Carl of Swindon Helps Ruin UKIP in Under 6 Months!

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Carl, Carl, Carl. You’re so bad at politics! Lol!

Michael had to bail, so I am changing the time, the topic – everything, really. Will reschedule the Rowlands appearance as soon as we can get him in wifi range long enough.

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39 Responses

  1. Dom Trussardi says:

    "Carl of Swindon" ROFL….it sounds just a bit less impressive than "SARGON OF AKKAD". Reality Vs. Fantasy.

  2. PresidentBarackbar says:

    Kristi ought to alter that chart and slap a big ol Sargon in the "inauthentic and inarticulate" category

  3. TheJamesShow says:

    The details of Sunday are pretty important. The counter-demonstration is a united coalition of people who voted both Remain and Leave, who are coming together to oppose Tommy Robinson, UKIP and the racism they represent.

  4. Jesinchen says:

    IDK, but Trumps seems to be very inarcticulate and very unauthentic.

  5. Kit Power says:

    I think you and Kev are directly responsible. I think it'll only take 3 or 4 more live streams of you destroying Carl before global democratic socialism breaks out – so thanks, and keep up the good work 🙂

  6. jdprettynails says:

    "Stop saying everything is crypto-fascist. You make me sound like a git!"

  7. The Iranian Liberal says:

    How did Sargon exactly ruin it?

  8. Roberta Languedonne says:

    I'm sure there's a Boots next to this Costa coffee joint he went. Sargon the reverse Midas touch… kills all he touches …

  9. Venom Supreme says:

    If Sargon ever becomes a feminist we are gonna have a problem on our hands.

  10. Grand Moff Odile Vaiken says:

    Everything sargon touches turns to shit

  11. Grand Moff Odile Vaiken says:

    I fucking love christi you destroyed sargon you are amazing you deserve more subs
    also your hair is good

  12. JohnnyTheWolf says:

    So Nigel Farage was fine associating himself with the Trumpwreck, but Nazi Jeremy Renner is too much?

  13. tafoyaerik says:

    ah yes the ukip progressives lol

  14. Chris Walker says:

    I'm deeply cynical of politics – and I'm in a bad mood as well – so my analysis is going to punch pretty hard below the navel I'm afraid: I think Nigel Farage can see the writing on the wall… Public opinion is not massively against brexit but polls suggest that if there was another referendum that it could still be a close vote (with perhaps remain winning this time). Top this with severe skepticism of the current brexit deal in parlimentary debates, a steady drip of resignations from Theresa May's brexit team, and absurd measures such as 'contempt of parliament' being put in action to force the government to give parliament the facts… Brexit is looking pretty toxic. Things are still up in the air, but it's looking trashed as far as brexit is concerned – maybe even the Queen wil have to make declarations to bring constitutional stability if things don't sort themselves out.

    'Centrism' is trying to re-assert itself amid the chaos. It seems like Farage wants to re-brand himself as a 'centrist' – he in fact always was a neo-liberal despite the aspirations of working class labour voters he appealled to with his anti-immigration rhetoric.

    Farage can be clumsy but it's not like anyone else in UK politics is giving him a run for his money – he knows what he is doing.

    The fallout is concerning though: a sea change as a result of a return back to europe (which would just be what we had before – seems years ago now… even though we haven't even left yet!) is going to anger a lot of people who were pinning their hopes on brexit. It'll be interesting to see how loyal the police is to the government… again – if the queen for example declared that basically brexit was over… I imagine a policeman in riot gear with a truncheon would take the liberty of bringing order on the Tommy Robinson crowd.

    We'll see I guess.

  15. J Draw says:

    Thanks for explaining this in a way so that non-Brit like myself can understand it Kristi.

  16. Natakupl says:

    We're already set up to block them. They won't take the city again.

  17. ben green says:

    UkIP was a spent force as soon as the Brexit referendum was over, and everyone realised that they had nothing to offer but a focus for anti Europe and anti Immigration sentiment.
    Farage is a figure not unlike Boris Johnson- the "lovable rogue", fun in the pub, Old Skool "Chap of the People". Despite our propensity to be against the class system in theory, we British still cling to loyalty to our own class (especially at the extreme lowest and highest)- but also to the hierarchy.

    That's why Farage was a success- the largely working class membership respected his "divine right to lead" enough to follow him. His successors have not had that aura of authority that comes with being a bit higher up the social pecking order (or the eloquence and charisma that Farage greasily exudes from every boorish pore in his body) and have failed to rally the party – not that there's anything to rally the party around as they really have no political message. It's like the host has left at the end of the night, and the Ukippers are milling about, wondering how they're going to get home now the last taxi has gone.

    The irony is that Farage himself got ideas above his station, and thought that his position of power was a gateway to the upper echelons- but he was told to fuck off because he's a bit too bourgeois for the Establishment's liking. He tried to cash in with Trump, but now he's a political nobody, Trump no likee.

    Calgon of A Sad still thinks UKIP offer something – but then again, he would have put money on the Titanic breaking the cross-atlantic speed record. Not a clever man.

