Conservative MP: Theresa May should step down ‘before the next election’

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Conservative MP Nick Boles says the party is in need of fresh ideas and the prime minister is stopping that.

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30 Responses

  1. vladimir1341 says:

    But we will not be leaving the E.U. This deal keeps the UK locked in forever. I will be voting UKIP next time.

  2. divizionx says:

    Can't really blame her, she's just taking orders and being a really Muppet.

  3. un known says:

    it is a dangerous deal..its a fkn takeover ffs…permanent!!

  4. Kevin Dillon says:

    We don't want to be in the EU, any part of it Boles.

  5. Kevin Dillon says:

    Your talking about free movement of people, and May is signing the UN compact on migration, so everyone in the 3rd world can come to the UK, so all this BS about cutting immigration is rubbish.

  6. Ray Morse says:


  7. Fred says:

    Sir Bill Cash is spot on. Mrs May's deal is unlawful under current UK law.

    When he brings a case before the UK Supreme Court, the plea should include a TEST of the meaning of Section 1 of the European Union (Withdrawal Act) Act 2018

    * Section 1: The European Communities Act 1972 is repealed on exit day. *

    The meaning of this section has to be determined by reference first to Section 1, Subsection 2 of the European Communities Act 1972, the interpretation section, which defines what is meant by the "European Communities", comprising

    1. the European Economic Community, the European Coal and Steel Community and the European Atomic Energy Community;
    2. the Treaties or EU Treaties, listed from (a) to (v), 22 treaties.
    3. and any other treaty entered into by the EU (EXCEPT in so far as it relates to, or could be applied in relation to, the Common Foreign and Security Policy) , with or without any of the member States, or entered into, as a treaty ancillary to any of the Treaties, by the United Kingdom;
    4. and any expression defined in Schedule 1 to this Act has the meaning there given to it.

    Schedule 1 is comprehensive. Part I refers to Pre-Accession Treaties; Part II lists the institutions in inclusive manner, such as "any institution", "any instrument" and includes reference to the Court of Justice of the European Union.

    The definition of "European Communities"" is so comprehensive that the UK Government and Parliament cannot LAWFULLY agree a deal that does not include complete withdraw from all participation in the European Union. Further, the "European Communities Act 1972" refers to the consolidated Act as amended up to March 29, 2018.

    The Government must repeal the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018 before passing Mrs May's deal.

    That could destroy the Conservative Party.
    It could also destroy the Labour Party.

  8. butterfflyess says:

    Whats wrong with her voice?

  9. Glyn Tutt says:

    I voted for this man after voting for Brexit, he is the MP for a strong Brexit constituency, if he votes for this horrible deal, he looses my bot at the next general election. Use the 11th hour and the threat of no deal to force the EU into signing a FTD like Canada. If we cede now, we loose all negotiating leverage, let us see how German manufacturers and French, Dutch and Spanish food producers put pressure on Brussels when NO DEAL is being openly played as PLAN A in lieu of this horrible proposal that is currently on the table. Negotiations are messy until they are finalised, we are a long way away from there at the moment.

  10. sexsex says:

    Makes sense.. Norway option..

  11. Ed Hui says:

    Treasonous May need to go. Worst prime minister ever in U.K. history.

  12. MeMySelfandEye 33 says:

    She is a cheat, a lier and has committed an unforgivable fraud on her own people, she needs to be arrested and removed by force and the government replaced. They all need to be locked up with the same immigrants they brought in to murder us.

  13. David Ridley says:

    Free movement of people, then Germany allow 1 billion migrants into the EU under the UN compact, then 100 million migrants move to the UK.

    This in not Brexit. Incompetent people like this have negotiationed our position of strength like a position of weekness. Tell them we are leaving, watch them panic and then let's see what they offer us, just look at trumps master class with China this week. Trouble with our politicians they have never liked in the real world have have week street smartness

  14. actnowone says:

    If the Conservatives don’t get rid of May because she’s a traitor and her deal is worthless then we the voting public will get rid of them all come the next general election.

    The British people absolutely hate and despise Theresa Treasonous Incompetent Liar Kick The Can May she’s the worst PM ever

  15. Real Mates says:

    Just leave ffs

  16. Hitler Cat says:

    Don't we still have the death penalty for treason ?

  17. Brexit Monger says:

    What part of "end free movement" does he not understand?

  18. David Ellis says:

    I hate the MPs of both main party's at the moment,the way they have manipulated the leave vote after both party's both promised to honour the decision of the people in their manifestoes, there's been lies lies and more lies banded about and their supposed to be honourable,they don't know the meaning of the word,they've made Brexit a political football instead of getting together and tackling the EU head on instead of fighting like rats in a sack for political dominance,it stinks of corruption all round.

  19. M Q says:

    Definitely not

  20. pendent sue says:

    Theresa May = Humbug.

  21. Tom Hermens says:

    She should stand down straight after that It takes 2 more years in which we can trade with the EU and then we step onto wto having done all the groundwork in those 2 years.

  22. Martin says:

    Very well said, Nick. Its refreshing to see somebody using their head and facing up to the reality of a no deal Brexit.

  23. Avidcomp says:

    Fresh ideas? How about a set of defined and clear principles that are so clear, that it would be easy to spot if a fresh idea violated those principles. This is a common politician; i.e. one that doesn't care for rigid principles.

  24. siva siva says:

    We're not acting in an adult fashion!
    I mean when have We!

  25. Salterino Kripperino says:

    leave on wto rules and get it over with

  26. Nyryn Brett says:

    I suspect as a remainer May has planned this to end on re vote against the will of majority brexit Gove is above contempt parliament will always serve its own ends Cromwell had the right idea commons and lords self serving and not for the people

  27. Neil Robinson says:

    la la nick and po

  28. Caroline Holmes says:

    Ha migration less what a joke teresa may us going to sign the UN global compact migration policy at Marrakech .. That legalises economic migration .. 59 million over the next 29 years .. look it up yourselfs .. We need to trigger artical 61 of the magnicarta

  29. j t says:

    How about before the next hour…

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