‘Conservative Party like dictatorship!’ Pro-democracy Tories show outrage at leadership

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Conservative Party Conference is well underway and some Tories are deeply unhappy with how their Party is being run.

Westmonster visited an event run by the Campaign for Conservative Democracy with speakers from David Campbell-Bannerman MEP,  veteran Tory democracy campaigner John Strafford and Ben Bradley MP.

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21 Responses

  1. Car Lover says:

    Never send your ballot papers through the post, get up from your sofas, like you did over the referendum, and go to voting stations, we don't trust the Tories, if they don't throw her out now that facsists party is finished,

  2. Car Lover says:

    He's talking the truth, the Tories trying to stay in power, no matter what even stopping as low as trying to steal votes, from the opposition, no one wants to be under dictatorship, we need to get rid of Mrs May and fast, she's trying to do what junker did, dictate to us all without us having any right to response, people wake up, leave this stinking ship, before you and your families, start lingering in a stinking cell, like they did with Tommy,

  3. unpaid troll says:

    In America, the conservatives are the only ones with any sanity remaining. The democrats have gone left of crazy, are into vast radical conspiracy theories and are completely indoctrinated by the fake news media. We may need to throw them in FEMA camps at this point to save the nation.

  4. dunholm1 says:

    The LibLabCon-merchants approach to Brexit should indicate to most that we are already living in a dictatorship. Both main parties promised to respect the referendum result, even saying so in their manifestos, and now both are fighting to keep us in the EU in all but name. The "will of the people" is what they say it is, and democracy is merely a minor inconvenience to be ignored at will. How very EU. Even remoaners should be concerned, for if they get away with this, what next?

  5. Loki says:

    Labour conference sound was much clearer, can the tories get anything right? I despair he sounded like he was under water? Why aren’t we attacking labours crazy Marxist policies? Are we really so incompetent. I’m beginning to believe we will get the government we deserve at the next election.

  6. Will JONES says:

    Get rid of Theresa May right bloody now.

  7. Richard Street says:

    Successive governments for about 20 years now have not been DEMOCRATICALLY run ! We have been living in a PLUTOCRACY run by the elites for the elites just as the EU is run . This is just a small step away from a DICTATORSHIP which is what the EU and its supporters wants for EUROPE as a whole ! If they were to manage to stuff the EU Parliament with left-wing EU supporters next May at the elections , as they have done for the last 45 years , then the next step will be to take away the right to vote and Europe will then be lost ! Fortunately Europe is waking up to the situation and they WILL vote en-masse to elect right-wing MEPs and we will see a great change spread across Europe , throwing out the left as has been happening in most member states , INCLUDING GERMANY !

  8. Scott Fisher says:

    Conservative party will loose voters massively if chequers and these remainer do not deliver a real brexit.

  9. Messenger Charles says:

    The Cuckservative Trotskyist Party needs flushing down the toilet, followed by a good Domestos bleaching afterwards.

  10. mandead says:

    Is this the replacement channel for Politics UK?

  11. Looking From uk says:

    The Torys have become socialist in belief but the grass roots are still Conservatives but the problem is that the leaders are on one road and the grass roots are on a completely different one, may should go and soon.

  12. David Harber says:

    Sub-title needed!

  13. roadend78 says:

    I will not vote Tory again all that money the DUP got to keep PM May in power how many of our ex- service men and women would that money helped but they will be still living in shop doorways this winter thanks to The PM and her government ?

  14. Not my name says:

    TNTV NEWS CHANNEL WAS DELETED by YouTube everyone being censored https://youtu.be/Xs2bjc7MaJU

  15. Rallan says:

    We already have a democracy in name only. Whenever May or Hammond talk about democracy or free speech they follow with "but". They know they're not delivering what was voted for and they think they can get away with it.

  16. The Jazz Monastery says:

    Flange of Penticorp ! Trump, Kim Jung Un & Dennis Rodman are Satoshi !

  17. Litl English Woman says:

    Why is nobody talking about the bill of rights ???

  18. JackHad Room says:

    The last four Tory leadership contests:

    2001: Tory members elected IDS by a 2:1 margin. He was removed within 25 months.
    2003: Michael Howard 'elected' unopposed (a pledge for the members to ratify his election never materialised).
    2005: Attempts to remove the members ballot failed. David Cameron elected by members
    2015: Theresa May elected unopposed following withdrawal of Andrea Leadsom. Party members never consulted.

    A broken system.

  19. Susie Wood says:

    At the moment we have the choice between Marxist Labour and what is heading for a Fascist Tory party.
    It is swiftly becoming a Fascist dictatorship, a marrying of politics and commerce, where the interests of big business take precedence over the interests of the people. The suppression of criticism & dissemination of inconvenient facts through the wide implementation of hate speech laws and censoring of the internet through laws proposed by the EU.

  20. Chic UK says:

    The Conservative party has let us down.

  21. Lee Bennett says:

    He's right it's so anti democratic going against the people.

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