Carson Wentz ‘We Love Playing on MNF’ | Eagles Press Pass

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Quarterback Carson Wentz talks about the offense building momentum, making plays with his legs, and what it means to play the Redskins on Monday night.

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14 Responses

  1. Wilson Bowden says:

    RPO doesn’t work if you don’t run the ball

  2. layzer80 says:

    we are gonna get our asses kicked by the skins, up till now we have been barely defeating shitty teams. we got destroyed by a good team(the saints) so i expect an L here too. smh

  3. Daniel Timbs says:

    At like 4:18, did she REALLY just say "u guys weren't having to play from behind so u didn't have to throw it all the time"??? What game was this idiot watching? We played from behind all game lady! Lol that is why females have no place in sports. I'm sorry but it's true. It's damn true. Unless your name is suzie kolber

  4. W33zy LxcGaming says:

    Also RUUUUNNNN THE BAAALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. W33zy LxcGaming says:

    I fuccin love my quarterback I'm all in on wentz and if your not yet your not a real EAGLES fan. I love my birds even tho our year has been not so good, fly eagles fly, Go birds.!!!!!!!!

  6. The LoboGamer says:

    The O line isn't pass protecting very well Wentz. so please give it to the first person you see open. You missing alot of open guys by holding on to the ball and getting sacked waiting for that big one

  7. Alex Mertz says:

    Wentz > Brady

  8. zeppelin1986 says:

    Enough with AO1 and Jesus Christ bruh, our season was over when We lost against Cowboys. We know this offense and defense can’t lead to win the division so let Foles play and you can bounce back stronger next season.

  9. Trey Belcher says:

    That's my mvp that's my quarterback

  10. abreezy71192 says:

    Josh Adams needs the ball for another 22 carries !!! Get it done

  11. Walter Blyzniuk says:

    get out pf Philly fraud

  12. john petroski says:

    Take an early lead. Run the clock, lead by possession. Idc who the opponent is. The longer we have the ball, less chance the opponent has at scoring. Just play smart

  13. HEIL TWITLER says:


  14. Greaser Bub the Original says:

    you love playing on mnf thats fine JUST WIN JUST WIN

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