Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas Carpool Karaoke

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James gets a hand from his friends Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas for a ride to work, but not before the trio stops to make a few dollars on the sidewalk.

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28 Responses

  1. Meneer says:

    No demi… there is no heroin in this car

  2. Eleven Records says:

    Its about sex

  3. David Ahn says:

    Could have given the guy a high five

  4. Neemah Ruambo says:

    Just fell in love with Demi and Nick

  5. Ram Kapri says:

    demi is best off actress

  6. Victoria Beyn says:

    Please do it with Rihanna

  7. Victor Ma says:

    I guess nick jonas just got friend zoned

  8. Summer Elmore says:

    Nick dat miley and Selena

  9. Speriodically Stupid says:

    Nick is so in love with demi

  10. Cassie Stoddard says:

    they dont know each other songs lol

  11. Cassie Stoddard says:

    nick doesnt know the words to the first song so hes just awkardly there

  12. kayleana Rosado says:

    demi did have a sober tho i miss demi:(

  13. Josh Raval says:

    It's hard for me to get mad about James shouting the song over the other people when I relate so hard

  14. Flawless Girl 101 says:

    They should have played la la land and moves me and me myself and I!!

  15. Jason Tan says:

    What. Your. Name. Jason. Tan

  16. Lea M says:

    So in love with Demis voice. wtf me ded.

  17. Georgina Tuohy says:

    I kits love James cordon.. he will forever have my heart from Gavin and Stacey xx

  18. NOLtv says:

    If I ever did that…

    I think I’d have a overdoooseeeee!

  19. Alyssa Turner says:

    On the first song Nick looked so uncomfortable because it isnt is song

  20. Bkibbe Schwede says:

    Did anyone else notice Demi's inhaler at 1:12

  21. Baking with Trouble says:

    Nick old hair PLEASE

  22. Nuno Soares says:

    Demi. All the best with your recovery. You're a great singer (Nick too). Anyway. Get well soon 🙂


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  24. nat says:

    can i just say i’m in love with demi? like she’s such a fuckin goofball i love her

  25. nat says:

    “*look at my joe impression*”

  26. nat says:


  27. Felix Mulwa says:

    Demi my all time favorite

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