Busta Rhymes, T.I. And More Reveal Why Bobby Brown Is So ICONIC | The Bobby Brown Story

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They say he’s crazy, but he really doesn’t care.

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25 Responses

  1. Sweets Sweeter says:

    if Bobby would've refrained from marrying so young and concentrated more on his music he would have had even more hits….. instead he married and accompanied Whitney on her tours which lasted forever…. when he returned things had changed…. he should've kept that momentum going non-stop with Teddy Riley like Michael did with Quincy Jones…. it would've been exciting to see what more he could've achieved…. don't get me wrong Bobby Brown is still The Man!!!

  2. Yes_I_Am_Ms. Jackson says:

    I thought the movie was pretty good but I guess I'm kind of skeptical about the portrayal of Whitney Houston but if that was how she really was and why the person got a lie,? tell the truth and shame the devil……

  3. MeMe Flower says:

    I'm a 70's kid, and I have grown up through the many changes of music from that time, I would listen to my parents old 45's records and many of those songs became mines. My dad loved Motown, Marvin Gaye, and my mom loved the O'Jays Chaka Khan and many others, from that era, I fell in love with Marvin Gaye. To me if there were someone else who would be called The King of R&B it would be Marvin Gaye, the man was a MUSICAL GENIUS his music is TIMELESS, and I still listen to it today. I am still moved about the way he left US ( which is one of the reason why I love Bobby Brown). Growing up in the Jackson Five, Motown, and Michael Jackson era, I really learned to love music, and appreciate the Art form, the Artist, and it's place in history. So when my generation of music came around I fell in love with an artist of N.E. When I was old enough to go to concerts, my first one was N.E, and the Fat Boys. The Fat Boys open the show ( and I feel they are so under rated as hop hop artist, I love them to), then out came N.E singing all of their hit songs of that time, then came Mr. Telephone man, and HE stepped to the Mic to sing one of the leads on the song and I was in love with HIM from that day forward. It was Mr. Bobby Brown, and I have followed his music, life, and entertainment ever since then. So yes I am glad to see this day when this MAN is finally recognized for his music, I don't want to get into the WAR ( ALL opinions are RESPECTED) on whether or not this is TRUE cuz that would take to long and a wast of time for me, because NO MATTER what ANYONE says This man has help to make MUSIC HISTORY, like him or not, and well I like him. I have grown to appreciate many artist come and gone, past and present. I have learn to love each artist uniqueness so I really don't compare artist, or anyone, I appreciate them for who THEY are. I love many old school jams and some new, but to ONE am I a real FAN. I love HIM, his raw ability to entertain, his music and who HE is. That is MR. BOBBY BROWN to YOU am I a real FAN, ( I would just love to meet you face to face to shake your hand to tell you just that thank you), I've been rocking with YOU from day ONE, I have followed YOUR career, and prayed YOU through the up's and downs, thank you for sharing your talent, your vision and your dream to entertain us, it is NOT about being PERFECT cuz NO ONE IS, but it's about being who you were created to BE, and sometimes that is hard for any of us to DO. Thank you for giving us songs we can LOVE to, JAM to, PARTY to, and have a good time DANCING to. I have enjoyed you Sir then and NOW 2018 until LO, I am proud of you and your family, I am glad to see you still here, to see that your TRUE FANS still love you, and WE'RE still HERE for YOU, I am glad to see you and your brothers together, whether it is Head of State, RBRM, or ALL OF U I loved the stories and I love you all. I have your book, your seasonings, I cook with them all the time now it is great. To ME I am your number 1 FAN hahah cuz I didn't just start loving you and your music, l've loved you from day 1. N. E 4 LIFE, but King Bobby Brown 4EVER LO, until the end of time, and even forever ALWAYS YOUR FAN, I follow all of your pages online.May God continue to bless U & your family I only now pray to see U in heaven. Love U Bobby Brown 2018 until LO. sorry so LONG hahaha.I just Love ya mann hahaha!

  4. Edika Livingston says:

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ always have always will ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Rico Kendrick says:

    Salute to the homie bb

  6. shameless 101 says:

    Back then when Whitney proclaimed him the king every body had a problem with it, now they getting in line to kiss the ring.

  7. Priscilla Jones says:

    You know I wonder if Bobby brown read this well anyways I'm your biggest fan Monday and Saturday is my Bobby day I have all your music pictures to I love the movie and I love but heard your need album loved it gotta get it

  8. Priscilla Jones says:

    Bobby brown I'm your biggest fan love you always from your biggest fan

  9. Priscilla Jones says:

    Bobby brown is the king of rb and Whitney is the queen of rb

  10. Priscilla Jones says:

    This is to Bobby u can cook act you can sing your are a very talented man from your biggest fan I love you Bobby you came to Indianapolis with the group heads of state and I saw your group new edtion love y'all I got pictures of you and I got my on Bobby brown day I play you music got all your music yes. I must say I do love Bobby brown

  11. Priscilla Jones says:

    Me and Bobby brown bday is in February yes me and Bobby got something in common God bless you from your biggest fan

  12. Priscilla Jones says:

    I love you Bobby love the Bobby brown movie to got all your music and books from your biggest fan

  13. Charles Weinberg says:

    He is the king of r&b

  14. King kev says:

    One of the kings of contemporary R&B

  15. King kev says:

    One of the founding fathers of contemporary R&B

  16. Shelly D says:

    King Bobby!!! His music all classics! All his music is still on my rotation.

  17. Michelle W says:

    A true icon here. He was a star from birth

  18. Dottie says:

    What’s the song called at 2:38?

  19. Really 69 says:

    Why did he stop doing albums in the first place?

  20. Kim Martin says:

    He, had some talent, that's a given, but the fact that these brothers are saying in essence that he was the one others want to be like, is so sad. No man should want to expire to be way more than his example of who to be like. He's the type of man that women should run from. Yet he's the type of guy these brothers admired? Deep! I think had Whitney lived that movie would show something different. Anyway, he was just never that attractive or interesting to me personally. But to each their own, I still wish him well.

  21. Lets Talk Now Tv says:

    thats my ninja right there NE and Bobby were the first to infuse hip hop with rnb let that sink in ppl; I know MJ had great choreography but Bobby was killing that dancing shit he was high energy 24/7

  22. KiN CAMELL says:


    Ps Peace to Bobby Brown.
    Pps Peace to Rick James.
    Ppps Peace to Marvin Gaye. Marvin has song called Ego Tripping in which he says rhymes/raps on.

  23. Da Royal General says:

    Bobby Brown aka "Da Brown Bomba'" was the 90's Rick James.

    just my opinion.

  24. Nikki Sandz says:

    Holy shit did they spray paint mario a hairline?

  25. Dj Kevy Kev says:

    They did a good job with the bio movie.

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