BBC’s Andrew Neil Vs RT’s Afshin Rattans On Media Bias & Propaganda

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39 Responses

  1. Gasolini says:

    HSBBC v Roubles Today

  2. PolishAdam TV says:

    Stupid liberal Brits

  3. Name Familyname says:

    how blame! what propaganda, everything is an excuse!

  4. 111RobinHood says:

    Seriously, I despise so much the BBC for all of their lies and propaganda. And the two fucking bastards sitting on the left have a lot in common with the BBC, they have all been bough and paid for by Washington to disinform and propagate lying propagandas. The CIA, the FBI and autholying authorities cannot prove that Russia interfered in any western election simply because with modern technology the CIA can hack any computer and make it appear to be from someone else! Furthermore, what right have these two fucking morons (on the left) to criticise Russia about interference when all experts, pundits, intelligence agencies in the SWest know that the CIA has been interfering in many countries with their elections and government and despecially in Ukraine!
    In fact, these two bastards (on the left of the video) know that they are telling lies!

  5. Chris Ramsbottom Isherwood says:

    Meanwhile hundreds of children are dying in Yemen with bombs sold by England. It's all distraction, smoke in mirrors.

  6. Lobogris says:

    RT is the only news I find worthwhile checking on a daily basis … or just about any basis really. The US main stream media is patently and pathetically a unified mouthpiece for the establishment, the corporate state (except FOX sometime fails to tow the party line.).

  7. Dean Smith says:

    As if Western governments intel agencies do not engage in propaganda and interference in elections..financing opposition media outlets in Hungary only the latest example

  8. Talorc MacAllan says:

    Andrew fcuck off Scotland disowns you ..your a puppet've proof of fcuk all …..if anybody's got an agenda its you and your lot at the BBC. RT is a country mile ahead of the bbc on news. And if anybody messed with the Scots referendum it was the fcukin BBC

  9. Miele Rodriguez says:

    I'm a foreign agent from Hampshire. Hillary Clinton was the worst candidate ever in the history of mankind.

  10. Valveus says:

    So there were thousands of pro brexit twitter bots spewing out pro leave propaganda, but not one single pro remain bot? Really? Hmmm

  11. Flux Cluster says:

    The keyword here is, rational. No RATIONAL person saw that photo and thought…Kill the Muzzies! Not a single one. ALL RATIONAL thinkers thought perhaps wiping her face, crying, ANYTHING other than a Muzzie being disrespectful in the most awful of circumstances. Irrational people? Yes, they could. Fortunately, they are the minority. In the same way all religions are ridiculous to ALL rational thinkers.

  12. Privileged White Rabbit says:

    Irony: a BBC current affairs presenter admonishing RussiaToday for being state-funded propaganda.

  13. Sæwelō says:

    Clown Neil says Russians tried to influence the Brexit vote in favour of leave, and in the same breath, states that RT put the swine Alex Salmond on their payroll. Salmond is as pro E.U as it gets, so Neil is tripping over the contradictions. Fuck the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation.

  14. Looncan says:

    Not russian BOTS, rather weaponized nationalist autism from the deep caverns of the threads. The great meme wars of 2016

    When CNN directly & naively challenged the autists of the meme wars to battle, were they also "Russian"

  15. Michael says:

    I watch RT so I know about stories that if you only watch the BBC you would never hear about. Then a smart person goes off and also gets the story from other sources as well. I hate Salmond with a vengeance but I'm looking forward to his programme on RT so long as he's not banging on about Scotland all the time.

  16. raymond majer says:

    I can't believe these hypocrites, we need a bogey man and Russia is it. I much prefer to watch RT over the bias BBC any day, ITV, Channel Four News and Sky News are no better. Every major power interferes in some way with another, remember Obama hacking into Merkels phone etc? We are no better. It might have been an idea if Andrew allowed Afshin to get a word in edgeway's at some point in the discussion, we may have enjoyed an interesting argument instead of a monologue.

  17. Ian Leishman says:

    RT is leftie bullshit as well!saw this Rattans guy interviewing Peter Hitchins spewing leftie bollocks and getting torn a new one!think Fox is the only news organization in the western world that doesn't hock up propoganda that Stalin would be proud of.even then,for the most part Fox is centre left!would love a news organization that's so far right,it makes fox look like the huff post! incidentally,on the photo of the Muslim woman walking by a victim on Westminster bridge,has anyone seen the photograph of her stopping to check if he was ok?I haven't,but maybe someone else has!

