Does Labour have an anti-Semitism problem? Debate – BBC Newsnight

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Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party is in the spotlight, after Naz Shah MP was suspended over posts she made on social media about Israel. Evan Davis discusses the row with Baroness Julia Neuberger and Lord Levy.

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28 Responses

  1. Jonny Cohen says:

    REMEMBER, Every teorror attack in Europe including the Manchester arena and attacks on Londona Westminister, was carried out by Supporters of Palestine. , same islamic muslim idieology, Foolish Europeans

  2. Kaname Fujiwara says:

    Labour does not have a problem with antisemitism. It has however has a problem with Israel behaving like a fascist state with the introduction of the nation state law.

  3. 7pinky7 says:

    The media is controlled by Jewish lobby groups. I am baffled by the accusations made against Labour party and other Labour politicians. Israel is trying to control the British political parties. Talk about Russians trying to influence the US election. Wake up people. Israel is trying to silence any debate over how the Palestinian are being discriminated. There's more look at how they destroyed Ken Livingston, hounded George Galloway. Diverting Foreign Aid with the help of a career politician – Pritti Patel. Speak out people, defend justice and free speech.

  4. Parasmunt says:

    Labour has now accepted that criticism of Israel is racism due to the power of the zionist lobby.

    Next up, charging Palestinian kids with war crimes for attacking flying Israeli bullets with their bodies.

  5. Tellus Of Athens says:

    We literally have a foreign power rigging uk elections and nobody is going to say anything about it, the bbc is even promoting it?
    If anyone has any decency they know this.

  6. Mollylurcher says:

    The left recognises that equating criticism of Israel/Zionism is spurious political manoeuvering but insists that any criticism of Islam is racist. Sorry, but you can't have it both ways, I'm afraid.

  7. Jay Blair says:

    Multiculturalism back firing on labour party what will happen to jews in 30 years ehen muslim migrant block reaches into tens of millions

  8. LICKSTERxx says:

    BBC breaking their royal charter yet again i see

  9. Irishtradchannel says:

    David Duke of the KKK and Nick Griffin of the BNP are backing labour because they know it will be tough on Jews.

  10. leonard mcateer says:

    israel is a zionist entity call a spade a spade orthodox jews are totally against the zionist state of israel, are they anti-semetic too? typical tory bbc fanning the flames of discontent to try and stop JC from being elected as he will try and bring some equality back to Britain again!

  11. leonard mcateer says:

    if it's anti semetic to criticize a non semetic race from eastern europe for their apartheid policies in a country they stole,then i'm proud to be one! this is just another ruse by the blairites to try and bring down Labours best leader from John Smith! dump the zionist and pro israelis from the labour party and they can go join the tories !

  12. man0z says:


  13. Pip Pipster says:

    Mostly low-grade idiotic comments in the comment section, really rather proving the point that anti-Semitism is rife.

  14. robert kelly says:

    this is a dodge to close down all criticism of Israel some members of the Labour party have sympathy for the palestinian cause and this is not allowed

  15. Big Dog says:

    Loathsome fascists like this are a basic cause of antisemitism.
    They make people hate them, when they are, in fact, anti gentile.

  16. carlton lambert says:

    Someone is trying to preserve their money. Guess who that is.

  17. Dutch Pink says:

    People can be brow beaten but the facts are much more simple.
    Free Palastine.

  18. Mark Duggan says:

    Not God's chosen, not Semitic, not wanted. 109 times they've been expelled from place's they've lived. The synagogue of Satan!

  19. richfrombristol says:

    It is amusing to see the Corbyn worshippers in the comments section confirm everything said in this news piece. What a bunch of moronic zealots Corbynistas are!

  20. Zia Smith says:

    Boycott, Divest, and Sanction apartheid Israel! Anyone who supports the evil regime is not fit to be an MP. They should be expelled from the Labour Party.

    Shame on the BBC for censoring Israeli mass murder!

  21. Adz Jobek says:

    Yes because Labour has become Islamic.

  22. Michael Lamont says:

    The truth would put antisemitism to bed. But with our media, only bollocks. Why can't we just call the palistinians a fabricated thorn in the side of the Jews or just another bunch of Islamists.

  23. Paul Gavin says:

    Labour is the soiled pants nobody wants to pick up and bin

  24. Sami Benbella says:

    Most Zionists arent Jews, most are actually Evangelist Americans so I really do not buy into this conspiracy that people are replacing words to mask their racism. Zionism is an atheist political ideology. Its only relatively recently that it has taken on some religious connotation. There are many Jews that do not support Zionism and think differently about this latest conspiracy to oust Corbyn. I think the BBC have done a huge disservice to the country by not inviting them to speak on this issue.

  25. brennan dayle says:

    the issue here is the state of israil calls ANYONE who disagrees with there regicide as a anti semite, not being a genuine claim .
    Israil had there chance to determin themselves as fair and just but they act as not that

  26. Adam Waterhouse says:

    Labour has a problem with cynical and politically-motivated defenders of apartheid Israel trying to use accusations of "anti-Semitism" to undermine Jeremy Corbyn and as a smoke-screen for their own support for racism and oppression.

  27. Saracen Seven says:

    Typical zionist controlled BBC
    Where is the fair and balance in this interview?
    Their capitulation is sickening.
    I just stopped my license fee.
    It is so easy.
    Just fill in the bbc online form
    Give them a reason that they are lying to the public and you no longer want to watch and hear their propaganda.
    I did and they accepted it.
    Why should the public pay for them to spoon feed us with lies and propaganda.
    How dare they insult our intelligence.
    A few thousand cancellations will make them realize we are not buying their bullshit.

  28. SugarTomAppleRoger says:

    Julia. David Ben Gurion was a socialist. The Israeli State was socialist in its inception. Now left wingers are ALL being proscribed as antisemites. To be honest, if you call me an antisemite, I don't care any more. I know what I think, and that is what matters. People have gone mad. They think that Oskar Groening and Jeremy Corbyn are evil, but never mention people like Theodor Eicke.

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