Britain’s Brexit Showdown

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There’ll Always Be An England: Will the United Kingdom decide to leave Europe on the June 23rd referendum?

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Leave or Remain? It’s the English who hold the whip hand in the coming Brexit vote – and many want out. As the polls tighten, this report tours the UK to get a sense of why the English might want to divorce the EU.

The Leave campaign is tapping into a new-found boldness, pushing for Britain’s ability to strike out on its own as a sovereign state. “We’ve lost the pride to say ‘Hi, I’m English’. I think we’ve lost that pride in who we are”, says pub owner, Simon. Meanwhile the Remain side are pitching to Britons’ economic self-interest. Derek Mead, a farmer and businessman, says “We’re a small island on the edge of Europe with a population of half a billion, which we should be looking at as a customer base”. Yet a big threat to the Remain campaign is a simmering resentment of immigration, causing confusion for millions of Europeans who are unsure what will happen to their right to live and work in Britain.

ABC Australia – Ref. 6800

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46 Responses

  1. Wardy says:


  2. saxon 1066 says:

    we did it folks.hoo raaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. roxanar says:

    wake up people, this is just a political move to shift power!
    when i think about all the money we've, sorry, I lost in the past few weeks because of the pound dropping like it's hot lol! 🙁

  4. TheShadowParliament says:

    Glory for the British Empire.

  5. Senile Pile says:

    horrible this fiddle shit music under in the beginning, i almost wen nuts

  6. Peter Newton says:

    see FARAGE is Back!!! First EU Parliament speech since BREXIT

  7. William Chandler says:

    Fear base arguments to manipulate us, threatening and intimidating to bring about a New World Order that only benefits the CEO 's and Banks

  8. Esteban says:

    Now UK will lose it Polish Border guards

  9. peppersdog1 says:


  10. simon says says:

    BREXIT! Norway voted leave and are now Prospering! the brexit spokesperson is a Knobhead though!

  11. Ivan Petrov says:

    Can someone explain politely why the UK wants to leave? As far as I understand it has something to do with immigration, which is a valid reason but is it worth the economic repercussions? Isn't it wiser to use the leverage you have to renegotiate some terms with the EU instead of leaving entirely? The middle ground seems the most prudent to me.

  12. Cute Smile Gooner says:

    I have voted already, and I voted for OUT!!!!

  13. John Smith says:

    I hope they leave EU, then Denmark will hopefully follow!

  14. Prepper III% says:

    What is the likely result of the just-concluded conclave of the global cabal known as Bilderberg? In short, it looks as if “the great
    and the good,” the high and the mighty of worldly power, have reached a “consensus” on a number of key issues. Foremost among these are the U.S. presidential election in November and the rapidly approaching Brexit referendum — coming up on June 23. And what is the Bilderberg consensus on these two issues? Simple: Trump must be stopped (and Hillary elected); the Brexit must be stopped (and the U.K. kept forever trapped in the evolving EU “Project”). More Bilderberg consensus:
    Flooding the EU with “refugee” migration must continue; populist political revolts against the elites in Austria, Hungary, the U.K.,
    Italy, France, and elsewhere must be neutralized; the TPP and TTIP globalist trade schemes must be formally approved; more bailouts (and “bail-ins”) of Too-Big-to-Fail banks and corporations must be readied — and much, much more.
    With the Bilderberg confab hermetically sealed, how can I claim knowledge of the secret “consensus”? I’ll come to that.
    The 64th meeting of the Bilderberg Group
    took place June 9-12 at the luxurious Hotel Taschenbergpalais (shown) in Dresden, Germany. The annual conference of world powerbrokers and kingmakers convened under its trademark secrecy and tight security — and with the usual collusion of the mainstream prostitute press, which pretended not to notice that this notorious high council of politicians, bankers, and industrialists might be plotting anything injurious to the public weal.

