BREXIT – Michel Barnier rips Theresa May’s Brexit plans to shreds

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EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has ripped Theresa May’s Brexit plans to shreds today – just hours after she insisted it was still the best option.

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator laid into the PM’s Chequers deal, saying there were many questions the UK had to answer about whether its plans would actually work in practise after we quit the bloc.

He said Mrs May’s idea for the UK and the EU to collect tariffs on goods on behalf of each other was likely to be open to fraud, and would add more red tape to businesses across Europe.

Speaking in Brussels this lunchtime he raised a series of problems with her deal, saying: “Is there not a major risk of fraud, and additional costs for business given the dual system?

“Brexit cannot and will not justify additional bureaucracy.”

This is the first time the EU has been open about its thoughts on the soft Brexit Chequer’s deal since Mrs May signed the Cabinet up to it two weeks ago.

Since then she’s has a string of resignations from the cabinet, including from Boris Johnson and her ex-Brexit Secretary David Davis.

Press conference, of Michel Barnier, (dubbed) in English.

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48 Responses

  1. squizza28 says:

    I've got news for him. The British people have rejected it too.

  2. Sam 7 says:

    Let us just leave without a deal. And let the brexiter take the responsibility for disaster which will folow

  3. ernest rogen says:

    So Barnier wants a hard border between the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the EU /Irish Republic. This man cant even use the correct names for the Country it is the Irish Republic. Ireland is a geographical area covering more than the country he claims to represent. This man Barnier sneaks across hand picked parts of the Irish border and back out with out chatting to the other people of Northern Ireland. He has made so many mad statements regarding our country that he is not welcome here.

  4. undogmatisch says:

    Hmm, the UK decided get devorced from the EU. Now they demand everything beneficial while denying all the duties and consequences.
    Pathetic, like my ex-wife.

  5. Patricia Shaw says:

    So glad to be leaving this shower of idiots, they will soon be a corrupt club of the past.

  6. ShotokanKarateMan1 says:

    Let's take some bets; I give the EU another 8 years before it falls apart.

  7. Ewan Trevis says:

    Brexit is our chance to be UNFAIR… we can undercut the EU in so many ways … business is about profit, not being fair…. we can benefit in long run… ok for a couple years it may be hard… so what , it will be worth it

  8. Robin GSNR says:

    leave now
    17.4 million voted leave and many established figures both business and academic support it and the only doom-mongers are from those in the EU that dont want us to leave,do you think the EU gives one iota about us ,no , we are a cash cow to them and will spin any propaganda to thwart it The UK pays more into the EU budget than it gets back. In 2016 the UK government paid £13.1 billion to the EU budget, and EU spending including subsidies and all those projects you hear about on the UK was forecast to be £4.5 billion. So the UK's 'net contribution' was estimated at about £8.6 billion that the EU gets to KEEP TO SPEND ON OTHER EU COUNTRIES ,we would not be where we are if we had a leader that was a brexiteer we are being governed by a un elected civil servant called robbins not May

  9. Alan Morgan says:

    One thing I picked up on in this statement is Barnier has said they want a level playing field regarding State Aid this stops us helping our business as the fisheries get back to what they used to be! Who do the EU think they are? Tell them to do one let us take the hit we will climb back and prosper . Wake up UK and see what the EU want they want to restrict us even when we are outside the Customs Union.
    SAY NO TO THE EU NOW they are still wanting to control us even when we leave. The Germans will take over.

  10. petrong says:

    Apply all Barniers guestions to and arguments to all the other countries in the world outside the EU. and tell us which ones are in a bad way because they are not signed up to all the EU institutes that must be in place for Britain to trade with the EU.

    Since Britain's financial services industries, have never had free access to the single market; unlike the German, French, Italian etc, car manufacturing industries. that do have free access to the UK single market.

    Result, UK has a 60 billion trade deficit with the EU every year. Why don' t remainers talk about the facts that most of the cars on UK roads are German and the biggest bank is Santandar Spanish mega stores lidle, Audi. Then tell us why cannot find a Barclays Bank on the Continent but you can in the Bahamas. Is this Barniers idea of a level playing field one I inwhich the EU shafts the British every which way to bleed it dry like they did to the Mediterranean EU countries????

