Analysts Debate Soldiers Death And Recent Incidents |Politics Today|

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6 Responses

  1. MegaOdi777 says:

    “Let us shock this system. Let us shake it to its very roots. Let us prove to them that what we have asked for all these decades is possible.”

    ———- Kingsley  Moghalu.

  2. joao john says:

    Channel tv Yahoo Yahoo tv news in zoo call Nigeria

  3. Babalola Joshua says:

    Love the new studio, Kudos to channels tv

  4. Wood changay says:

    Hahaha not again if poor people dey cry for insecurity the evils leaders we say will talk too much now were are will soldiers and dying

  5. funky D funky D says:

    What Buhari are you talking about, the late one or Jubril from Sudan? I pity your media and some other ones who are supporting the evil rulers your channels will soon be obsolete i bet you because the majority of the people in the country will no longer watch your programs, for protecting the interest of the bad guys called politicians and not bothered about the poor people's interest.

  6. Festus Igharo says:

    BS your channel is not working for the poor citizens of Nigeria but only for the few elites. Start covering other political parties especially AAC because Omoyele Sowore is doing enough to be heard by all Nigerians. Thanks

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