BREAKING – BREXIT BOMBSHELL: May warned she CAN’T rely on DUP to back EU deal in Commons

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BREXIT BOMBSHELL: May warned she CAN’T rely on DUP to back EU deal in Commons
The Democratic Unionist Party said it was “not afraid” to defeat a deal if it was not in Northern Ireland’s interests – even if that paved the way for a general election. The party’s chief whip Sir Jeffrey Donaldson rejected suggestions his party would never do anything to hasten an election because it could let Jeremy Corbyn – who has a history of past closeness with Irish republicans – into power. Since Mrs May lost the Tories’ Commons majority in last year’s election, she has depended on a “confidence and supply” agreement that the DUP’s 10 MPs support her in key votes. Sir Jeffrey spoke amid gathering speculation the Government is nearing a final deal with Brussels to be voted on by Parliament before Christmas, leaving three months for it to be ratified in time for Brexit day next Marc…


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8 Responses

  1. Nev's Mate says:

    General Election – vote for anyone & not Tory nor Labour…………….

  2. Graham Whatley says:

    We voted out of the EU the custom's agreement and everything else to do with the EU we want our democracy our freedom and our fishing rights back now

  3. Bevila says:

    I voted leave not half in half out Best deal is a NO deal.

  4. Barry Beard says:

    May should be made she as failed to do what the people voted for leave the EU completely.she is treating the people of the UK as nobodies because she wants to stay in Europe,and hopes the people will not vote Labour,she once again is in for a shock.TORY PARTY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE JUST THEMSELVES.

  5. Airborne Assassin says:

    Why do we even let this traitorous slag ever lead us out she was and still is a remainder.

  6. Stephen Salter says:

    Good at least the DUP are not bothered about the EU, May will be defeated and a general election will follow and UKIP will come to power.

  7. Christine Knight says:


  8. Jeffrey Holmes says:

    No deal or bring on the election. UKIP are the people's party.

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