Earthling Carl DESTROYS Tom Swarbrick on ISLAM – LBC

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Tom Swarbrick BTFO.

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48 Responses

  1. Earthling Carl says:

    Seriously you need to ring in yourself and if you do I just might feature your call on the channel 😉

  2. MrJoecool9999 says:

    The Caliph who sent his armies into Spain – placed an order for 1,000 blonde virgins for his Harem….!
    Google – Harem images – and you will find that all women in Harem paintings were White – because they were all Christians taken as sex slaves….!

  3. alex reid says:

    Trying to deflect the argument away from Islam. Imagine the Bible stating you can have sex slaves, just go & take them. The Catholic Priests etc. are deviants & along with these Imams should be burnt at the stake. Most Muslims reject the violent verses – Rubbish! Seen any counter demonstrations in UK/elsewhere? All the demos I see are demanding the Caliphate & Sharia. They're just sitting on the fence waiting to see which way it goes. Well Done Carl! These Tubes at LBC, MSM, Westminster etc. need re – education.

  4. Grantham Rose says:

    He's just a stupid kid and calls himself a political journalist he's just got out of his nappies what an uneducated wanker

  5. Rico Myint says:

    Well done Carl!!! Exposing the cultist Mohammed

  6. haydn moore says:

    I am not the least bit surprised at SwarPricks comments — he is straight off the conveyor belt of trainees for LBC. You, Carl, have no conscience sneeking on to LBC (I`m more than pleased to say) . . . anyway . . . I wondered if you“ heard the nurd“ Nick Ferrari yesterday on one of his Trump-bashing sprees criticising the Don`s speech on the Judge Kavanagh non-revelations (or some of the idiots that phoned in). In the last few months he has revealed what a two-faced hypocrite he has become in order to keep his job on LBC (Farage too is walking on thin ice). Ferrari`s also turned on Tommy, too. James O`Braindead is on at 10 am; he is very good for an alarm call for switching channels . . . anyway . . . keep your pecker up. Hayden HM

  7. SunSky says:

    I spoke to SOB once.
    It's alright, I'm ok now

  8. theo mckenzie says:

    wtf is the matter with these liberal twats, they will blame the grooming gang epidemic on anything but religion, this is why these crimes continue because the left refuse to diagnose the cause of problem, if a doctor gives a false diagnosis then the illness would never be treated.

  9. geisiel cesar says:

    You him that’s why he was stuttering. The Muhammad line was beautiful. It’s people like Tom, supporters of fascist Islam that are trying to kill us, he wants us to all die together

  10. Nathaniel Mitchell says:

    The point is that the Christian community in Britain is not as fanatical as the Muslim one. At the same time Christ was the prince of peace where as Muhammed was the leader of a military and so the basic messengers differ greatly. Crusaders went to the holy land and around the Baltic but this is minor compared to the Muslim conquests in both scale and time.

  11. Lt H says:

    I think Tom secretly agrees with you. He doesn't want to get fired from his £100k per year job. Same with all journalists.

  12. Alan Brady says:

    You nailed it earthling

  13. King Authur says:

    Well done Carl ……..I'm shocked when they're given the facts they still won't have it …….

  14. Gary McLay says:

    Well done Carl. I’m surprised he didn’t cut you of earlier than he did.

  15. kitemanmusic says:

    'Cultural and ethnic reasons'…. NO! Religious reasons. Shame you couldn't pin Tom with that. I get through to LBC at the beginning of the show, then they say we'll fit you in if we can, and they don't. They know my name when I call.

  16. David Garcia says:

    What is wrong with u british men? Why do u allow the weak (women and girls) to be abused in your socities? Slowly but surley the fabric of your society is being destroyed, and u (the men of UK) are allowing it!!! When the Buddhist in Myanmar heard that one (1) of their women was raped by a muslim, the men their stood up and expelled the whole muslim population from their country!!! When are u people going to standup for ur own? Just what went wrong with u people, clearly u men are no longer made of the stuff that Sir Churchill was, now all u men have no balls and do not know when u r facing evil in ur own country that is and will continue destroying ur country!!! Keep enjoying the muslim as they destroy the week in ur society, eventually ur country!!!

  17. Khadija Aamir says:

    what excuse is there for non religious peadophiles and rapists? I mean the majority of those here are white non Muslim men. None has ever given me an answer to this factual truth.

  18. charlielondon72 says:


  19. Elizabeth Dyer says:

    Did Jesus have sex slaves…brilliant and he had to be honest by saying no

  20. Tomas de Torquemada says:

    Great job Carl , you slayed the cuck with facts .

