Culture Club – Karma Chameleon (Official Video)

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Check out the official music video for “Karma Chameleon” by Culture Club

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Music video by Culture Club performing Karma Chameleon (Ledge Music Electro 80 Mix) (2005 Digital Remaster).

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44 Responses

  1. Thauane Games says:

    0:45 até 0:55
    Calma calma calma calma calma Camilinhaaaa, que come angu, que come angu

  2. Selvi S K says:

    WoW …..still amazing
    Just mind capturing
    Ever green song

  3. GuiCueio cenourinhas says:


  4. Motebang Mabathoana says:

    Still nice even today

  5. franciska leong k.h. says:

    Save rivers

  6. stuart mccrimmon says:

    December 2018 still cracking tune

  7. RENZO Flores says:

    DICIEMBRE 2018?

  8. idris.fadzli yahya says:

    Retro song the besssst 80s

  9. Xxx 1234 says:

    Calma camilinha

  10. Niicollas Niicollas says:

    Near 2019 and it's still the best song

  11. Genesis Nova says:

    Me encanta! i just love it!

  12. Steven Rogelio says:

    Alguien más viene por narcos?

  13. Naomi Ruiz Miguel says:

    Esto me recuerda a mi infancia:"3

  14. b. . ತಎತ says:

    Lo mejor de la epoca dorada los 80

  15. Mandy Bernal says:

    Love you so much

  16. Mudley's Momma says:

    December 2018 #puglove

  17. geejay custodio says:

    Dec. 7, 2018

  18. tony dunne says:

    Brings back so many memories. They sang this song on an episode of the a team! Miss the 80’s

  19. Sam Neeve says:

    Im a cam ee lion

  20. Caique Ripardo says:


  21. Ashley Burgos says:

    2019 anyone?

  22. Rogerio Sertori Murcila says:

    RO I

  23. aylin pop silva says:

    Me encanta esta cancion❤

  24. aylin pop silva says:

    2018 diciembre

  25. Gamerguy1990 says:

    Does it matter if you he gay ,Straight,bisexual .all what matters is he can sing and still to this day he can sing

  26. Cara Mai says:

    I dig his style so damn much.

  27. Снежана says:

    Is that man?

  28. Barakarajorokoro ZetWuEnEs says:

    Polska !!! Lublin!!! Bronowice!!!

  29. カブ太郎のパワプロ応援歌 says:


  30. Juan Carlos Vega Diaz says:

    December 2018?? Cheers from Perú!

  31. Leon MarcusFernandes says:

    Maldito Goku do LoL,fez a msc grudar na minha cabeça

  32. JESSÉ SÍLVA says:

    2018 December ?

  33. nicolas nicolsone says:

    culture club good i love you

  34. nicolas nicolsone says:

    culture club good i love you

  35. Luiz Nunes says:

    Boy George Lindão

  36. Kblogg 777 says:

    The A Team bought me here.

  37. Anirudh Sharma says:

    It doesn't skip!!!

  38. Leo Altivez says:

    Neeko neeko nii

  39. GunnerDH says:

    Sansa Stark has a brilliant voice

  40. MR. DOGY 0003 says:

    Malparida sea yo pensaba que ese pirobo de George boy era mujer pero era un hombre que asco ese hpt marika

  41. Oscar Rosales says:

    Rafa & don Neto doing coke brought me here

  42. kilgoretrout321 says:

    Thanks Psych!

  43. Alaina King says:

    This song is low key a bop idc what anyone says

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