DCCC Chair Emphasizes Democrats Position On Immigration | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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DCCC Chair, Rep. Ben Ray Luján, D-NM, discusses the midterms, why he says Democrats stand for the people and the Dems’ position on immigration.
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DCCC Chair Emphasizes Democrats Position On Immigration | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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37 Responses

  1. Jukka Peltonen says:

    What about the babies? If you want to negotiate, first free the babies.

  2. Vox Nihili says:

    Hispanics didn't come out because we were busy working. I am also working on my masters so I barely had a chance last night after work. Yes, we work and go to college.

  3. sharon olsen says:

    There are some parts of this that do not pass the smell test… Looking at overall support numbers for one party up to election night .. then overwhelming numbers of people going to vote that fit that demographic… and yet .. that party still loses key races in key states ….. it seems……. well… "fishy" …

  4. Nan Zingrone says:

    You think the Senate is going to pass any Democratic House Bills? I doubt that seriously. We're almost still in the same place as before, under the boot of 45 and his Repub enablers.

  5. John Townsend says:

    Well finally with a new democratically elected congress we now have a desperately needed check on this president, a so-called “successful businessman” in the oval office who is proving daily to be terribly unfit for the job. On one hand we have had to tolerate for two years a tragically unprepared and dangerously unprincipled leader who is an unabashed leech and an unrepentant liar. On the other hand we have also had a tolerate a spineless and feckless group of cowards McConnell, Ryan and the rest of the GOP who refuse to come to terms with this reality. It’s a shameful national embarrassment on full display for all the world to see.

     Now we can get serious about this guy and really come to grips in holding him to account for doing everything from obstructing investigations to enriching himself by refusing to divest interests. His henchmen keep trying to normalize the abnormality of his behavior. Nothing about his time in office has been normal and nothing about him has changed. He is grossly incompetent and proves it daily. He is using the office to enrich himself and his spawn, and proves it daily.

  6. David Sanders says:

    Liberals are wrong on immigration . . .over 70% of American citizens disagree with them.

  7. John says:

    the republican racists will be defeated by the blue wave, unless they rig the election with putin again

  8. Michael OHara says:

    If people were only allowed to speak the truth and never tell a lie, no Democrat or their media would ever speak again

  9. David Tam says:

    All Dems need a lesson from Beto, Stacey Abrams and Andrew Gillum. They need to speak from the heart, with conviction and authenticity. Dems will, not want, to defend the border and give those that seek lawful entry an opportunity to be vetted by our law enforcement agencies. America is a nation of laws and I will not be above the law.

  10. Elizabeth Newcity says:

    Troll extravaganza.

  11. ezeblp says:

    I thought katy tur was leader of the democrat party

  12. Gordon Pitt says:

    Best of luck USA I've missed you…

  13. JJ Walter says:

    There isn't a person in the US that does not owe their existence to an immigrant. This country's forerunners on technology are immigrants. Our farming and produce prices rely on immigrants. Immigrants pay taxes in the billions, and yet if they are not citizens they cannot collect social security or medicare. Crimes by immigrants are by percentage lower than crimes by Americans. 20% of federal prisoners are immigrants. But they are not there for violent crime. They are there for being illegal immigrants.

    The republican rhetoric that they spread to invoke your hate is false. They stir prejudice to inspire voters to vote republican. They rely on your fear to get elected. They will govern by the same means. We cannot afford a hateful government.

    Democrats are not encouraging the immigration of criminals. They are only trying to treat immigrants as people and not as an infectious disease. Isn't that the American morality?

    Recognize the hate. Recognize the lies. Recognize that MOST PEOPLE, foreign or domestic, are decent people. Be decent. Protect our democracy.

  14. NPC Hive Mindset says:

    Greetings from comrade Putin. You blue peoples can stay home. Ve have already changed all votes to blue. Have nice cry.

