Effects of Gender Identity and Digit Ratio on Consumers’ Reward Preferences (THE SAAD TRUTH_801)

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Dr. Tobias Otterbring’s lecture at the Symposium on Evolutionary Consumption held at the John Molson School of Business on October 5, 2018. This was the sixth of seven lectures delivered at the event.

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22 Responses

  1. Thomas Garman says:

    Mono sound in one earbud. Lame. Quit listening at "Hello Everyone". This is 2018?

  2. Gallart82 says:

    The video comments are for example a secondary study of 'autistic' sound experiences and importance of sound. From a sexuality-sciencing perspective, one could maybe also say: The male orgasm tends to smaller-sooner, the female orgasm to larger-later. John Maynard Keynes didn't like long-run policies. But also the long run can be re/constructed as a series of waves (of rising expectations, peaks and going down again–with metaphorical meaning with different secondary applications/supposed 'concretisations').

  3. PlayingWithData says:

    Just go to 25:30 to hear a member of the audience explain why this research, while not in an uninteresting area, manages to shoot itself in the foot in terms of having a particularly useful result.

  4. Jesse Wetherell says:

    Please tel me this is a joke?¿
    Like the fake study paiper no?¿
    I mean its not a real lecture is it?¿

  5. BrightIdeas says:

    Oh wow! "we found an individual's biological gender correlated positively with their gender identity…blah, blah, blah" Oh 'individuals self-identifying as males prefered the 5 bucks to the 7 dollar movie ticket.' Public money is being used to pay for this kind of utter BS as the planet inexorably descends into darkness and chaos. The Aliens are right. "The humans have forfeited any right to exist. Exterminate! Exterminate!"

  6. Joseph Nardone says:

    Check the sound, check the sound!

  7. morthim says:

    not well reasoned but the best talk for the last 2 months. i'll check out that journal.

  8. kromulous says:

    I just skimmed over a paper on brain structure last week that said there is no relation with digit ratios. It's not my field, I get curious at times, but I got the impression that it wasn't predictive of personality at all. Wish I had saved the link now.

  9. Mick says:

    Do you want a movie ticket at 30% off NO NO NO NO BULLSHIT STUDY

  10. Mick says:

    Who the fuck designed this bullshit delayed gratification test? I never go to the movies so would pick the cash regardless.

  11. 10mintwo says:

    "we decided to code receipt of a $5 immediate gift with masculinity and a delayed $7 gift certificate to the movies with femininity."

    This retarded shit is why nobody takes psychology research seriously as an actual science. I'm not choosing the cash because I'm more masculine, I'm choosing it because 90% of movies are fucking moronic garbage.

  12. Birch Williams says:

    Interesting. But would be so much more so with a quick analysis from you Gad at the end.

  13. Nunya Dibness says:

    Failed methodology. By combining male/female prize and immediate/delay reward, they muddied the waters. Then I heard the first question and realized it was obvious to others the study was challenged.

  14. A Internet says:

    Last week I sat in on some lectures given by physics professors involved in fundamental research into the components of future quantum computers. The intellectual gulf between them and the gender studies crowd is vast and unfathomable.

  15. NanoSquid says:

    Dr. Saad if you need an audio editor let me know. Or someone in the comments. Or anyone. Please?

  16. Andrew Clunn says:

    The gender research starts at 9:00

  17. Satyr says:

    That first question at the end had me laughing super hard

  18. Henk van der Laak says:

    Sorry, I got no further than "gender iden…."

  19. Empire of Autism says:

    Haven't watched this video yet but I can already tell it's biological essentialist pro-genocide diatribe, to Gulag 13 with all of you!

  20. TheColonelKlink says:

    Intensive market research conducted in many places and over considerable time by smart people strongly indicates – 'Get woke, go broke."

  21. Dave Roberts says:

    Not sure about this. My gender is attack helicopter but that doesn't prejudice my buying habits.

  22. Alexander K. says:

    Prof, I will send the bill from the ear doctor for fixing my left ear when the lecture series is over. ^^

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