Black cabs blockade Bank junction in mass protest

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‘He (Sadiq Khan) said he was the Mayor that would oversee the renaissance of the black cab trade and I call upon him to fulfil his election campaign.’

Taxi drivers blocked London’s Bank Junction on Monday in protest over the traffic ban at the accident blackspot.

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11 Responses

  1. Samara Weaving says:

    HAIL UBER !!


  2. Julie Harrison says:

    Black cabs do block bus lanes. I always use uber, much cheaper, come to your door and are much quicker. We don't need black cabs any more, they need to keep up with the times and slash their prices

  3. Paul Gibbons says:

    Wait till Ubers get in on it. If they let Black Cabs use bus lanes then why not Ubers? Then Bus lanes become pointless. Government can't prioritise one private business over another. Not sure this is the best way to lobby support for this idea. The cabby's have not thought this through. Can't just put government over a barrel to get what you want.
    Not against the idea in principle. BUT. Only looked at this issue for 2 minutes and found issues.
    Is this an issue to cause disruption over? I don't think so. They should have put this to Parliament to be considered via their MP's.

  4. morris rider says:

    Dat frigging cha cha boi need a damn cuff in his arse, bout Lawd mayor!
    Bloody useless if you ask me.

  5. Geraldine Mitchell says:

    Is it not racist to say they are black taxis, black taxis lives matter.

  6. cinda schuster says:

    The pig mayor they voted in doesn't give a shit, he only cares about his kind!
    Not so Great Britain needs there own REVOLUTION!
    Say NO to globalist!

  7. Phil Lee says:

    There not listening and do not care.

  8. Overlord T says:

    Your not government owned transport, your a private business, you don't get rights that don't fit your role!

  9. MrEd says:

    The last of the White cabbies

  10. Front Page Britain says:

    Where the hell is the little Rat Mayor of London lately anyway?

  11. LocalToast says:

    America Must Balkanize!

    whites will be 30% minority in 2100 unless we balkanize and stop immigration!

    republicans are weak, they want to lose, they know whites are their main voting base but they ignore them out of a fear of being racist, look where that left europe. on the view they said "demography is destiny" they know! stop white genocide! the kalergi plan!

    google calls it a conspiracy, but wall street journal, the guardian, and the new york times writes articles like, "YES, WE CAN REPLACE THEM"

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