Australian Cricket Trio Warner, Bancroft & Smith “Shamed by Scandal” in South Africa Mar. 29, 2018

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Cameron Bancroft, Steve Smith as well as David Warner have brought shame onto the game of Cricket and to the Country according to our Media, NOT me, I’m neutral in all of this I’m just uploading this for those who might be interested. I for one hope that all this pressure brought upon these young men who know and admit their own errors doesn’t cause more grief with one of them self harming themselves in despair as their futures have all be irrevocably changed without any doubt. I do hope they have support through this awful time that they’ll be experiencing for quite some time. Winning nowadays can cause some people to act in ways that they normally wouldn’t & I think this “win at all cost” credo for Sports people has to change.

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28 Responses

  1. gregggiddens says:

    They need to be banned for life, they are cheats

  2. Prabantha Liyanage says:

    Australian cheaters.You won all the worldcups by cheating.Stupid cheaters.

  3. Chris Griffiths says:

    First point, The Project continues to showcase Quality People, Hamish Macdonald the Latest, The Terms of the penalties are about right for International Cricket. But when they are ready they should be allowed to play for their States. Eventually if their good enough they should be picked again for Australia.
    Chris Griffiths

  4. noopur saxena says:

    I am from India and feeling sad for Smith and other guy he made a mistake and he had paid enough humiliation he had gone through…..icic must not kill such talent….they have seen enough

  5. James DeWeaver says:

    [NEW] Click & see David Warner, former VC of the Australian Cricket Team "Dodging" Media questions @ Press Conference Mar. 31, 2018

  6. AKASH SINGH says:

    It reminded me of walk of shame of Cersei Lannister in GOT

  7. Very Bad Crisis Actors says:


  8. soikat datta says:

    Steve Smith is still saying that "this has never happened before"!! He is still lying

  9. Viral Videos says:

    Fuck them

  10. Bruce Hemsworth says:

    These three blokes have done wrong & have asked for forgiveness, as we all do make mistakes. But, at the same time one's freewill and choice has a price.

  11. mick harvey says:

    Great acting, it was not a mistake it was CHEATING. You just won an oscar!!!!!!!!!! Cheating scumbags always were always will be, I hate Aussie sports of all codes because of this stupid attitude that you have to win at all costs. Shame Shame Shame! Sack the cheats for life but of course being JAFAs they will get off with a slap on the wrist! sack this arsewipe sutherland as well

  12. DVSN 88 says:

    Feel so bad for Smith……..people overreacted

  13. Praveen Jada says:

    for the people who say we should give them a break ? First, why dont they first give themselfs a break watching these videos and giving views.

  14. Sanjay Koushal says:

    I love you smith now and all time you are my aikon

  15. moviefan says:

    This has been blown up, but for the good. Two of the best batsmen in the world representing one of the best teams in history thought they could cheat to "swing" the match to their favor and get away with it. ICC didn't do shit. It's Australian fans that were more embarrassed during that press conference than the players. And now they are teaching them a lesson.

  16. richard camp says:

    Oh the nauseating PROJECT. Its wrong how they cheated lets interview someone who agrees with us. I see through your bullshit THE PROJECT.

  17. Mohammad Anas says:

    I totally dont get the fact why people are going after their families. They were not even there.
    One more thing i dont like is how australians are so against them.. like logically they would want to cheat to win the game for their nation, right?
    No one deserves hate and they really haven't done anything so serious … bans and match fee could do the trick

  18. Life Sucks says:

    I wish our people had kicked Salman Asif and Aamir in the ass this hard for selling of their motherland so cheap…and Sharjeel Khan asshole wouldnt have dared to do the same thing again

  19. Life Sucks says:

    The whole nation is angry its their matter how they deal with it…rest of us should chill and let "their" people deal with "their" players…may be we subcontinent people take national pride too easy and let our players off the hook too easy but not the gora people….i wish our people had kicked salman asif and aamir in the ass this hard for selling of their motherland so cheap…we all claim love for our nations our "dharti maa" but when it comes to self-scrutiny and payback we take it easy…they exactly knew what they were doing… play for your country not with your country period.

  20. Hindustan Zindabad says:

    They are not criminals at all and not the first ones. Please forgive them and support. They got something very harsh punishment from Cricket AUSTRALIA. Please​ take your bans back #CricketAustralia

  21. pastina000 says:

    The biggest mistake apart from being caught made by these 3 Boofheads was taking a small piece of sandpaper to rough up the ball. What they should have done was smuggle a workbench, orbital sander and grinder if they were really serious about ball tampering !!!!!….WOW common sense guys !!!

  22. batista says:

    bloody fuckers aussies deserve this.

  23. akash151987 says:

    Australian cricket team has always been the biggest bully scum in cricket fraternity. But this time i actually feel bad for Steve smith. Warner has always been a class arrogant dick head he deserves every single bit of it. The good things out of this whole episode is, Bancroft has been offered a job by the sandpaper company who's sandpaper was used in this fiasco and for quality control lehmann's bald head will be used for rubbing the sandpaper samples so that best quality is delivered to the Australian community for upcoming matches. The sandpaper recovered from Bancroft's crouch area is up for auction as one of the most valuable cricket souvenir in modern cricket history. OZ OZ OZ oi oi oi

  24. Cat Funt says:

    Just the latest generation of Aussie Cricketers being cheats. Ill never forget that underarm ball. The most shameful event in sport.

  25. Megalodon Unlocked says:

    chinless wonder.

  26. Mitchell Rose says:

    there grown ass man they should know better cheating is cheating end of story in my books….

  27. subrota Das says:

    The only thing I want to say is that even thieves get a chance to improve themselves.I am not defending anyone but I think that these people deserve a second chance.

  28. Mr C says:

    No they are not criminals, they are 'CHEATS'; in Britain that is just as bad. Aussies have always cheated, they call it 'sledging'…we call it 'CHEATING'.

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