Bobby Brown’s Sister BLAST His Wife For Using Bobbi Kristina’s Name For Profit

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Leolah Brown, sister of Bobby Brown is blasting his wife Alicia Etheridge Brown for using Bobbi Kristina’s name to gain funds. Bobbi Kristina has a serenity house named after her and Bobby’s sister alleges that the non profit is in Alicia’s name and not Bobby’s. The serenity house is supposed to be a safe haven for domestic abuse victims but since the establishment was formed in 2015, there has yet to be a house actually built. The organization is a phone number that people can call into to get help to other resources and shelters. Leolah Brown is claiming that Alicia is taking donations for the organization but what exactly is it funding? Why isn’t it in Bobby’s name instead of hers?

What are your thoughts?

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16 Responses

  1. Chronicle Speaks says:

    Thank you guys. Our story got to Leolah by way of my FABULOUS subscribers. I LOVE LOVE LOVE you all!!

  2. Sherita Jones says:

    I don't care what nobody says …Bobby seems doing a lot better since he's been.with Alicia .. I know Alicia's no saint but…neither was fact Bobby's career fell off when he was with Whitney..when Bobby was with Whitney even.tho they loved each other but their relationship and marriage was TOXIC with cheating, arguments and DRUGS..

  3. Jennifer Dyer says:

    I'm buying the book. I knew from the start that Leolah was truthful. She had nothing to lose by lying. God be with her while she exposes those devils

  4. Karen Hill says:

    Would've been nice to hear an audio of the call……
    The BB movie said the new wife was was present at Whitney's wedding…. I wouldn't trust no body who attended my wedding, then ends up with my ex after…. Sorry
    And sis is definitely right… They dropped the ball on the one that should've mattered the most… Smh

  5. Crystal Sherman says:

    People have to stay prayed up and pay attention to things. The devil and his workers are and stay busy! God help us all!

  6. Marcella Daniels says:

    I believe Leola to an extent but I don't believe that Bobby is the bad guy. I truly believe that he just wants some peace and to live normal. Alicia may be crooked but I've never seen a real criminal just totally get away. They get caught physically and mentally. In my opinion, Bobby's deeds have tracked him and whooped him for a while. God has shown him so much. When he's strong enough he'll make the necessary changes. As for everyone else who may be questionable, there is a season of exposure. I wish Bobby the best. I know personally that God gives His people the opportunity to start over and function like He would have us to.

  7. Danielle Carter says:

    I want a copy of the book and I really believe his sister this is just sickening to me that people will profit off of others people demise and live there best life Lord help them all

  8. Kim C says:

    Thanks Leola for keeping it real and telling the truth!… Can't wait for your book to come out!

  9. Karen Johnson says:

    They got Bobby under mind control

  10. Deron Williams says:

    Something isn't right with this situation. Bobby is the next one to end up dead.

  11. Kymmie Dee Love says:

    What's her YouTube

  12. Karim Bennett says:

    I love Leola's hats. She should create her own line.

  13. Darmeacher Middleton says:

    Alicia has a tattoo of BK on her shoulder.

  14. Liah Ford says:

    I got the heebie jeebies watching that! That wife of Bobby just radiates evil. And what is wrong with Bobby ignoring all the signs. I hope your video goes mainstream viral

  15. Kim Jackson says:

    Leola was right from the beginning!!!

  16. Nade Denise says:

    Bobbi k said she don't like the step mother. Pat houston is evil money hungry female she was sleeping with her husband when he was married to someone eles smh.

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