Clinton, Stein, and Trump Supporters Smoke Weed Together | Strange Buds | Cut

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Clinton, Stein, and Trump Supporters Smoke Weed Together | Strange Buds | Cut


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45 Responses

  1. Megan None says:

    I love playing spot the Hillary supporter, but not when I can spot it from the thumbnail. Give me a challenge.

  2. Blue Sturkey says:

    we need more. watching people smoke weed is so beautiful and makes me feel peaceful.

  3. Jada says:

    His black card has been revoked……He sounds like a idiot with or without the weed

  4. Eavan Smith says:

    Oh Bernie, it should've been you…..

  5. Alex Dashkoff says:

    Why Bernie Sanders supporters votes for someone who stole the election from him will always be a mystery to me

  6. Alex Dashkoff says:

    The black guy is def not a trump supporter. He seems like a guy that just didn’t want to vote for Hillary or waste his vote on the third party

  7. chips kidty says:


  8. DAgreat Toupe says:

    Of course the Clinton supporter is a Satanist

  9. Steve French says:

    Yep, thats definitely a Hillary supporter in the middle.

  10. Otis Thelonius says:


  11. gordan ramsy says:

    I didn't even started the vid I knew witch one they voted for.

  12. No Name says:

    I’ve said time and time again that Bernie should’ve been the democratic choice , this is not the only trump voter who is a Bernie supporter

  13. Darrick Ayers says:

    Wow the thumbnail was different than what I expected

  14. Hillary Clinton says:

    I was so thankful the guy on the left wasn’t a Trump supporter

  15. Gabriel Nobre says:

    A black dude voting for trump…now i can understand why in Brazil people did the same shit…

  16. Ed Eranged says:

    That feminist was choking on so much hate for that Black guy.. But she couldn't use any of her ''FUCKIN' WHITE MALE'' buzzwords and had to sit there quietly venting her backfat steam vent.

    He shut her down with melanin.. The irony is not lost.

  17. King Buse says:

    Love the black dude

  18. Thomas Caputo says:

    which kind of oral ?

  19. Dylan Kennedy says:

    Amazingly Bernie would have won.

  20. Charleigh Rogers says:

    The man that voted for trump looks like the black vampire in twilight

  21. Tedric Shotridge says:

    The stein supporter looks like shaggy from scooby doo

  22. lovepack54 says:

    If only there was another party that has ballot access to all 50 states. It was good to include the green party but maybe also include the largest 3rd party.

  23. Randomness Zoe says:

    Of course the Clinton supporter is a satanist

  24. Lothar Scholz says:

    Wow, what a weak worthless discussion. You US americans are really political illiterate if this is the best you can come up. Noam Chomsky is right, restrict the debate to a very tiny limited range and allow heavy discussion only within this range. New question big, you are as sick as the two party system.

  25. IknowwhoseIAM 1 says:

    Well this is frigging awkward to watch

  26. Ronny Sterling says:

    Three antifa interferons, commie vermin

  27. Angie Sunderland says:

    Any supernatural fans ?

  28. Liam Craig says:

    These guys would make a good host panel

  29. Stanley Odhiambo says:

    bernie would have won easy

  30. Dominyque Johnson says:

    "whos gonna carry me home"

  31. Philip Meyers says:

    this is so good

  32. Flappy McDank says:

    Bernie would have crushed Trump but the corrupt DNC decided to shove more corporatism down America's throat and pick Hillary as their nominee instead. Yet another reason people hate Hillary so much.

  33. Ciel :D says:

    can someone tell me what bong is the one they use?

  34. Laken Anna says:

    I love their personalities!

  35. E Bills says:

    Everyone could already assume she voted for Hillary.

  36. ___aaron.m says:

    Is that Cody’s lab

  37. Hosh Cobain says:

    The guy doesn't support Trump. False advertisement

  38. C. K. says:

    fucked up when the one and only place you think to go to and you think others ask questions of is google

  39. C. K. says:

    I'm suspicious that this is a buzzfeed channel rebadged and trying to be not complete c*nts , which buzzfeed are/were

  40. Ahmed Ibra says:

    is this advertisement for weed!!!

  41. Ryan Tendieson says:

    I’d smoke with the trump supporter any day. Those other two are pinkos.

  42. Érik kartman says:

    I could tell right away the pink hair chick was an HIllary supporter lol

  43. Natalia starmach says:

    WTF is this on age restriction

  44. William Lindsay says:

    This is strongly supports for my theory that if Bernie had been put through instead of Hillary, the Democrats would have won.

  45. EJAVAM07 says:

    And that's the answer: Bernie.

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