A day of defeats for Theresa May and Brexit | #GME

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A day of defeats for Theresa May. For the first time, a British government is found in contempt of parliament, as MPs force May to publish her legal advice on #Brexit. For more on this @belledonati talks with @DenisMacShane, former Labour Minister for Europe.

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9 Responses

  1. The Crusader says:


  2. Francis Cyprus says:

    Difficult times for the U.K. Whatever path they choose is difficult. If they were to remain in the E.U. the path is difficult. If they leave without a deal the path is difficult. If they leave with a deal the path is difficult. It's just one of those situations where all possible paths lead forward but the trip will not be an easy one. Just hope the right decisions are made at this crucial 11th hour.

  3. Greenpoloboy3 says:

    Soon it could be Frexit

  4. Sheeple are Lame says:

    Lock her up <<< MAY

  5. Aris Selen says:

    Brexit is an illusion

  6. Steve P says:

    At this rate and what is happenning in France, Italy, hungary etc. Britain will be the last country standing….in the EU.

  7. badferrit badferrit says:

    Mays a traitor

  8. Valhalla says:

    It's time to exile Traitor May to an islamic state.

  9. johnny llooddte says:

    how silly

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