Cleverly: Tory members “not massively happy” with PM’s deal

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James Cleverly admits concerns with the prime minister’s deal, but adds that ” no one’s massively happy” with it.

The Conservative Party deputy chairman has described how the prime minister is trying to give critics of her deal the “opportunity” to support the agreement.

The economy will dominate the discussions in the House of Commons as Theresa May tries to convince MPs to back her deal.

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13 Responses

  1. K L says:

    Cleverly Devilry ! GO ! (now)

  2. joe 90 says:

    Sky is Fukin EVILthere hatred towards UKIP Gerrard batten and Tommy Robinson is disgusting shameful and Racist

  3. BigWilki123321 says:

    lol has anyone seen the new advert on Youtube "BackTheDeal" urging everyone to back Theresa May's deal. Pathetic. The deal has been created to help business and business only care about themselves and their profit margins, not the welfare of British voters.

    Homeless? Need to use a food bank? Not had a pay rise in ages? Crap public services? – They could not care less, their lives carry on as normal while your quality of life gets chipped away at year on year. They can't even be bothered to pay British workers a decent wage, hence why the government had to forced them to increase the wages they pay by introducing the National Living Wage.

  4. Julian Smithe says:

    Anyone noticed how Sky news have become so aggressive and hostile towards Brexit.

  5. N.Y.C. Freddy says:

    N.Y.C. Freddy: Comment: Boy Oh Boy ! If an incorporated body has two or more hands of operative avenues within the pursuit of progressive profit then why is Great Britain not in step with promoting a positive outcome for all – inclusive of TOMMY ROBINSON – to become a true participant therein and thereupon. All negative issues & items must be washed (cleaned ~ ! ) via whatever means available even if ONE HAND needs to wash THE OTHER ~ ! 'Carry ~ on ~ troops' ~ ! ( Ahuh ~ ! )

  6. Richard Goode says:

    Membership of the party a leadership contest as policy to a Europe as the relay to a party for a leadership contest as party.

  7. BritishMoralHQ says:

    host needs de-congestion tablet -> cetrizine hydrochloride… it's not nice to see him sneeze snot to his mouth on live tv…

  8. BritishMoralHQ says:

    guys , who ate all the pie's … (clue: could be one of the bloke's on tele) …

  9. KEVIN HESKETH says:

    All the Brexit voters unhappy with unelected Europeans.Why are they not happy with the 800 unelected lords and the few appointed bishops.They have power they make laws that effect us all.Added to this deficit is the unelected head of state who has the power to order the army to remove our elected representatives in parliament and is exempt from the human rights act.
    The church and head of state ancestors stole land from the poor and had connections making money through the slave trade.They should pay a windfall tax or reparations to the poor in this country.The Eu has done more for me than the British establishment.

  10. Simon John says:

    How can a "brexiteer" stand there and say this Trap of a deal takes back our laws, takes back control?
    No it give the EU total control over the UK to be a vassal colony when the EU counts the clock down to the backstop. Anyone that votes for it will be marked for treason.

  11. ChristianPatriarchy says:


  12. Amanda Hughes says:

    I like James Cleverly, one of the few sensible ones. We voted OUT!

  13. Martin Decamerone says:

    U know that time is over, the only reason u would get an extension from the EU is a referendum, but in may the EU needs u gone or in. The EU votes r in may, they don’t want u there if u r leaving.

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