  11. B Smith says:

    sorry if we leave why do we need to have a level playing field with the eu we should do whats right for the UK in order to be competitive in the world markets and not be tied in their protection racket . Fraud , well the eu knows all about fraud they are full of it.

  12. sensible driver says:

    When he was given the job by the EU his instructions were to just say no!

  13. Paolo Casteo says:

    The UK entered the EU with the one and only purpose to hinder EU's political cohesion and only after having failed in trying to put forward alternative treaties. Then it frantically sponsored the enlargement to eastern ex soviet countries for the same exact reason. It relentlessly bargained for rebates on partecipating fees. Least but not last it actively pursued the opening of the European common market to world manufacturers…….. When England (the one country that actually voted to leave) leaves, well that will never be too soon. Just pay your dues and please go.

  14. Helder Lopes says:

    Give the UK nothing!!!! Let them sink in their own lies

  15. Rob Lee says:

    Our business can't have a competitive edge!… I an English man declare war on the French, German and Islam.

  16. 1spikelet says:

    Roll on for what We voted for!!! To Completely Leave the EU!!!!!!!
    I Never saw any Brexit Plans We Voted on in the Referendum just In or Out!

  17. Bruno de Bersigny Rözler says:

    Michel Barnier is absolutely right. Why should Brexit be free to implement British future standards, practices and rules on the 27 members. Back to the drawing board for May and her numpties until they get it!

  18. TheBentwrist says:

    Barnier was never put there to negotiate in any way. He was put there as a blocking device.

  19. David Gathergood says:

    the white papers a very expensive toilet roll , a no deal then mr B ; ^ )

  20. Truthmedia Rebel says:

    All they want is us to bend over and take it. So Japan is accepting all the EU rules? Leave and then negotiate.

  21. Robert Marsh says:

    Why we have not walked away, is beyond me. It was always quite obvious that we were never going to get a deal which suited the British people and the EU Nazi's. We should have walked away two years ago. Instead May has gone down the wrong route, AGAIN, and totally destroyed all trust and faith in the Tory Party, Destroying it completely, in the process. SHAME ON THIS STUPID ARROGANT WOMAN. UKIP is now rising in numbers again, and many Tory supporters are now going over to UKIP.So much so that UKIP can't keep up with the numbers that now want to join UKIP. The stupid Woman in charge of the Tories has done it yet again, its just one cock-up after another with May, she really should resign, for the good of the country.

  22. Jay Alex says:

    We are leaving on a hard brexit just the way the british voters wanted. After we brexit you can set up a boarder if you want EU excuses are wearing thin move to WTO now.

  23. Worth A Look says:

    The EU are a undemocratic nation state killing machine. No wonder there's many many anti EU parties rising around Europe. The EU is past its sell by date, bye bye EU. You want a bad deal with Brexit putting millions of EU nation businesses at risk to keep your pathetic EU dream alive. Awful

  24. Ebbrell says:


  25. frankjun1947 says:

    Well what a surprise. Non , non, non. Negotiator???? Please define the meaning and translate for Monsieur Non. He is Michel Barrier. Just shows why the UK electorate have realised the referendum result was right. The good thing is we can turn off the sound and watch him give the same old speech with no co-operation and relying on old friends to influence the public in UK to be scared and change their minds. He just loves to perform the same old puppet act. Bye bye.

  26. alan whittle says:

    Did he just call the UK frauds ? unfair competition, your committed to Ireland, then why did eu banks cripple Irish economy, Gibraltar, sounds like a Franco German power grab. People of Europe wake up

  27. bneon says:

    a common mistake its not Britain or the UK it is England , Brexit is to solve a English and tory party problem , English MPs and only English MPs are doing a royal job of f/king it all up , well done chaps , Laurel & Hardy could not have done it worse .

  28. SHEEPY 14842 says:

    no deal means a hard border init? we must uphold eu hi standards no GMO and no chlorine chicken. and if we find any cross contamination we must explicitly ban trade with uk i insist !

  29. Win A says:

    He does sound like a woman

  30. frankie j says:

    figures.. Poor Brits… Kick EU people out, no freedom of movement, and WALK away. (You can always let some back in later). Show your power… you used to.

