D’Souza DESTROYS A ‘Proud’ Democrat in heated Q&A!

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D’Souza DESTROYS A ‘Proud’ Democrat in heated Q&A!

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7 Responses

  1. Rob Wills says:

    She thinks that microphone is a number 2 at Mcdonalds….

  2. Aeneas Izichi says:

    The woman at the end, got wasted by Ben! How stupid do you have to be to face facts with feelings?

  3. bob johanson says:

    Love this man….

  4. Kevin Tate says:

    It is absolutely true on point. The left have tried so hard to hide the facts about slavery and also the civil war. The democrats fought tooth and nail to keep slavery legal. Also 2 democrats were so much into themselves and refused to give in to the other. Because of the egos that Breckinridge and Douglas had it cost the democrats the election. If you combined their votes they did beat Lincoln. That is also something that the democrats don't share. This next generation is not taking the time to research Important topics like this and only go by what the MSM and the positions tell them. In this age of information the MSM has lost control of the propaganda that they push as well as the hate that the left is brining up again on mis information. Today the kids will google a subject for a essay etc copy the information down and not absorb anything that they are being taught. If it was 20 earlier and Hillary ran she would have won. In 2016 enough of the truth came out at just the right time. Trump is not perfect and would have lost if someone beside Hillary ran. The democrats will continue to attack and truthfully they will keep pushing and pushing. Members of congress are now getting shot. Press secretary needs secret service protection and others.

  5. Dust In the wind says:

    Im 64yrs old and I’ve heard more new words and phrases in the last 3yrs than in my entire life

  6. JUSTACHIPN says:

    Racism is kept alive only by the ones that keep crying about it unfoundedly for attention !!!

  7. Lord Wolfsbane says:

    Damn they hit them.hard with the FACTS

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