#Brexit – Tony Connelly on EU Rejection of Theresa May’s Chequers Plan

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RTE Europe Editor Tony Connelly discusses the EU’s rejection of Theresa May’s Chequers Plan for Brexit, and the implications for Ireland.

Originally broadcast on BBC NI’s The View September 20th 2018

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21 Responses

  1. Common Sense says:

    Every single leader in the EU has rejected the proposal .
    The Chequers agreement was rejected the day after it was published. But The UK government has absolutely rejected reality.
    The EU is not going to give any major concessions to the UK.
    It will be very small concessions but not any major that UK expect.

  2. nikoladd says:

    That was way too gentle touch on the topic. UK doesn't deserve and will also not show any appreciation for such kindness.

  3. Malloc says:

    She has betrayed and lied to her own people, and now the EU has proven that they are indeed looking to punish the UK. I don't think her lies are going to pay off.

  4. Patricia et Colin Clegg says:

    Saltzberg was only about the migration issue, brought about by the Trudeauesque naiveté of Angela Merkel in 2015. For most people there Brexit was almost a diversion.

  5. Didier Lemoine says:

    EU dont need a deal with England&Wales ! England&Wales should leave now !

  6. Geoff Evans says:

    No deal No problem The EU is not to be trusted anyway they will be finished in next years EU elections we know what happens next The EU say ok then we will give in to chequers and may will see that as a victory which of course it isnt if she doesnt give up on her globalist ambitions she will be booted out

  7. T. Froud says:

    The tories got us into this mess. Because they didn't like some of their voters moving to UKIP.
    Eveything since then they have messed up! Only a idiot would say "No deal is better than a bad deal"
    But the tories aren't idiots. Thats why they have gone hard on getting out of the EU at any cost. Even though they were mostly remainers before the vote. It won't mater how much damage we suffer. Because they will turn round and say it was the EUs fault. They are punishing us, because they insist that people should abide by the rules. They couldn't believe their luck when the referendum vote came in. Thats why May turned from a remainer to a hard leaver.They have a chance to change most of the laws made in the last 40+ years and they can't wait to get rid of working rights and invironmental laws. It will save them money! And all they care about is money. They certainly don't care about ordinary people. They know brexit will be great for the rich. But the rest of us will go down the pan!

  8. Christine Copus says:

    2 years Waste of time & tax payers money. WTO rules now.

  9. Richard Poblador says:

    UK should leave EU once & for all period :=).

  10. niceguy60 says:

    This Journalist is Talking rubbish by implying there's a unified Position In favour of May Checkers Brexit plan in Westminster
    Westminster was actually the place the Checkers plan was tortured & assassinated by Theresa own Cabinet, don't blame the EU

  11. Leandro Santos says:

    If UK voted to leave, simply leave. Why try a deal. Leave without a dwal and honour you sovereignty. If EU doesn't accept the chequers paper, simply. Carry on and leave it. Jst leave it.

  12. Brian Eduardo says:

    He is absolutely excellent his article on RTE website is well worth reading

  13. DeuxExMachina says:

    EU not impressed by UK’s no-deal Brexit blame-game

  14. martin murphy says:

    Chequers picking or cherry picking whats the difference?

  15. bo ptah says:

    The EU are only pretending to reject TM's chequers capitulation. This is just a game to make it look like Chequers is unacceptable. but really it is just what they want. This was planned all along.

  16. Mihai Ciubotaru says:

    How on Earth can someone get through and explain the British that the Europeans will not, ever, make a compromise about THE VALUES on which the EU is built?!!

  17. luke torres says:

    she moved by representating her boss's wishes… the people that consented to be governed by her because they could take away their consent when they want to

  18. Kevin Davies says:

    Oh surprise surprise they are rejected our offer, ( which was crap anyway from May) we would all who voted in the referendum be dead and buried before they ever did.

  19. Johnny Rad says:

    Did she not tell them Brexit means Brexit?

  20. IT3210 says:

    That was a very cautiously worded version of WE TOLD YOU SO, BRITAIN. YOU LIVE IN LA LA LAND.

  21. Seán O'Nilbud says:

    Never bring a rubber chicken to a gunfight.

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