  21. Humannondancer says:

    Oh eck this guy replaces Ian Collins

  22. Paul Tindall says:

    well done i like the way he tried to imp lie that all religions have sex slaves ????//.its fascinating to see how various "presenters!!!"on lbc dont like their narrative being broken or their delusional view of reality .and really start struggling and fighting to defend their??? point of view .its suppose to be a phone in show to allow others to air their opinions,but only as long as you agree with the progressive libturd be honest i am more and more astonished at the lengths these fools will go to defend islam which i find very disconcerting and disturbing in it self .. cheers china atb

  23. Jamie theman says:

    fuck me the shit proper ran down his legs there

  24. Mark Wheeler says:

    Don't u just love these posh well off ppls points of views having lived and grew up in most likely majority white areas in the countryside! Lol.

  25. Neil Patten says:

    If it's not religious then why are ALL the victims non muslim.

  26. mylovelyman2 says:

    You are getting better Carl! That was informed and solid.

  27. Rod Peterson says:

    Catholic priests are NOT Christian the Romanist religion is anti Christian

  28. darren maciag says:

    Great questioning. Just noticed your latest Fogerty video has been taken down. what is happening to free speech with legitimate questions?
    I love the "did Jesus own sex slaves?" brilliant.

  29. theozmiester theozmiester says:

    Have you tried getting through to JOB

  30. Russell Marsh-Quick says:

    it's not easy getting past the producers unless you fit their narrative

  31. jt smith says:

    @Earthing Carl Well done King Carlos U are a CHAMPION of our people , you really are bro..

  32. jt smith says:

    Tom is obviously a juice

  33. jt smith says:

    See : this is what they do : cause itz not all etc We KNOW itz not all u fucking idiot but the HUGELY alarming thing is MASSIVE over representation in this most heinous of crimes from this specific demographic

  34. Samuel Marshall says:

    This was class.

  35. Bliss says:

    No offence but I thought you fell flat on your face during this call. The presenter was correct in his basic point that all religious books – including our Bible – contain passages that are deemed to be deplorable and inhuman in the 21st century. For example, the Bible is filled with deplorable passages about how to treat women. Someone of another religion could equally call you and recite these passages from the Bible and you would then tell them exactly what this presenter told you. Although you're determined to keep repeating here that you won this argument with the presenter in fact you sounded quite desperate to be right and seemed to realize early in the discussion that perhaps calling this presenter was not a wise idea after all. Your followers will tell you that you won regardless of whether you did or not. That's just people sticking together against a common enemy. I have listened to five (maybe 6) of your videos and they are quite funny in a way that you probably don't mean them to be funny. Will probably watch a few more but the running theme of bashing another religion does tend to become tiring after a while. Love your accent though 🙂

  36. David Mccarron says:

    not 40 400

  37. David Mccarron says:

    you you can there all raping monsters

  38. flamadiddler says:

    So keep letting in Pakistanis so long as the majority of them don’t rape and torture kuffar kids.

  39. simon lloyd says:

    I'm on LBC almost every week fighting against their rhetoric..I'm listening less and less to be honest because they so tightly control the narrative..Matt Stadlen has a habit of shouting and talking over me when i press the point..I'll have to start recording my interactions.
    Normally you can the sounds on the background of keys being tapped on a keyboard as information is being fed to the presenters from the research team on the other side of the glass..The presenters themselves also have the internet in front of them in addition to the monitors feeding them information.

  40. Charlie Marsh says:

    Loving the debate! Good to see your calling lbc up again. Valid points.

  41. james flowers says:

    Well done Luke..Top man.

  42. Argi Madariaga says:

    You made him admit in public that he cares more for the potentian rapists than their victims. Knowing the statitistics he would still let more Muslim-Pakistanis in. Outrageous.

  43. bettytigers says:

    You'll have made quite a few people think,and good thinking often leads to positive action.

  44. people's poet says:

    Nice work Carl

  45. Tommy dahlqvist says:

    Nailed it Carl!

  46. Lek Sleuther says:

    Carl, you keep forgetting that muslims are a protected species and LBC is a muslim supporting station.

  47. You Can't Reason with Madness says:

    "Do You Not Think,Do You Not Think,Do You Not Think" Tom Swarbeck
    "So You're Saying, So You're Saying, So You're Saying" Cathy Newman.

  48. 19coyote80 says:

    I don't like EarthlingCarl's politics but he gives Islam the smack down!

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