Conservative Party names Rona Ambrose interim leader

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Brian Lilley of TheRebel.Media reports, Rona Ambrose will be the Interim Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and I’m not happy about it.

Why? Because I think she should have thrown her name in for Leader. She’s a skilled politician who would have given Trudeau a run for his money from day one.

With the Interim leadership taken care of, I turn my thoughts back to who could and who I think should run for the leadership. Let me know what you think in the comments.

And in the meantime, Rona Ambrose is the new face of the Conservative Party as Interim Leader; she’s a welcome face, a smart face and someone that will take the party where it should go.

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22 Responses

  1. souris verte says:

    thank god she quit,,,lets stick to liberals

  2. souris verte says:

    the rebel is FAXLESS just like fox news

  3. Justin Naujoks says:

    she is a failure

  4. Terry Friesman says:

    I am  not happy with  this Syrian refugees they were;nt screened properly they throw out our military to house them they give them cell fhones so they can call there terrorist friends look whats happening in England our new language will be Arabic  please help change this policy

  5. C Robinson says:

    Your not going to criticize her for the conservative party flip flopping on the murdered and missing aboriginal inquiry? Just a month ago Harper and co were saying an inquiry was not needed. Now all of a sudden Rona Ambros is supporting the Liberals? Why didn't she speak up when she was in government? But Brain you wouldn't dare criticize the Conservative party, after all they are all you got.

  6. Unca Alah says:

    Early indications seem to be that Rona Ambrose is taking the party where Tasha K wants it to go….  Are we in for another Redford/Prentice/Manning/Smith debacle??

  7. Ken Peters says:

    She is sooo not fully bilingual.

  8. F Dannn says:

    LOL. So the Cons pick one of the most loyal Harper parrots as their new leader? and they still wonder why they lost, Canadians want a different tone from the Cons, not a different face with the same old ideology driven agenda. Another liberal 2019 majority coming up…too funny and too easy. Its the same old, look at her take only 2-3 questions then walk away, and she thinks she can take down Trudeau?? HAHA!

  9. 4iamking says:

    "Fluently bilingual", she definitely demonstrated that in that first media scrum….

  10. Chris RoadWarrior says:

    Any TRUE conservative with zero damn progressive blood in his/her veins will make an excellent CPC leader and then PM after the 2019 election same like PM Stephen Harper.

  11. Kevin Nelson says:

    Well never say never. If the new full leader flames out, after the next election, could Rona not step forward and take the reigns, as full leader, if he or she resigns? Kind of a longshot, I know, but never say never.

  12. primpal08 says:

    A mop with a bucket for a head would be a better Prime Minister than Trudeau. That said, as long as they make an actual Conservative the leader they have a chance. The "strategy" of putting in a middle of the road small "c" Conservative is doomed to failure (plus, what's the point of choosing between Liberal & Liberal-lite?)

  13. Paige Knaughtfund says:

    Rob Ford!

  14. John Human says:

    She would have made a GREAT leader!!!

  15. william miller says:

    Jason Kenney is going to be the next Conservative leader. Rona has been bought off.

  16. Andrew the Celt says:

    I think this is a smart move on her part, it's unlikely the Trudeaumania honeymoon will end by the next election cycle no matter how badly he botches the job so the next PC leader would likely step down after an election loss paving the way for her to be a serious PM candidate in the following election.

  17. Downfacingdog says:


  18. Isaac Willis says:

    Rempel could be leader

  19. Isaac Willis says:

    All CBC comments were trash

  20. DouglasEdward84 says:

    That's why I thought Nicholson or Finley would have been a good interim. Ambrose and Rempel could have been legitimate contenders for full leadership(I suppose Rempel could still run as could O'Toole). Anyways I'm sure she'll do fine for the next while until the full leader is selected.

  21. T.J. Donatello says:

    I like Rempel too much to want her to become leader; I don't want her taking the shit-flinging that comes from being party leader. I would chant "KENN-EY! KENN-EY!", except I am not interested in voting for right-wing parties that are prefixed with "centre-", as that territory has been invaded by the left.

  22. David Okanagan says:


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