Comedian Stewart Lee on manners in comedy and politics

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Comedian Stewart Lee tells Andrew Neil why he is polite to people he does not agree with, although he previously said he did not want to appear on TV and have to meet people he does not like.
Liz Kendall and Michael Portillo joined in the This Week debate on politicians having to deal with, and be polite to, people who are not on their side.

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26 Responses

  1. red drib says:

    I see Kim Jong Un has finally transitioned

  2. Big Paulie P says:

    The Curious Orange begat Portillo.

  3. Claire Clarke says:

    i would not be polite to trump as he is a gobshite

  4. Claire Clarke says:

    its true as ever stew has his digit on the conundrum

  5. John Galantini says:

    Love how this video auto-plays immediately after the video of Richard Herring appearing on this show in 2017. Literally "If you like this… see this".

  6. CORIO LANVS says:

    politeness i appreciate but in the end i prefer
    that people give it to me straight like a pear cider
    that‘s made from 100% pears.

  7. Jerome Dawson says:

    Philip Schofield's puppet, gordon the gopher has let himself go

  8. Lefty says:

    They don't twust us on the economy.

  9. HelmetBlissta says:

    All this talk of algorithms leading us into echo chambers.
    I’ve been using YouTube for a decade, I am unashamedly left wing.
    So, if the YT algorithms work what the fuck do they keep recommending right wing content to me, eg, Fox News, FFS.
    Libertarian content, and other right wing politics fed to me on a daily basis.
    I have to struggle to weed out the right wing imposters on a daily basis.
    YouTube/Google feed me unwanted right wing material all the time.

  10. Sprung Spar says:

    Wealthy gravy train mongrels love to have their humour bones rattled by extremely talented, funny performers,, especially in close proximity, like a television studio interview. The vacumn Stewart Lee creates around such aforementioned types is tangeble, The fat cat celeb" wannabe s, to the left side, as we youtubers view the screen, might have comprehended some of Mr Lee's words,, the guy in the middle mopped his brow, and was glad the session ended quick.

  11. craig ashby says:

    Ed Balls has let himself go

  12. Redfield 100% says:

    My mum has let herself go.

  13. tuckedup says:

    "…and when the broken hearted people living in the world agree….there will be an answer, let it go, let it go…"

  14. Bobby Johnson Esq. says:

    The BBC is the British equivalent of Russian Today. It's state-run propaganda… that people are forced to pay a tax for if they own a television…. There's so much biased bullshit on the BBC that is boggles the mind that they get away with it. The corporate media not having a strangle hold on information is a good thing, and you're crazy to think that it isn't. They could just tell you whatever they want and claim it to be true, and you'd have no way of knowing whether or not it actually was true. Corporate owned and controlled media is one of the things that allows government corruption to thrive… It's an antithesis of democracy.

  15. Furbs says:

    Chunk from the goonies has sorted him self out quite well.

  16. Tom Thumblittle says:

    Frank Bruno has let himself go

  17. ProjectFlashlight612 says:

    Kurt Waldheim's 106-year-old cockatoo, "Panzerblitz", has let himself go

  18. Mac Belfast says:

    Nigel Kennedy has really let himself go

  19. rumple stiltskin says:

    Stuart lee has neglected his health and hygiene

  20. lapisredux says:

    stewart lee hasn,t let himself go……….he,s just fat and balding

  21. asliceofry says:

    Andrew Neil has let himself go

  22. John Smith says:

    Pat Sharp has let himself go

  23. Cotictimmy says:

    I notice that "Farage" doesn't appear to qualify for politeness from 4%.

  24. Secular Humanist says:

    Love Stew, such a genuine, intelligent, funny and interesting bloke

  25. Tilly Divine says:

    Discussing the dreadful problem of "fake news" while on the BBC with inveterate liars Liz Kendall and Michael Portillo, hosted by the Tory's favourite spin doctor, Andrew Neil.

    Fuck I love irony.

  26. James A says:

    That guy was fucking determined to talk about politeness

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