  15. Mulch Diggums says:

    This debate is riddled with hyperbole and speculation.
    We won't 'loose' our country if we stay in. We get a heck of a lot of subsidies and investment from the EU, we receive more than we actually pay for membership.
    The immigration issue is the only issue that makes me think to leave but we won't sort out that flaw any time soon even if we leave. Immigrants will just have to apply for residency like anyone else outside of EU. I don't see us adopting a points based system anytime soon unless we get a PM with balls who doesn't care about his pockets being lined by the EU to take migrants.

  16. Declan Hegarty says:

    Will The UK Ditch Europe On June 23rd?
    In one word – yes.

  17. SilvanaDil says:

    Everything is backwards. The Brit and the Polish lady have a kid first, now they're engaged.
    Trying to create a United States of Europe in 2016 is nothing like creating the USA in 1776.
    The unemployed Brits would do the "menial" work if the dole were taken away.

  18. serendipityuk says:

    The farmer at the beginning of the video is so wrong on every level. Completely ignorant to the issues

  19. theknightswhosay says:

    This is so biased. I love Jacob Reese mogg, but it's so easy to paint him as an elitist, but the real elitists are in Brussels or dictating to Brussels. No one is voting on removing polish people from the UK.

  20. Enki The Mischievous says:


  21. Roger Baker says:

    Leaving the communist construct EU, is NOT "ditching Europe". Europe is a continent, not an outdated bolshevik totalitarian dictatorship. Vote, "Leave!"

  22. andreaandrewmilne says:

    The thing most to be feared is a dangerous naivety as to the likely purposes and likely uses of an "EU Army".

    No force made-up of military components from European countries could hope to withstand an attack from the supposed "bogeyman in the East", ie Russia. Without constant US involvement via NATO, any "EU Army" capabilities are laughable.

    Frau Merkle, the Mad Chancellor of Berlin, is intentionally generating a security crisis by importing 100,000s of fake-ugees who (i) have no education; (ii) no language skills; (iii) wish to cause trouble (I refer you to the women of Cologne); (iv) despise Western enlightenment values because their brains have been rotted by the Islamic Ideology; and (v) yearn to become welfare parasites upon the public purses, mostly of Germany and Sweden.

    The Commission of the EUmpire (to use illuminating terminology) is utterly contemptuous of democracy. I refer you to the ignoring of the French vote to reject the Maastricht Treaty, the overthrowing of elected governments in Italy and Greece, the forcing of Ireland to hold a second referendum on the Maastricht Treaty, the brushing aside to the recent Dutch vote to halt negotiations to being the Ukraine into an association agreement, etc, etc, etc.

    As with the East German Stasi, the true function of an "EU Army" is a Ministry for State Security, meaning internal repression of rebellions against the untrammelled, de facto lawlessness of the EU Commission.

    Tyrannies love to manufacture threats – be they fake-ugees or provocation of Moscow via playing footsie with the illegal Poroschenko regime in Kiev – in order to aggregate more power, especially police and military powers. Anyone failing to understand this iron law of power is not likely to make an insightful commentator upon yet another disturbing attempt to create a continent wide political and military government.

  23. william III says:

    " We have to look at the EU 500 million customers ", what this bloke is selling isn't going near these 500 million people. It is used locally. Nowadays there is an invention called INTERNET that changed the global trading field forever, its not important where you are located, most important : do you have good internet access and do you know how to use it.The EU is a 1950 concept with some 1940 ideas:  " Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer " , the tsunami of non western immigrants has showed what one person from one country can do: RUIN EUROPE . We have forgiven the Germans for Adolf Hitler but Merkel will be difficult to forgive for her invasion.

  24. John Stevens says:


  25. Arctic Winter says:

    L E A V E

  26. rollthediceagain says:

    No-brainer, vote for democracy, vote leave before we're culturally cleansed by mass immigration and the technocracy in Brussels which has contempt for national identities 🙂

  27. capetayo says:

    This is very very sickening! Imagine how Jewish people must have felt in the 1930's when propaganda was used by a minority against them. If Brexit wins this vote based on immigration, that is going to be very negative over the short to long term. Never worked in nazi germany, apartheid south africa, franco's spain, castro's cuba and it is not working in North Korea! The UK is already the most CCTV'd nation in the western world… God help us if Brexit happens, as our future as a divided kingdom once Scotland breaks away as they will…looks bleak.