  18. solatiumz says:

    People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

  19. Kevin Shinduke says:

    how embarrassing for the bbc

  20. andres viveros says:

    Russia never made me vote leave or to support Trump, fuck the bbc

  21. GPzSilentwalker says:

    ok Muslim scared, uses phone, and…… she do anything to help or will she still ignore the kefir dying behind her as she walks quickly away?
    ok Hillary Clinton tried to delete incriminating emails the courts ordered her to produce and Russia gets blamed for releasing them so she couldn't get away with it.
    ok Brexit, what lies did Russia say?

  22. andres viveros says:

    The bbc is a pile of shit, it echoes whatever the likes of CNN and MSNBC spew out.

  23. PrinceOfDenmark says:

    what do you think all them number stations are for boy? twitter & goybook

  24. John-Paul Stuthridge says:

    They needed Peter Hitchens here to put the BBC and left couch and Andrew into their place on this matter.

    Anyone peddling the myth that Russia is the enemy clearly doesn't know anything about the place and hasn't looked at it since the Cold War, which is as Afshin says the mindset they're stilling clinging to.

    The so called well established facts and academia Andrew is citing is clearly bullshit.

  25. Live Free says:

    The BBC is disgusting.

  26. Baren Ziah says:

    all those OAP's and dying off on twitter,facebook & youtube that ruined the vote for the young

  27. Baren Ziah says:

    BBC the original fake news

  28. Starlight says:

    Having followed RT closely through the Referendum-dum I was myself compelled to write them a nasty note complaining about the overtly Pro-Remain stance that emerged by the end.

  29. TheNightmareEngine says:

    I think there is an equivelence with the CIA meddling in elections…erm…everywhere and we brits are not without fault.

  30. Death Networks says:

    Ugh, who even uses twitter beside bots and celebs? Every country has bot farms on twitter pushing their agenda in other countries, did russia do it? Prob, did the uk push their agenda in the US elections? Prob, did the US push their agenda in the german elections? Prob, did Israel push anti-islamic tweets? Prob…

    Did REAL people in those countries push their own ideals on other countries? OF COURSE, Hell I was pro-trump on social media… Anti-macron in the french elections and pro-leave in the UK referendum, though at least in the latter I was able to vote too.

  31. Beppe Sapone says:

    Oleg Kalugin could help Mr Rattans in his career.

  32. Jason S says:

    Is it not incredible, all countries have been meddling in all other countries for always, history proofs this. They act so surprised, Britain according to history has been meddling in other countries more than any other, hell they threw my Afrikaner people into concentration camps for not complying. Of course, Russia will protect their interest in America. The ones the UK should be worried about is meddling from private entities like George Soros that have a wicked social destruction plan at hand. The stupidity…

  33. pee Ivate says:

    Hello BBC are now trying to justified Russia being thee bad boy.
    Spies from all nations and always have doing it. Britain interferes with nation's in the Middle East.

    BBC are now moving their shady acts on to RT.

  34. Green Eggs and Ham says:

    I think some Putinbots arein operation below ..clearly Russia interferes as do all great powers .. Niel was spot on, Afshin was struggling in denial … I dislike the BBC ..but Neil is awesome

  35. Green Eggs and Ham says:

    On Trump… he knows they interfered but he can't admit it because the Democrats will use it as ammunition to discredit his election …he's stuck

  36. Docker dawson says:

    Well said Afshin, We have had enough of them trying to divide and conquer, the BBC are going down, we are fed up of their covering what they want to cover and the journalism has been lost to the elite bankers and the elite political agenda, for the new world order. They have covered up the legal fiction on the straw man and everything is commerce connection to Birth certificate copyright owned by the Crown, well we have woken to this corruption, trying to make us think we are the trustees of the BC, when we are clearly not, we are the beneficiary’s of the cooperate sole. The elite will hang once everyone is awake. Why don’t the BBC report on the 80.000.000 men and women marching through London Against terrorism and the corrupt & unethical MPs in the house of the talking shop, private company UK LTD. These MPs don’t stand for our people, only themselves and their deep offshore accounts, That’s why they are trying turn the vote around against Brexit because it will expose and damage their offshore funds.

  37. Beppe Sapone says:

    Why does Russia Today show fuck all about Russia. ?

  38. Beppe Sapone says:

    After Yuri Bezmenov the KGB gave up eh ?

  39. SuperLuckyLad says:

    Kettles calling the pot black.

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