Andrew Neil uses hilarious football analogy to call out Remainers

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Andrew Neil hilariously pulled apart arguments from anti-Brexit activists demanding a second referendum on European Union membership with a brilliant football analogy.

Andrew Neil dismantled calls for a second Brexit referendum during a hilarious introduction to the This Week programme.

Mr Neil took a dig at anti-Brexit figures such as Alastair Campbell and peer Lord Adonis over their demands the Government should have British voters have a say on the final withdrawal deal agreed to with the European Union.

The BBC presenter said: “In other news, following England’s defeat in the World Cup semi-final, the Prime Minister has insisted that exit means exit and that we are leaving on far better terms than were thought possible even a month ago.

“Tory Brexit rebels begged to differ, claiming it would have been better if we just crashed out without playing anybody.”

Mr Neil continued: “Alistair Campbell has called for a rematch with Croatia, claiming the first game was all a big mistake.

“Andrew Adonis said it should be the best of three with the option of extra time if it’s still not going well for England.”

He added: “And A.C. Grayling says we should just keep playing Croatia until we get the result he wants.”

Campaigners for the People’s Vote have been calling for a second referendum on Brexit at the end of the negotiations with Brussels.

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