7 Ways To Revise Faster

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James Davey is an online exam coach and creator of The 7 Day Exam Plan. The Plan helps students working towards exams prepare and perform their best in any set of exams.

James went from lacking focus and drive to a top performing student. He’s determined to help you undergo the same transformation and develop the study skills and exam performance techniques necessary for exam success.

Then after you’ve nailed your exams, James can also help you with your career advancement and smart management of the most important device of the 21st century – the smartphone. Bring it on!

7 Ways To Faster Revision

1. Work backwards
2. Self test at the end of revision sessions
3. Sprint
4. Sustain momentum
5. Vary revision and testing techniques
6. Prioritise coverage over detail at first
7. Find a way to be interested

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