BEST OF THE INBETWEENERS | Simon & Neil’s Funniest Moments | Series 1

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The cast of The Inbetweeners are back! Check out ‘The Inbetweeners: Fwends Reuniting’, New Year’s Day at 9pm on Channel 4!
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Check out Simon and Neil’s funniest moments from The Inbetweeners, series 1!
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26 Responses

  1. Anthony Nicholls says:


  2. Maximilan Mus says:

    oh yea yea

  3. Haseeb Ahmed says:

    jokes chief

  4. R says:

    "M483LTH", at 4:08 the hearse has the same reg as the yellow Cinquecento going backwards at 3:06.
    I just thought you needed to know that.

  5. The Grand Theft Robber says:

    Is that rebecca from emmerdale?

  6. ClassicRockProtein says:

    Who's Tony?

  7. Draco Malfoy says:

    i love neil-

  8. The Unofficial God says:

    0.5 speed

  9. DreadedGhoul575 says:

    0:511:16 Love this. xD

  10. lemsip says:

    I love the American Inbetweeners version of that scene. Except that they can't go to the pub in the evening because there aren't pubs in the USA and the drinking age is 21.

  11. torresleoncapo says:

    "Wine is for girls"
    "I am a girl"

  12. Janmaan CoD says:

    I want to know why simons car has two different number plates

  13. ItZ Frenzy says:

    God I dont know why you are like this sometimes!

  14. too many cooks says:

    Its surprisingly difficult to act stupid so Neil is ironically the most intelligent character in terms of acting

  15. Mug Shot says:

    Wine isforgirls.

  16. V Kook says:

    You’ll still seem stupid even though you’ve lied about reading books
    Oh ok Neil that clears it up, good plan.

  17. Adele _Rose says:

    Simons fit

  18. Bluejacketman says:

    Pls tell me its making a return

  19. Banter Bus says:


  20. ExTec DARK says:


  21. Daniel Graham Vlogs says:

    3:11 did anyone else notice the registration plates are different

  22. ChrisManley1994 says:


  23. Caitlin Pyle says:

    Simon has the most crap hair but he is one of my faves

  24. dxniel.9768 says:

    Well that… was fuckong dreadful

  25. You're Not That Guy says:

    Simons hair is shit

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