Andrea Leadsom: ‘Government will publish full Brexit legal advice’

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Amid a crucial test of strength between the House of Commons and the government, Labour’s Keir Starmer warned that ministers are committing contempt of Parliament. Tory rebels, the DUP, the SNP and Lib Dems joined the attack amid threats that Attorney General Geoffrey Cox could be suspended as a punishment. But, as Mr Cox looked on in the chamber, Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom said the government was defending an important principle that legal advice should stay confidential. She also insisted MPs should not take it on themselves to rule on whether there had been a contempt – arguing that ministers should have ‘due process’ of an investigation by the Privileges Committee. Kicking off the titanic constitutional clash in the the chamber this afternoon, Sir Keir accused ministers of ignoring a ‘binding motion’ passed by the Commons. ‘That is contempt,’ he said. The standoff between the House and the government is thought to be unprecedented in modern times.

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4 Responses

  1. Alain Bellarusi says:

    Andrea Leadsom gives me a tingle in the loins.

  2. Peter Gibson says:

    The Irish and the Europeans would only wish that the English would F**K off.
    Brexit off England.
    (Your football hooligans are regularly barred so the EU is used to English ways.)

  3. gof mjhhytgr says:

    This is such an unbelievably important moment in time… Theresa May is guilty of high treason… She has betrayed the democratic choice of the British people to the interests of an elitist establishment, and she should be prosecuted by the fullest extent of the law! The British establishment's Brexit policy has been clear from the very start, dilly-dally as long as possible, come up with a plan that's acceptable to none, and then push for a second referendum, that'll be rigged for remain… If you don't believe me, then just regard the EU's history of disregarding referendum results…

    Twice the Irish people voted to overwhelmingly reject EU treaties, (2001 and 2008, the Nice and Lisbon Treaties) only for them to be re-run the following year, when they were then miraculously accepted. Same thing happened in Denmark in 1992 with the Maastricht Treaty.

    Since winning the referendum, the silent majority have been extraordinarily patient, as we all imagined that democracy had actually won the day… How utterly naïve of us! All the while, over the last two years of quite blatant political procrastination, the elitist establishment has been constantly scheming, the suspiciously well-coordinated and utterly duped remainers have been constantly protesting, and the bought and paid for media has been constantly reporting, and the British nation has been consequently betrayed!

    So what to do? Well, let's look across the English Channel for inspiration… See how the ordinary French people, the 'Gilets Jaunes' have put a white-hot torch to Macron's elitist balls. So perfectly fitting, that they use the EU's compulsory high-viz vests for drivers, factory workers and pre-school infants, as a symbol of revolt… If you still believe in democracy, then we must take a leaf from their book, and get out into the streets!

    I say this to all you remainers out there, working frenetically against the fair result of a totally free and democratic referendum, that you've yet to realise that “you've become the new, identity-politic fascists” and the enemy of all free people. This is fast becoming another pivotal moment in British history; and the third time the British people have fought to save democracy against oppression, in speaking out in a loud and clear voice, that they intend to leave the German dictates of the EU! Therefore from the very moment the rigged and unwinnable second referendum is inevitably announced (not after it's run and lost), then all those who believe in democracy, must take to the streets, and be prepared to fight for their birth right!

    P.S. Don't believe the Youtube free speech myth… Having posted and monitored comments on many Western European mainstream media outlets on Youtube for many months, I'm now totally convinced, that they employ a slow mechanism of deliberate eradication of all opposition to their point of view. Youtube is now under control! Find a different site.

  4. Quetzel Coatl says:

    make it so

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