A$AP Rocky – “Testing” and the Launch of AWGE | The Daily Show

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Rapper and entrepreneur A$AP Rocky chats about the release of his album “Testing,” his disdain for mumble rap and the mission behind his digital creative collective AWGE.

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30 Responses

  1. Charlie says:

    Babushka Rocky

  2. Agent Smith says:

    Trevor Noah doesn't seem like a dude that listens to rap

  3. tms mewtwo says:

    say i came i saw i came i saw i praise the lord then break the law i take whats mine then take some more it rains it pours it rains it pours

  4. Z AG says:

    He's so handsome!

  5. Zaddy Mthethwa says:

    I love A$AP Rocky❤

  6. Lila Frascation says:

    Iclandic cubicle

  7. kyrha the one & only says:

    my man so fine

  8. Holly Cline says:


  9. Roger Martinez says:

    Asap rocky look like fogget

  10. yves dust says:

    He is soooo fuckin fine….Gotdamn!

  11. StayHuman2011 says:

    He really suits a hijab. LOL

  12. algebrahw says:

    ok rocky be straight killin this interview like non other rapper

  13. Otto Green, Jr. says:

    Hot nikz-

  14. T's Channel says:

    "Videos should match your girlfriend"

  15. Someguy 619 says:

    Why rocky looking like a hoodrich auntie

  16. Thol Anderson says:

    ASAP auntie

  17. White Kid From Suburbs says:

    He looks like my slavic grandma but black

  18. leanne mcgrady says:

    He looks like a damm fool smh

  19. KekaSings says:

    what's on his face

  20. ROBERT ASHYONO says:

    That's what I like he is still original

  21. Jason Skuni says:

    Oh he has a gumball

  22. Domotec Official says:

    Rocky looks like granny usually looks in post USSR countries $$$

  23. O'Nikki Adams says:

    I'm way about this look

  24. Fiegn Seer says:

    He high das y he got shades on lmao

  25. Hlelo Ncube says:

    catch me with my hommie on intsagram and hit the follow button @gesincube.za

  26. harr case says:

    ASAP Trevor

  27. Nineteen 85 says:

    We need more Rappers on this show

  28. Muweesi Mahabubah says:

    I grew up in a world where I wear shoes after pple now I wear them be4 pple

  29. Philipp says:

    My granny was rocking that style before it was cool

  30. Benjamin Donaldson says:


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