  18. Donald Trump’s Underpants says:

    Soooo you didn’t hear that UKIP’s membership has been on the rise?

  19. B S says:

    I guess I’m just young but it really feels like political discourse has escalated in past few years. It reminds me of the beginning days of the Internet where if you couldn’t win an argument you’d say some thing like “fight me in real life” and just lose.

  20. LindaDanvers says:

    I am wondering whether Carl bleaches parts of his beard. Those grey patches are quite symmetrical.

  21. Ian Graham says:

    End of the year "tldr of Akkad" stream

  22. StonedZebra 666 says:

    I like you a lot but why do you turn your likes/dislikes off?

  23. Zach Halepeska says:

    I do think Sargon is dumb and all, but SPECIFICALLY here in the States, "Leftist" has kinda come to mean "Marxist" in Socialist/Far Left circles. Typically "liberal" is kind of a slur for "pro-Capitalist, pro-establishment Democrat, but at least they aren't fascists."

    Given that Sargon wouldn't be caught dead in Leftist circles, probably a fluke though.

    Also, they love harping about "Soft bigotry of low expectations" when talking about Black people here, but apparently those Tommy hooligans just shouldn't be expected to control themselves, and it's classist to think they should. If poor immigrants took to the streets like that, they'd want TANKS.

  24. Your Fellow Comrade says:

    What a Sargon focused channel.

  25. GIFT1FROM1THE1GODZ says:

    lmao that title

  26. Alistar D says:

    the grim reaper meme is true, he truly does destroy everything he touches

  27. Annzu says:

    Defined as Far right. 00:36 Ok by whom? Macron i reckon. What is so horrific about this video 07:05? Why don't you compare it to Portland riots of antifa, sjw and ultra feminist taunts where they publicly declare desire of wiping out entire sex? lol indeed.

  28. RandomClick says:

    I don't know how anyone can judge the EDL as bad. If our police and school teachers weren't covering up the rapes of children for 10 years there would be no EDL Lord Lawson stated that over 1.5 million gang rapes had been covered up by the labour government. I'm not an EDL member but I remember when 3 girls in my class were gang raped. The School and police covered it up and literally threatened my entire class with instant expulsion from school if they spoke to anyone about it.
    These 'thugs' you turn your nose up so readily were found by a high court judge to be in the right, the conviction they were protesting was an imprisonment without trial which is illegal under our system of law. The conviction was quashed.

    I just find it weird how the people claiming to be seeking "social justice" and womens rights completely shit on the rights of poor and vulnerable women in order to side with foreign men over the natives. (And yes the UK does actually have a native population)

    Some people think it's virtue signalling, I think it's cowardice. If you stood up to muslims they'd have no second thoughts about murdering you, but you can scream, shout and rant at the white man without a violent response so you build narratives that allow you to vent your venom on the least combative of targets. All while you silence the vulnerable poor women.

  29. David Metis says:

    Remember when Carl was so brave that he refused to talk about Tommy Robinson, so as to avoid ANY consequences for his alleged beliefs? Kekkeridge Farms remembers.

  30. Anomalous says:

    He left because of Tommy you fishcake and second who cares as Farage has become quite the liability as of late so fuck him.

  31. oskarjoto says:

    Godwinson king of England!

  32. Sully Sullivan says:

    Kristi, you don't know the definition of populism do you

  33. John Smith says:

    So I'm a hardcore Fascist and Alt Righter but I started watching some of your content since the first time you and Logan destroyed Strawman of Mossad. Have to say you are a likeable person despite having very different opinions on a great many things. I've got my far left feminist girlfriend on to you, it's much better than watching Contrapoint videos with her lol. It's a real shame how scummy he has gotten in arguments, ever since he read Rules for Radicals he just isn't an honest actor anymore. All Sargon does now is answer a question with a question it's incredibly frustrating.

  34. Tehbotterami Arm says:

    Narcisism is radioactive and Sargon is full of it.

  35. joe mama says:

    24:29 But the mainstream media do call tommy a racist and a fascist and a persona non this and persona non that. How is that objectionable?

  36. MustardFuelledVengeance says:

    Remember when he was boasting he was getting closer to contacting Trump due meeting Farage xD

  37. Simon Ashton says:

    Should be interesting to see what happens at the Tommy Robinson organised "Brexit Betrayal" march in town at the weekend, if it isn't raining I may go and have a look. There was a demo the other week of an outfit called the democratic football lads alliance or something and I saw some of it in Trafalgar square, pretty rag-tag bunch marching under an ill-defined banner.

  38. iamnotinvolved says:

    I wish I could like this

  39. Dom Trussardi says:

    Are you saying that the man who claimed getting Trump to tweet about Gamergate would destroy the left is a total moron? Makes no sense…..his genius is beyond you, I thinks.

    Serious point, though, isn't Trump inauthentic and inarticulate? Is that a freak outlier? I guess, normally it should be impossible, but the orange one seems to have pulled it off.

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