    Ps. So good to see our good comrades little joey and prostitute mika still together

  15. S Erick says:

    The truth is the vote count will show where America stands. I am fairly certain it is not where MSNBC stands.

  16. Vino says:

    As a Dem, I say : stricter immigration laws !!, pls.

  17. Gina Kay says:


  18. Nancy Mesek says:

    The DCCC is against progressive ideas. They’re banking on votes just because trump is a nightmare. Pay attention. They’re republican lite in many ways. They don’t want Medicare for all.

  19. Jason Milton says:

    If Dems don't win big, then I'm seriously moving back to Venezuela!!

  20. unpaid troll says:

    Massive RED WAVE underway. MAGA

  21. Machete Yo says:

    Why do people on MSNBC get so stupid when it comes to pronouncing "latino"..

  22. Reverend Al says:

    The DCCC has recruited far too many conservatives and have refused to support progressive candidates that won their primaries.

  23. James Christianson says:

    Democrats are for the people….from other countries.
    Hispanic illegal voting won't happen this time….Dems are done.
    Berryboma hauled hundreds of thousands of illegals into this country.
    Thank God President Trump is removing them as fast as possible.

  24. M-A Smith says:


  25. Boyd Gilbreath says:

    Democrats will soon show their real colors. We have a fake President! Vote! Vote! Vote! It really needs to be illegal for ALL politicians to lie in political ads and debates. I don't understand how it's not considered fraud. The wealthy bought our government and when we the people take it back we must demand their punishment. Trump: "We have more Money than Anybody else By Far." Mitch McConnell: "We're Broke and we need to Cut Social Security and Medicare Benefits.". Drump must take responsibility for his overheated hate speech. He encourages violence openly, worships cruel and ruthless dictators, and makes obvious whom he wants in his country.

  26. arlingtonguy54 says:

    Here in NC nothing is more important than fixing gerrymandering. I live in a state where your vote is only worth a fraction of a whole vote. Give us a level playing field and we’ll mop up this GOP mess.

  27. Yo-yos Tenbucks says:

    LOOK EVERYONE ANOTHER DNC SERPENT FRAUD IS JOINING MSNBC BEAST SYSTEM BRAINWASHING OPERATIVES FOR BRUNCH… Are they going to fondle a Milk Carton kid from Hillarys child trafficking sustanence farm in the underground tunnels of DC?

  28. John O says:

    VOTE BLUE for real leadership!! Nothing changes if you dont VOTE!!

  29. atllantiss says:

    Americans, please go out and vote today! Every vote matters and you have the power today to change things for the better! Please don't repeat the mistake when Trump got elected by not voting… It is very important for the future of your country but also for the future of the entire world! Greetings from Romania!

  30. Debb Wheeler says:

    Independent here. Just voted in Missouri…Democrat all the way down the ballot.

  31. Ray Rodrick says:

    Cubans need to vote blue, birthright citizenship, remember what happened when you thought Fidel Castro was great until he wasn't.

  32. Masood Bukhari says:

    Release the Pee tape!

  33. K Jackson says:

    I am sick of trump's (gun lobby) talk about everyone is out to get us! Seems like the destruction is caused by those who listen to him & fox tv now. Our Army against poor women & kids running, with NOTHING, is wrong. Ok have border patrol agents check those who do get here, have them detained until status figured out. But to round up children here already & cage them is cruel, designed by cruel men.

  34. Say What says:

    Joe take action. Get out your wire cutters and gloves and go help those people. You have to keep the borders open because if you don't everyone will think you are a racist.

  35. fc911c2 says:

    Fake News why didn’t you report Hillary Clinton racist remark about all black people looking alike then laughing about it. Fake News Fake polls.

  36. mike brigs says:

    WWG1 WGA.

  37. Daniel Apfelkuchen says:

    Vote red your liberal friends will never know, this is America and in the voting booth you are anonymous and it is truly your choice, Jobs or mobs.

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