produced, i make it rain, candyshop, still dree, cry me a river.. and many many other hot 2000's tube.. he sniffed 100 millions dollars cocaïns.. and he cas through some serious shit.. but he came up !!

  13. YungDaronTV says:

    Lael your so beautiful.

  14. hugo martinez says:

    This Bitch doesn’t know what it means to “ stunt” lol stop

  15. hugo martinez says:

    Nothing about the Tic Toc beat reminds me of drake lol

  16. Tech Boy says:

    I love songs
    * Listens to dummy boy on shit speakers *

  17. leo outlaw says:

    The abulm is lit asf

  18. Shawn Maxfield says:

    The song of the day was kinda fire

  19. Lucas Roy-Serrano élève says:

    8:11 me sneezing

  20. Roann Fanis says:

    That face that she make when she said this so hard it looks like she get a bbc

  21. ArttroX says:

    6:53 omg that laugh was soo real 🙂

  22. Music Nation Records says:

    Hahaha Plz watch on 2x

  23. kesh Awootar says:

    You should have listened to FEEFA ft Gunna ( it was supposed to be Kanga by the way ).. Nobody was expecting that from 6ix9ine.. People can talk shit about 6ix9ine but he is a versatile rapper capable of adapting to any kind of beats and flow

  24. DankMemesDriveMe says:

    Use a headset please!

  25. Oprahsides Side says:

    Gotta react to wondo and dumny probably my fav songs along with these

  26. Lil_Poncho says:

    Listen to feefa

  27. AH Games says:

    I think the only reason it’s 6ix9ine’s song is because he has actual verses not one chorus like a boogie

  28. Leonardo Antonio says:

    Fuck u bitch

  29. The human robot 72 says:


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