  31. Leroy Jenkins says:

    Barnier, we love you. Thank you so much for shooting down this act of betrayal from our witch of a prime minister. This paper was ridiculous and against the wishes of the UK electorate and a major climbdown from Lancaster house. I hope from this point on we have NO DEAL. Barnier has just given brits proper brexit. No deal, or with customs union, outwith single market, diverge regulations and away we go. Deal with them bilaterally in future.

  32. Bazil McBazil says:

    Did anyone expect anything different? No deal, no money, no problem

  33. Dave Fordham says:

    Thank you Mr Barnier for bringing no deal a little bit closer.

  34. Richard Barrett says:

    What did England expect, the EU has her on the run with her tail tucked between her legs. Now she will either have to show the white flag of surrender or chose to fight, which is unlikely she was a born coward, so my best guess it is complete surrender that it will be.

  35. anon for good says:

    Can you be divorced and still have a "future relationship"?

  36. Albert Moore says:

    Barnier makes it easier.
    It's been two years. Walk away. Obey the people. Get a new Prime Minister. Sue the EU. Do it now.

  37. Janet Frances Wright says:

    So the UK IS going to still be ruled (human rights) by the ECJ! We will have to maintain a (level playing field)?  [only listened to the first 4 minutes of this as by then I was incandescent with rage!

  38. Paul Harris says:

    No Deal will be better than any deal agreed by Barnier. WTO rules OK.

  39. Krisztián Kőrösi says:

    I admire the patience Mr. Barnier has while negotiating with such idiots. Honestly the UK politics seems like an animal farm these days.

  40. Tonyo1221 says:

    The EU can do a deal with GB and protect the EU common market and the Belfast peace treaty but May is WEAK and SNEAKY. In an attempt to stay in power she is stringing along extremists like Rees Mogg and the DUP. She is governing for the Tory party, not the British people. The Brits are being fucked over. Only right wing Tories and UKIP wanted the referendum, and Russia delivered the result! RIP UK.

  41. miamistorm says:

    Barnier stands as the proof as to why Theresa May's Brexit strategy will in the end fail and fail miserably.

  42. William Spring says:

    Mrs May deliberately isolated brexiter ministers and placed control of policy in the hands of an anonymous bureaucrat Olly Robbins, who has become the EU Gauleiter for the UK. This is unconstitutional. Mrs May has effected a coup, whereby policy is not determined by HMG acting through Ministers but by Olly Robbins. Who is he? He has never been elected. The means to depose this Gauleiter is at hand. Impeachment. We must impeach Mrs May for her treasonable acts. We should have impeached Mr Blair for taking instructions from a foreign power (Bush) and driving us into an illegal war. We failed to do it. Once May is deposed Corbyn does not become PM. We ask the Sovereign instead to select a new PM from Conservative ranks. Meanwhile Mrs May must be driven out of public life. She is a symbol of all that is most corrupt and putrescent about the political class.

  43. ron Gallagher says:

    Sick of hearing Barnier saying NO he should spend time in northern France visiting the cemeteries full of British soldiers who died making France free from the nazi

  44. Peter Cope says:

    when will they realize we are leaving deal or no deal we are gone.

  45. Ghost Dog says:

    With friends like these who needs enemies?

  46. CRAIG HALLIDAY says:

    8 % has already been capitulated to by the British, we look forward to Theresa May Capitulating on everything else. We thank the British Prime minister for her good will start on free trade with the white paper, however the European Parliament is already well stocked and our stuff is not already covered in shit.

  47. John Kearney says:

    If indeed the European Court of Human Rites is still to dominate British legislation then I have just changed my mind in the Brexit debate. I am against the Chequers deal. I am against May. The UK is not proposing to have tariffs. AS an independent country the UK will be like Cabnada and others who trade with the EU. They do not change their customs structure to an EU structure. ON the whole Mr Barnier is talking a load of tripe. He seems to be afraid of UK competition. The Northern Ireland solution is one that is not wanted by the Irish people, Good however he is open to any solutions so why does he not accept tha border between America and Canada such as the Detroit bridge where customs and dates are not collected but only a tolll because the bridge over the to Canada has technical solutions. I think this EU is being less than honest.

  48. tomtom2806 says:

    The questions Barnier has presented are severe and difficult. I do not know how to find an answer within the British proposals. Time is running out. In October 2018 all the solutions have to be on the table.

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