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In Germany, a political era is drawing to a close as Chancellor Angela Merkel steps down as leader of her conservative party, the Christian Democrats (CDU), after 18 years at its helm. A party conference has begun in Hamburg where delegates are due on Friday to elect Merkel’s successor – the person who might become Germany’s next chancellor.

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28 Responses

  1. Juarez says:

    She's the embodiment of Germans collective guilt over those 12yrs long ago. So damn guilt ridden that they've allowed themselves to be drowned in 3rd world people's that'll never accept western views.

  2. Jay Alex says:

    What Merkel needs a firing squad

  3. imdbist says:

    She's seen the writing on the wall. Resign before being sacked.

  4. Alex C says:

    I don't think women should ever be in a high position of power… They're emotions rule them and logistics and common sense seem flawed…Look at May and Hilary Clinton too…

  5. laurejon says:

    Merkel has done a great job in Europe, but its unlikely Putin will extend his thanks publicly and grant her Russian Citizenship.

  6. Humdinger Dog says:

    Notice globalist are dropping like fly’s Marcon is next

  7. Porter 421 says:

    Mad Merkel.

  8. harvey blue says:

    good riddance to the Cristian

  9. Biggie Cheese says:

    And this is why there are so few woman leaders

  10. SonyStory says:

    Angela Merkel the Angel Miracle of Syrian refugees

  11. Jubair Masfiq says:

    she's a good leader. Europe needed such kind of iron lady.

  12. Yead Mahmood says:

    dont leave your an angel

  13. Nplos Le says:

    Merkle should be forced to wear a hijab, cook , clean and know her place as a 3 class citizen in a future deutshturkmuslimstan

  14. Great Dane says:

    Traitor to her own People!

  15. Story Time says:

    Thank maybe Germany has a chance to get rid of the NWO/Globalist noose around the peoples neck. Flooding Germany with violent 3rd worlders and erasing the GERMANS culture

  16. Peter R says:

    refugees fleeing war torn countries have smart phones?

  17. Michael D'Angelo says:

    Good News Everyone

  18. 1kardvirag says:

    Gázkamrába vele, tusck, és Juncker és társai

  19. Pasquino Marforio says:

    Make Germany Great Again. Yellow Vests !!!

  20. one love says:

    You will be miss thanks for all.

  21. hamza javed says:

    As a person from a developing country let me say I pray that my country finds someone that is as great as she was and I don't understand the critisisim.

  22. Ajit Nair says:

    German people will remember her for making their lives difficult with her stance on refugee asylum seekers.

  23. John Walker says:

    Long serving Politicians never die, they just become a Eurocrat in Brussels.

  24. Larry Johnson says:

    When Chancellor Angela Merkel Falls as Leader of Germany the World will behold The Fourth Reich. Her Foolish Actions of Allowing a Islamic Invasion of Germany and the Financial Crisis with Deutsche Bank will Hasten her Departure as Chancellor.

  25. Gerhard Hohmann says:

    Angela the new leader of free world well miss you

  26. Christian Soldier says:

    Only proves that women are not leaders.. the head of general motors is a woman..doesn't England have a female leader also.

  27. Pablo Rages says:

    Merkel is a TRAITOR to germany …. she INTENTIONALLY set out to destroy the German culture to keep her EU supporters happy …. she is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the RAPE, MURDER and TORTURE of German citizens …. she should be spending the rest of her life in a german jail !

  28. Jewlord says:

    Merkel you are the weakest link

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