Are UKIP now a liability to Brexit?

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Gerard Batten and Former leader Nigel Farage are now in full blown conflict over the parties close ties with Tommy Robinson.
The latter was recently taken on as an advisor, however is unable to be a member due to the parties ban on former BNP/EDL joining.

If the 52% need a voice and the single-issue party is veering further to the extremes, are UKIP now a liability to Brexit?

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17 Responses

  1. Janice Ward says:

    Tòo true ukips had brexiteers backs in eù all along so why wouldnt we vote UKIP thats our choice anyway

  2. Kyzantia 888 says:

    I have some reservations with tommy but he has been treated terribly by the government , UKIP has always and always will be called racist and xenophobic, party by the establishment . They have to be carful with their optics but I agree with most of what UKIP now and then spoused

  3. HaiLsKuNkY says:

    the cooperative party could form a left wing anti eu block, they already have 37 members of parliament to

  4. HaiLsKuNkY says:

    i voted conservative last time i will be voting ukip now.

  5. 888Caz says:

    We've already done UKIP and a referendum. Which got us nowhere. Non voter-REGIStration for me from now on. No contract, no consent with EUROPA UNION CORPORATION.

  6. Jack James says:

    UKIP's problem was more down to how they campaign. They have a bad habbit of catastrophizing; immigration = breaking point. They make giant leaps and reach conclusions that most find deeply illogical (asides from the people that currently support UKIP). This is why they never gained serious traction in support via the wider general public. The recruitment of Tommy Robinson only serves to cement their internalized problems. The message he sends out is even less logic now; immigration = end of western civilization/muslim takeover.
    I don't think any of this helps their electability (in terms of gaining seats), i'd say it's a massive liability for the party. The question is; will they serve as a force that could change the political narrative or consensus? That's the question we can't really answer yet, but maybe that is all they want to do?

  7. G dog says:

    There now a real alternative and I'll vote UKIP

  8. Lee Hallam says:

    A bit of back ground to the UKIP MEP saga. In 2014 UKIP won 24 seats. In 2015 Janice Atkinson was expelled for bringing the party into disrepute, and Amjam Bashir defected to the Conservatives. In 2016 Diane James and Steven Wolff left, both expressed interest in becoming conservatives, but sit as independents. So far this year; Tim Aker, Johnathan Arnot, Louise Bours, Jim Carver, Earl of Dartmouth have left to become independents, while Bill Etheridge became a Libertarian and Patrick O Flynn to join the SDP. So they have lost 11 seats to defection, leaving them with just 13. Plus today Suzanne Evans, one of their biggest names, who wrote their 2015 manifesto, has resigned from the party.

  9. Freedom Of Opinion says:

    Tommy Robinson is a hero.

  10. Lee Hallam says:

    I don't think Farage will ever lead UKIP again. What might happen if Brexit goes in a direction he is unhappy with, is he may set up a campaign/party without all the UKIP baggage. If he did UKIP would collapse to under 1%.

  11. Lee Hallam says:

    They are a liability in two ways, firstly they allow Remainers to point to them and say, "See Brexit is racist!". Secondly they are no longer a safe home for Brexiteer Leaver votes, this gives a false idea about the support for other parties, in particular the Conservatives.

  12. Ruprecht Pots & Pans says:


  13. Rick Garrett says:

    Going down the AFD route won't help UKIP, they needed to position themselves as a viable Conservative party

  14. Leonmary Cooper says:

    Ukip for me

  15. goon143 says:

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  16. Truthmedia Rebel says:

    The people will decide by their vote and you will see an increase in support for UKIP.

  17. Stephen Owen says:

    Quick answer: YES. Absolutely yes.

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