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Views:61029|Rating:4.73|View Time:2:7Minutes|Likes:155|Dislikes:9 The movie follows several teams to the world’s first zero-emissions grand prix on the Isle of Man in 2009 and on their return in 2010.

For the visionaries, this is history. For the petrol-heads its blasphemy. What is racing without the sound and fury of internal combustion engines?

CHARGE is about the future. It’s about change. It’s about the dream of a clean, green world. It’s about the dream of winning.

CHARGE is proof that maniacs on motorcycles can be a force for global good.

Narrated By: Ewan McGregor
Directed By: Mark Neale

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25 Responses

  1. Tony Pate says:

    nice to see how far have come but be a few years till 4 and 6 lap race with speed and thrill bikes have now but times change !! nice see on the island birth new technology
    love the way ewan mcgregor on vid lastest celeb to find isle of man welcome but not half way round world better late than never hairy bikers henry cole charley borman etc
    who next celeb chef/petrol head james martin welcome but do keep going not just when
    a promo freebie not like its been hid away and far away best one must be james may at manx 2013 on joke bike what a chance showcase the manx but no must mean nothing to him guess 3 hour trip and ferry to much some petrol heads to face when younger rant over 

  2. k. vijay says:

    Hey Neale, I have watched fastest it was one awesome movie. Thought you will make a Fastest-2. I thought Charge would be a documentary on TT race like racers and bikes in MotoGP. Hope you would make nice documentary on gas fueled bikes and racers as Charge-2. love your documentaries 

  3. gordoncouch says:

    Saw on Netflix yesterday.  I'm a bigtime gearhead and don't think all-electric is the answer but this is an entertaining and intriguing film.

  4. leftcoaster67 says:

    Watched it today, outstanding. Hopefully this is the start of more electric bikes. 

  5. desnot neus says:

    i miss the twostroke era king kenny fast freddie steddie eddie xd

  6. George Dymock says:

    "battery power'd scrap" Until they equal the full power of a petrol superbike though they will be boring and shite!!

  7. justfornowthisone says:

    Electric is the future to ground transport, one way or another. Get over it.

  8. justfornowthisone says:

    So many non-engineers commenting their unverified pseudo-arguments. smh.

  9. PaulBlez says:

    Yes they are. The winning Agni lapped at an average speed of 87mph in 2009, 2mph faster than the lap record for the 50cc class from the 60s. By 2012, Michael Rutter averaged 104mph on the winning Czysz and the 2nd and 3rd and 4th placed finishers all averaged more than 100mph. Rutter was doing over 150mph down the Sulby straight in practice…..Meanwhile, the Lightning electric race bike went over 200mph at Bonneville.

  10. PaulBlez says:

    The DVD is on sale worldwide, not least from Duke Video, for 314.99; just Google "Duke Video" + Charge

  11. Alex Levenko says:

    Yea and maybe they will sound a bit more exciting too. They sound boring, compared to a rotary engine or a V16…

  12. Motor Enthusiasting says:

    The GT3 has a great system.. surely in time we will have such alternatives available for regular passenger cars which will be better than the old school big battery electric cars.

  13. Alex Levenko says:

    I think hybrids are one of the best alternatives to conventional cars at the moment. And they aren't limited to using batteries. Check out the Porsche GT3 hybrid race car. Then you have the TS030 Toyota powered by capacitors (not sure how production of caps compares to regular batts).

  14. Alex Levenko says:

    Electricity sources vary alot. In West Virginia, 98% of electrical energy that is generated is by coal. In Vermont, 71% is generated by nuclear means. It depends on where you live. Where I live in Ontario, Coal/Oil represents 29% of energy. So it really depends on where you live. If 85% of energy is fossil fuel, maybe your overall efficiency will be worse than IC engines. However, its interesting to see how you can reduce local pollution, such as in crowded cities where there are smog alerts.

  15. Motor Enthusiasting says:

    Thermodynamic energy is common, even from humans 😀 85% of the country's electricity is powered by fossil fuels, of which 95% is coal which is another factor when people do not consider when just plugging in to charge. The process of making battery's is also a terrible strain on the environment due to the process involved. Study's have been conducted on electric cars which ended up requiring as much coal as a passenger bus yet the cars only carry 1 – 4 passengers.

  16. Alex Levenko says:

    Think about where electricity comes from is a commonly used argument. Let`s say you have a gas generator, and you use it to charge your electric car. Is this better or worse than just having a gas powered car? It turns out it can be better. Generators operate at constant rpm, so you can constrain the engine to its most efficient operating region. The electric motor is more suited to vehicles, which may accelerate/deccelerate many times. Thus the electric vehicle is still more efficient.

  17. Alex Levenko says:

    Park your car after a race, open up the engine hood, and what can you feel? HEAT. Most of the energy from petrol is wasted as heat, and these engines are only about 20-30% efficient (that is peak efficiency). Electric motors can be over 90% efficient. Although initial production may yield high carbon emissions (due to battery), this is offset during the life cycle of the car. In the future, new batteries may reduce these initial carbon emissions.

  18. Motor Enthusiasting says:

    People are so fucking STUPID!! Electric cars and bikes are far worse for the environment and require far more carbon to produce…. but hang on, u dont put petrol in them so they must be clean?? Stupid world!

  19. clancy6969 says:

    They are running on the sheer willpower and hopes of all the hippies in the world.
    they got stoned and forgot to dream though, so they go really slow.

  20. BikerDarren24 says:

    A DVD that was filmed in the Isle of Man and narrated by a Scot and yet you can only buy it in USA and Canada, that makes sense!!!

    What a way to sell goods by leaving out Britain and Europe 🙁

  21. Warren NZ says:

    I'm pretty sure electric will wipe out petrol engines for performance eventually. My model electric car is the fastest off-the-shelf model of its scale in the world last time I checked. Traxxas Rustler VXL Li-Po brushless. 110 + KPH. And it's not even modified. And I've raced with nitro powered cars. They spend most of their time in the pits in my experience.

  22. John Jenkins says:

    @Tasus8787 In ten years you're gonna look like fool.

  23. John Jenkins says:

    @Curufin42 Lots of studies done on this. An equivalent sized coal powered vehicle produces 1/10th the emissions as a typical gasser.

  24. oefel says:


  25. Curufin42 says:

    So how do they charge their batteries? Coal power? Nuclear power? 94.5% of Britain's power comes from fossil fuels or Nuclear power so if these bikes are charging off of that power grid how are they green? I would really like to know.

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