Decision 2018 Goes Into Overtime With Mississippi Special Election | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

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Mississippi voters are heading to the polls to choose between Cindy Hyde-Smith and Mike Espy. NBC’s Vaughn Hillyard, Washington Post National Political Reporter Matt Viser, and White House Correspondent for PBS NewsHour Yamiche Alcindor join Andrea Mitchell to discuss the final election of 2018.
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Decision 2018 Goes Into Overtime With Mississippi Special Election | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

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23 Responses

  1. 1moredaly says:

    Espy is a Clinton criminal but he is a demoncrat so he is hidden my MSM

  2. 1moredaly says:

    MSNBC could not use the word racist the would not have a single viewer. Keep spending all that globalist money cause it does t work Any more. MAGA

  3. Right On says:

    It's a Republican vs a Democrat nothing more nothing less. There's no racism!

  4. teebone 21 says:

    voting against their own interest because of the party a person belongs to. poorest state with the worst education system in the country. I hope educated young people keep leaving

  5. Randy Smith says:

    Booohooo….. WHaaaa Whaaa, Booohoooo, Wha n Ha n has ha{sob, sob}. Its like hillary lost all over again! Hope you don't act like this in 2020 MSNPC………. "This, is who we are"

  6. RawJewel says:

    Why answer that ignorant bigot!

  7. Ancel Rick says:

    Mississippi remains backwards and repressive. A real throwback to the 19th century.

  8. david campbell says:

    Mississippi STILL burning.

  9. JK Y says:

    Yea yea yea MSNBC….turn this into a black thing. Hey Andrea, are you wearing your kitchen cooking garb today?

  10. Baron Von Schneider says:

    Oh look the racist card doesn't work anymore. Need a new fake slander now

  11. Darien Guy says:

    Dumb racist hicks vote for dumb racist hicks.

  12. Akela DeWolf says:

    At least there's one mid-term election the dems didn't defraud.

  13. Splungers says:

    ESPY lost…. MSNBC still sucks

  14. Gouverneur-Generaal van Heutsz says:

    I love the liberal tears. Can somebody make a compilation of crying libgirls with purple hair and a septumpiercing?

  15. jacqueline russell says:

    When Demoncrats in this day and age Try to play identity politics and try to make this all about black and white and not about the issues st hand in this day and age This is when the Demoncrats fail That is the true dog whistles That card has all been played out

  16. Greg Christensen says:

    Thank-you, Mississippi. You did not fall for the media-hyped race baiting of the dems. They and their sorry voters would see something racist in jaywalking. What miserable lives they must have. ONWARDS, TRUMP NATION !!!!

  17. Cindy Yeager says:

    I agree with Nathan S in his comment. Mississippi is steeped in their dark history and the old timers are not ready to let go of it. Ridiculous in these times we are still supporting racists like T rump. Racism has no place in America. We were already great. If America isn't good enough for you, move to Russia.

  18. TheRetiredtrucker says:

    Awwww lefties lose again…….Espy sounds like he is going to cry……….the salty tears flow again……

  19. Carla Sledge says:

    I am PROUD Cindy Hyde-Smith Won, & Obama isn’t so Effective anymore, America got sick of his horrible Division Politics, wanting to transform America into A New World Order!! I don’t need You’re Lectures! Get a Life and quit obsessing over every syllable that comes out of Donald Trumps mouth!!

  20. 888strummer says:

    Hyde-Smith won so the Republicans flipped 4 Senate seats and the democrats flipped 2 Senate seats, so the Republicans now have 53 Senators to the democrats 47 Senators(2 are independent but always vote with the democrats). That makes it easier for Trump to pick Amy Coney Barrett when Ruth Ginsburg retires

  21. Marcus Carkus says:

    Awwww you lost again….booo fn hoo.
    Liberal claims of election fraud in 3…2…1…

  22. John Smith says:

    I'm calling the media racist if they win it's racist if they lose its racist just want your money faster way than lil paperboy saying extra extra read all about it (1920s) .

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