‘Carson Wentz Wants to be Coached’ | Eagles Press Pass

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Eagles quarterbacks coach Press Taylor talks about what it is like coaching Carson Wentz and the sibling rivalry he has against his brother who’s a coach for the Los Angeles Rams.

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10 Responses

  1. arch eagles says:

    When are we going to start blaming Jeffrey Lurie for not stepping in and saying anything

  2. K Brennan says:

    No one has brought his foot planting to your attention? You're the QB coach! It's your job to catch it and bring it to other people's attention!

  3. Erik Nichols says:

    They giving out free money and hiring interns to coach Carson even Carson looks older than this dude lol

  4. Erik Nichols says:

    Boy I tell ya it's gonna be several guys getting moved after this season. Lol this babyface dude press along with Mike groh and duce Staley boy I tell ya. They need to learn how to coach under pressure and see things Carson doesn't see. They leave him out to the wolves and always trying to wait after he does something wrong and then decide to so call coach.. good coaches are preventive and I hope these guys dont get him hurt again. These assistants along with our medical staff are a liability but wish them the best

  5. Wilson says:

    If Wentz wants to be coached then why are you the coach?

  6. Relax Music says:

    Yeah fire this guy garbage
    along with mike groh.
    Promote duce
    Hire B West
    New qb coach

  7. Wide Nine EAGLES says:

    This guy is the problem……. Get someone that is qualified over this laundry boy.

  8. Walter Blyzniuk says:

    another loser Wentz is a fraud

  9. D B says:

    I feel like they promoted this guy from water boy too fast and he can’t focus as QB coach because he still thinks about how he never perfected the right amount of water to mix with the Gatorade powder.

  10. HEIL TWITLER says:

    Then FIND some REAL COACHES!

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