  28. G G says:

    God it must be terrible being British right now. Like a dog with his balls chopped off. Like a man with his tongue pulled out. No fucking voice and Muhammad bending your wife over in front of you and your kids laughing loudly while your wife screams. Weak men of Europe. Maybe you should pay attention to that great Beetles lyric from the sixties. Living is easy when your eyes are closed.

  29. G G says:

    Take a bus ride to Stratford holy shit it looks like Pakistan. Young girls dressed up looking like stupid fools from 2 thousand years ago believing in a dirty old paedophile bastard. Hey tree huggers when yr kids have no school to go to because Muhammad and his 10 kids have all the school places taken. When you try to visit the doctor but he is over worked with hundreds of new immigrate patients andyou than can go home and die. But don't worry Muhammad and his 3 wifes and 10 kids will get everything because of british political correctness.

  30. Peter Clarke says:

    anyone with even half a brain would have to vote to leave to avoid watching the ever faster destruction of everything we hold dear,,a German tosser says the uk will not be in the single market? fuck him

  31. breighton2885 bisbane says:

    god bless u my beloved u.k

  32. Cartoonman154 says:

    Misleading title. It should be leave the EU not Europe.

  33. superkiwistar says:

    leave the eu. strengthen ties with family – canada, australia, new zealand, united states. the anglosphere can manage affairs better than the morons running europe. just because Merkel wants to cover from head to toe and worship Mohammad, doesn't mean all of Britain should. only 45% of london is white british, now.

  34. Dyslexic Artist Theory on the Physics of 'Time' says:

    All we have to do is look at the nations outside the EU. India has a space program even a Mars mission supported by an Indian steel industry. Ask yourself the question is India’s steel industry outside the EU more uncertain than British Steel industry inside the EU? Also is the future of Norway’s fishing industry more uncertain outside the EU?

  35. dimmy dunk says:

    If Merkel hadn't made a unilateral decision to throw open the borders to muslim migrants, then I probably would be voting to stay in. What she did , was prove just how fucked up the EU system is. That idiot has made a colossal mistake and the whole of Europe is going to be paying the price for decades to come. What the fuck is she still doing in power anyway?

  36. Signature Thapa says:

    “It doesnt matter how many people vote, only who counts them.”
    Joseph Stalin

  37. Fathappykitten says:

    China and India are growing much faster, so little Britain is going to rise up against Asia and the rest of the world on its own? Flawed logic. Vote remain, or be worse of in the next 15-20 years.

  38. antzontoast says:

    Hunting like the EU is a dead sport.

  39. 72Disco1998 says:

    Leave. The EU are full of gluttonous thugs. Just like the UN, when Saudi Arabia is on the humon rights council is laughable.

  40. Erjan Aisabay says:

    UK could opt for something like Switzerland negotiated with the EU. Still greater control over the national matters and more independence in foreign affairs, etc.

  41. MunsterCoffee Successo Ltd. says:

    Would you please fire your sound-engineer now???
    Ahh yes, remain. If leave you are looking for some grim times in your economy.

  42. Alison Lee says:

    STOP this please. This is NOT representative of the feelings in the UK. I'm going to unsubscribe. What utter crap. Try interviewing normal people before you dump us all in with the rich people. Talk to city people. I'm not having this.

  43. saman sabz says:

    most people who want to leave dont leave because it can do something good its more about who is the boss who owns this even if they where going to get financially downwards if they left the british wouldnt care they do whatever they want blindly

  44. Prograz says:

    Yea i agree people should vote leave. But dont expect a better economy, they have already said when uk leaves europe they will have a big decrease in economy.

  45. Nick Breen says:

    The Farmers were the biggest benefactors of EU money, whenever they say it is time to leave you should take that as a stark warning.

  46. bene w says:

    I think i know where you can still find British/English pride! I found plenty of that on canary islands, ibiza especially…

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