Close My Eyes Forever – Ozzy Osbourne & Lita Ford; By Andrei Cerbu & Andreea Munteanu

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Sometimes you just close your eyes and imagine the worst things in the planet! But, when you open them, you realize that, most of the time, you are only dreaming those things! In love, there are some black moments, but these can be passed away easily if you know how to!

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45 Responses

  1. bee4pc goldrule says:

    Wow to cover two of the best rock vocalist in the day very nice……..great camera work too,

  2. Robert Redmond says:


  3. Justin Mcclanahan says:

    Sounded good but could of had someone else sing Ozzy Osbourne's part

  4. Bruno Toffoli says:

    Awesome cover!!

  5. jose fernandes says:

    Hello,… Friends ! Terrific and wonder song you made ! Thanks, Grillo.

  6. Jack Kress says:

    Great job singing Andreea, awesome guitar again Andrei!!!

  7. Kantharus Hayakiru says:

    Wonderfful. Got chills once.

  8. Thomas Jones says:

    Awesome as always and Andreea'a voice is getting better and better. Wow

  9. Tom Paragian says:

    You two work so well together. Great stuff!!

  10. Ken Abell says:

    Excellent as always from the two of you guys, and andreea you look so hot in those normally size jeans Bombo x

  11. Jock McBile says:

    Don't know a lot of Ozzy or Black Sabbath. But of course, this sounds GREAT. Another fabulous collab with my favourite singing duo.

  12. dav78910 says:

    Great work guys.

  13. some Perry says:

    O… M… G… Not exactly being Ozzy fan (surprise?!?) , I truly must say that I liked this cover more than the original one. Only the drummer was boring… 😀 Can't stop wondering the talent that is inside you both. Thanks!

  14. georgesjunglerc says:

    Bravo! Bravo. Again, flawless performance. A pleasure to watch. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Urgelt says:

    Beautifully performed.

    I appreciate the subtlety in this performance, the delicate mixing that balances vocals and instruments. The song is soft where it needs to be, harsh where that's called for. You understood what the song demands and you delivered it.

    I have never fail to be impressed by Andrei's absolute virtuosity and Andreea's powerful voice, but it's even better when that virtuosity and power is harnessed precisely to the demands of the song, as it is in this piece.

    Very well done indeed.

  16. Dave's Fave Rosentrater says:

    I hope I joined her correct channel. The one w the gymnast videos? That was a cool surprise! You’ve prob won a lot of medals.

  17. Dave's Fave Rosentrater says:

    That was nice. I never heard the original, & I don’t need to !!

  18. Mario P. Hermann says:


  19. Schäferhund Schmidt says:

    I was prepared to point out that this supposed to be a duet, which you of course knew, but I actually like it better the way you did it. Andreea lovely voice made it a joy, and I could actually understand the words Ozzy sings for a change. Your double solo was epic, Andrei, and the picking was beautiful. Great song choice!

  20. Jaw Tooth says:

    You guys are amazing!

  21. THOMAS BEARD says:

    SUPER AWESOME SONG, you guys @ gals are the best THE IRON CROSS BAND WILL GO TO THE TOP , you all are the best ever.

  22. April Jones says:

    This is just amazing , i loved it and you both did a really great job on this cover. Ozzy & Lita would be proud. Keep on rock missed you Andreea .Can't wait to see what you do next Andrei !!

  23. Gonagain says:

    I always enjoy your channel Andrei. I know it will always be good!

  24. Brad Thom says:

    Fantastic as always you two! It is so dam awesome how you and Andreea pair up so well.

  25. John Brady says:

    Andrei and Andreea great job! Well, that's a first. The split screen with you playing both of your Les Paul 's. I like the way the Andrei on the right looks over at the Andrei on on the left. Very good guys…

  26. Rog Butler says:

    Her voice is the one I like out of all the girls u have sing with u. Do more with her.

  27. loci1019 says:

    Very nicely done You two work well together and compliment each other perfectly. Andreea your vocals are always so clear and expressive your are a real pleasure to listen to and with Andir's brilliant guitar lighting up the stage you two are real winners.

  28. Dr. Arlington says:

    Love the sound of the two Les Pauls together. What a cool idea. The acoustic sounded nice also. And our dear little Andreea, what can one say? Simply astounding yet again! Thank you both for your wonderful rendition of this classic song

  29. John Mayer says:

    WOW!!! Lita, Ozzy, Black Sabbath fan

  30. Robert Galvan says:

    a new tone of voice in the world of the song, it will have to count on you in the future as new very great singer

  31. cabo orueta says:

    Hermosa cancion chicos gran trabajo la guitarra sublime y la voz dulce y poderosa sigan trabajando duro excelente!!!!

  32. nocturn says:

    Lovely video, great job Andrei&Andreea.

  33. Jim Corbeil says:

    Another Fantastic Job and now I'm going to go and walk in front of a bus. Kidding!! The World I Long for Doesn't Exist ……………………… Yet and it pains me when You and Your friends sing about such pain and hurt. Welcome to the real world, I know. I feel I've sent You this video already so this will be for Your fans who happen to click on the link. Fingers are crossed for the Best Christmas Ever. Know in Your Heart(s) that the Future is Quite Bright. Stay You (the Both of You) and As Always, I look forward to Your next video. : )

  34. Blacknight1812 says:

    outstanding Andrei and Andreea

  35. Douglas Meeker says:

    Really great production!

  36. juan carlos olivan says:

    Andreia and Andrei, excellent, thanks…!!!!

  37. B Wolfen says:

    Dragging a lost treasure back to life! Outstanding performance of you both, zwei Energiebündel !!! 😉

  38. Cindy C says:

    Dueling Andreis, it doesn't get any better

  39. Thomas Nickl says:

    Again a great performance by you and Andreea. Youre guitar playing and the beautiful voice from Andreea is a wonderful combination!

  40. Ciprian Victor says:

    Sfârșit de săptămână liniștit de bestial copii. La mulți ani Unire!

  41. Dwayne Beaver says:

    Keep Rockin it kids

  42. Robert Galvan says:

    You've done well this beautiful song Ozzy, you're really a great singer

  43. paul valentine says:


  44. ELVAN DYLIS says:

    Beautiful, performed wonderfully———- another winner for me!!!

  45. al brown says:

    A very good song, a beautiful voice and fabulous guitar playing. You and Andreea are magical together!!! Outstanding job with this song!! PS: Andreea's new vid ("Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun") seems to be blocked in the USA 🙁

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