A Farewell to Tony Blair

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The official Tony Blair departure montage brought to your home pc by the talented folk at 8-Ball Recordings. P.S Gordon Brown is a lying, morose t*sser.

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15 Responses

  1. BlairSupporter says:

    The BNP is beneath contempt. THEY are white supremacists, not me or Blair. There have been many cases of Muslims getting nothing, not even a ticking off, for calling for the death of our Queen and Prime Minister. Btw, I prefer 'Islamists' (most Muslims are NOT fanatics. Far from it).

  2. BlairSupporter says:

    Sorry you feel like that. I don't think it's accurate. For example, the Kosovo business was to protect Muslims against Christians – no colour involved. I personally am colour blind, as I think is Blair. It has nothing to do with colour.

  3. BlairSupporter says:

    Well, me too, if it comes to that. Shouldn't have said the bit about lying. But I DID say "people LIKE you". That's my point, really. I didn't say "you". Sometimes we are too quick to judge what we INTERPRET other people have said c/w what people genuinely thought or understood. I really don't think any western leaders deserve to be damned to hell by the voters. They try their best … they REALLY do. Honestly.

    We'd probably get on all right if we met. As long as we didn't discuss TB ;0)

  4. BlairSupporter says:

    Yeah, let's call it quits.

  5. BlairSupporter says:

    And I find it a bit weird that such as you LIE consistently and back up your versions of the 'truth' by your certainty that others have lied – like, for example, the rest of the world who believed the intelligence. If it's Afghanistan you're on about now, and not Iraq, there is and was no argument.

  6. BlairSupporter says:

    Memories are short, except where Iraq is concerned. I think when people look back in 10 or 20 years they will see things differently. In the meantime, they and the press have managed to lose the best thing Britain had going for it in politics.

  7. BlairSupporter says:

    If we lose the war on islamist fundamentalists (not the majority of muslims) it'll be the end for democracy & freedom, as well as death for the rest of us who disagree with them. How touchingly tolerant these bastards are. They kill their own for their "G*d & 72 virgins! They're evil. Blair is a hero.

  8. BlairSupporter says:

    These (Islamist) terrorists ARE our enemy and have been for decades. "Only fight the battles you can win". Why? Wrap ourselves in a little island of invincibility? How? Blair is an interventionist. To him it's important NOT to walk by on the other side. In that, he, and perhaps me, differ from you. It's a small world. Remember this: "They came for the Jews, and I wasn't a Jew …" you know the rest.

  9. BlairSupporter says:

    Ah ha! The truth hurts, eh? I only normally debate with the enlightened, so you're right. Must stop.

  10. BlairSupporter says:

    Probably as many funerals as you. You think Islamist fundamentalism has never been an enemy? Such as Hizb-ut-Tahrir has been in existence since before Blair was born. Their aim – a caliphate – a Muslim world – by any means fair or foul. Read a little about the history of radical Islam, not your average good Muslim. They are innocent too. More of them die at the hands of Islamist fundamentalist terrorism than the rest of us.

  11. BlairSupporter says:

    "Goodbye My Lover"

  12. BlairSupporter says:

    Unlike you, I have faith in people. As does Blair. He NEVER said God told him anything. Gey your facts right. He didn't lie – can't you yet tell that? The bodybags have been filled as a result of insurgent killers, not Blair. You have been brainwashed – that's what the enemy wanted. Know who's on YOUR side. It's NOT the "Islamist findamentalist" killers.

  13. Hammer Johnston says:

    JESUS CHRIST!!!! What the hell is wrong with you!

  14. BlairSupporter says:

    I challenge any Blair supporter not to feel moved by this. Great stuff. I have now embedded it into my blog – Keep Tony Blair for PM.

    Perhaps we shouldn't feel so emotional – he's only a politician!


  15. BlairSupporter says:

    What a great video – "I'm so hollow". That's how politics feels now without the great man. How negligent of us to allow his party to dump him when he was the only one up to the challenges of today. Please go and take a look at my videos and visit my blog too. Leave a message if you like. At least I tried ;0(
    All the best to you.

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