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Ferrari weren’t too keen on lending the Top Gear team its new Enzo. Not surprising when you consider it costs half a million pounds! Fortunately, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, just happened to have one. He also had a new book out too. Cue some shameless plugging… of the book!

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35 Responses

  1. Kristian Spencer says:

    He forgets the maclaren f1 which came out 11 years earlier and is a much faster car than the enzo. He changes his mind every five minutes clarkson. In his dvd heaven and hell he said he would rather have an f40. ???

  2. Vincenzo says:

    Perfect song to end a perfect video on a perfect car

  3. bbnguyen92 says:

    Shameless shameless plug lol

  4. marcus trelle says:

    If you win the lottery and get millions all you have to do is go to someone who was deemed worthy and buy it off them. Nothing that Ferrari can do about it.

  5. bodipsypha says:

    Why is he doing that?! Because he can!!!!!

  6. Money Account says:

    I miss the most important man who wears a white shirt

    The Challenge Man

  7. Money Account says:

    at 4:13 why was there a car that just disappeared

  8. 다오 says:

    I am quite shocked how Jeremy doesn't know how to call the car properly. It's Enzo Ferrari

  9. Misfit Toy says:

    Author and part time drummer xD

  10. Ian Frederick says:

    Which road jeremy? Firano.

  11. Root Edge Gilmour says:

    I've been watching this for years, and i still smile like a moron when he brilliantly uses Pink Floyd's titles… just perfect… absolutelly perfect. In love with the car for years and years, and obviously a huge respect for Jeremy Clarkson… just amazing!

  12. izoom says:

    This is the only other Ferrari besides the F50 I absolutely drool over. What a beautiful machine.

  13. Petyr Kowalski says:

    Still slower than a Mclaren F1 which was 10 years older.

  14. Taekwondo Time says:

    Maybe someday we'll build a supercar that goes 0-60 in 0.0 seconds! 😉

  15. netweed09 says:

    Lol at the end, the statement with those dinosaurs – then 458, R8 V10, Porsche 918 and Huracan come out


  16. Афон Слепцовский says:

    Enzo is the best real ferrari. LaFerrari is good but it is ugly hi-tech gadget not real sportcar.

  17. MuZ LimPz says:

    still the best background song ever for a car review. Truly majestic & did the job to enhance the mood
    Craig Armstrong – Business

  18. Kitarya Kysubae says:

    There's your plug, Nick. How about that 250 gto you got in your garage?

  19. Dm755 says:

    I just got emotional over this.

  20. Rodrigo Alves says:


  21. Steven Alenga says:

    i wanna talk about the book…….

  22. Alex S says:

    Anyone else spot the stig driving at 4:20

  23. Sharath Gopal says:

    I’m here for the Pink Floyd references

  24. Massimo Arieta says:

    Best looking car ever made by far. ABSOLUTELY PIECE OF ART …if I had a huge lots of money ..that' s the dream car I would buy..this one is the best Ferrari ever made ..together with the supreme, mighty F40 and even the ultra rare and absolutely stunning F50..these 3 cars are simply the pinnacle of the sports car..pure ferrari' philosophy…

  25. Jay P. says:

    There wasn't a time in automotive history that could rival 2002-2004 until 2013-14. The big 3 hybrid beasts from Ferrari, Mclaren and Porsche as well as other hyper cars from Koenigsegg and Pagani. Take out those 5 legends and you still have a pretty great era. Aventador LP-750, Veneno, 485 Speciale, Huracan and Mclaren 650 among others. Truly special few years. It looks as though we could be approaching another benchmark in history with the plethora of 1000+ HP hypercars on the horizon a well.

  26. Rahul 777 says:

    mmm so fat and thicc

  27. samed halafi says:

    4:50, what's that song used in the background? LOVE IT

  28. Paulino Dias Santos says:

    Music 1:30? many tks

  29. NippyMoto says:

    "Supercars today are reaching a level of engineering perfection" Oh silly Jeremy this is ofcourse not true, not even today!

  30. Rama Devi says:

    What music has been used

  31. Lucio Bazzani says:

    Name of the track at 1:02 ?

  32. Luke McNamara says:

    Finally saw this car in the flesh recently. And I have no shame in admitting it nearly brought me to tears

  33. Lucio Bazzani says:

    Can anyone spot the "Pink Floyd references" ? A saurceful of secrets – Atom hearth mother – Ummagumma – Delicate sound of thunder – Set the controls for the heart of the sun – The dark side of the moon – Wish you were here – The division bell – Money

  34. TenorCantusFirmus says:

    Then came the Veyron, but to me the Enzo/Zonda/Carrera GT "triplet" was much above it: these are supersportscars, the Veyron was a good marketing tool. Ok, 400 kph and 1000 HPs in absolute comfort is amazing. But still, i'd much prefer the feeling and the tech behind focused driver's cars.

    And when the sentence "F1 for the road" comes up, the Enzo probably still is the closest thing i can think to.

  35. argmax11 says:

    Messi? ? 6:06

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