BEAT ANY ESCAPE ROOM- 10 proven tricks and tips

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10 tips to dominate any Escape room- Prepare your brain for the Escape room using First 200 people get 20% off!!

-Check out Dr. Nicholson’s website here for more juicy stuff-
-8 roles for players-
-This is the escape room I filmed in. They were awesome to work with. If you live in Silicon Valley this is the perfect spot (not all Escape Rooms are created equal)-
-This is the harder room that looked like a castle-

0:07- New Shoes- Blue Wednesday –
1:23- Spark- Maxwell Young-
2:08- The Ocean- Andrew Applepie-
6:33- Cereal Killa- Blue Wednesday –
8:30- Breakfast- Andrew Applepie-
10:57- Q- Blue Wednesday –
11:49- Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak-

Summary: I visited Dr. Scott Nicholson in Brantford, ON Canada since he is the world expert in Escape Room design. After meeting with him for a day here are the 10 tips I came away with to beat any escape room:

1. Think simple
2. Searching
3. Organize your stuff
4. Focus on what is stopping you
5. Team roles
6. Lock types
7. Code types
8. Written clues
9. Look for patterns
10. Your guide is your friend

They are soft-



I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:





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44 Responses

  1. Mark Rober says:

    Prepare to sharpen your brain pencil for the next 12 minutes and 11 seconds. Thanks for watching guys. I'm on Twitter and Instagram @markrober.

  2. K Sports Cards Breaks says:

    The V was kinda easy, or did i just notice that first

  3. OhaiITSAJ NOlastName says:

    1:24 what is this song? I like it but have never heard the name. I have heard it 10 times!

  4. tyler f-j says:

    10:53 what if its a three man tent?

  5. Tat Yi Chiam says:


  6. GV.invention says:

  7. Hanzo says:

    Directional locks can have from 2 to 30 inputs…
    Umm… I had one I programmed 55 directions on one. So I'm pretty sure it's infinite.

  8. UltimateWolfy says:

    Definitely helpful, I've done several escape rooms, and only failed one cause there was only 4 of us, so we weren't able to go as quickly. So another tip, make sure there are enough of you in the darn room… More brains mean more brain power to counter any stupidity…

  9. iksdememes says:

    Will be good for the Escape room today.

  10. fnafman says:

    i am a kid under 13

    goes to escape room everyone's saying "blah blah blah blah blah blah blah" while i punch the door down than i say "the door looked weak" this did happen XD

  11. Kaizer_Dragon says:

    @5:42 lol at the kid in me and seeing the closed captions

  12. Flipsta says:

    9:44 wait what, some of them are not suitable for colorblind people like me? :'(

  13. tom malschaert says:

    5:21 shows the Game Expert and all his games. They're probably pretty good! lets make a list! I can make out Terra Mystica.

  14. Nathan Barraza says:

    1:21 let's I don't believe
    6 seconds later
    We're already okay I'll see myself out.

  15. Buttersnow says:

    TFW you realize you're too impatient for a 6 second travel montage and skip it…

  16. Dragonskater66 says:

    10:44 what if the tent capacity is 2? ;((((((

  17. HarroKitteh says:

    California to Ontario isn't a 12 hour trip its more like 6…

  18. G Man says:

    "me and six of my buddies". Nice.

  19. TheRebelOG says:

    Someone might create an escape room opposite of all of this

  20. Lillian Heverley says:

    I actually did an escape room using these tips but got out with only 2 minutes left because no older kids wanted to listen to the thirteen year old literally shouting the answer

  21. Brian Sokol says:

    15 second travel montage

  22. Isaac Stop says:

    Yo I live in brantford! It’s a shithole!

  23. Serenity Zaba says:

    It was actually a 7 second montage

  24. Matt Cooke says:

    Dr. Nicholson looks like an older version of Colton from LTT

  25. PotterFreak22 says:

    Or just have 4 people who love puzzles & are really smart! Did a Harry Potter escape room at a convention with 3 other ladies last May & we got out in 50 minutes! We used steps 2, 3 & 5 automatically! 8, 9 & 10 were givens from the room itself! It was awesome and I kind of wish there were more HP themed escape rooms

  26. TqpT says:

    13 second travel montage

  27. Joey Down says:

    My university created escape rooms. Finally my university isn’t known for only its parties and drug culture!

  28. HoodieGoodie Films says:


  29. Nicholas Rohrman says:

    Travel montage was 8 seconds long, 1/10

  30. Kyle Lok says:

    Just today I am doing one thanks!

  31. Jonathan Partridge says:

    So what’s the name of the song during the travel montage?? I like it

  32. zeno 8 says:

    I live in Brantford

  33. Young Don The Sauce God says:

    Its gavin free

  34. spartan113ish says:


    Isn't this image from Linkin Park's "In The End" music video?

  35. Tiffany Tinto says:

    Oh my I live in brantford Ontario

  36. All the Horrible Good Things says:

    i think behind in lords mobile. hmmmm, so i need this, in order to unlock this, to get this, witch i still need this to unlock this in order to get this and the thing i needed before. all to unlock a level 2 wall. (dog walks on me shaking because its raining) owww! claws! dudkmthjdtyjdflufygkdg

  37. Bulldog-live says:

    It's ok mark I forgive you I'm colour blind lol

  38. Meeep Meeep says:

    The ultimate strategy bring the rock so he can punch open the door

  39. Maxcalloon says:

    0:30 I did this room for my birthday

  40. Coco 11000 says:

    So this is the same thing like escape room games but real? Is this a new thing os something? Why isn't this more popular?

  41. Chingalling says:

    Gamers know everything

  42. Chingalling says:

    These escape rooms look so much better than the low effort garbage that pops up around where I live to take advantage of naive suburbanites following a trend

  43. Daniel Voshev says:

    i live in california sacramento

  44. IrregularMystery 2349 says:

    Dis dude made Magic the gathering dang his good

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