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30 Responses

  1. SirKnobofCheese says:

    2:45 WRONG!!!!

  2. Matt Wilkinson says:

    What’s up with all these old vids I’m being notified as new, this is like the third…

  3. Liam Featherstone says:

    And did he rise up… Like a fucking Spartan he did boom

  4. A Font says:

    He got up, twice

  5. Elitebox Fitness says:

    he called the draw ..solid

  6. PowerUpBoxing says:

    LOL He said a DRAW haha

  7. Gripping Looney says:

    He predicted the fright lol

  8. Anette Kottise says:

    Good analysis ! "it should go 12 rounds and Tyson has the ability to keep out of trouble , but if Wilder lands that right hand ! I got a feeling it is going to be a draw "

  9. S Millan says:

    Lol. He was right. Al he had to say was 50/50 a rob…. but everything else was right haha

  10. Sagittariustoo says:

    Abel's prediction on the Wilder Fury fight was right on the money.

  11. Petko Kapitan says:

    Extremely right! 50-50 lol He knows how the business works ;$)

  12. Mick Clarke says:


  13. Vlady Vorob says:

    Well Tyson got up twice Abel

  14. Robert Hamilton says:

    An accurate prediction as it's transpired, only thing he got wrong is that Tyson was able to get up from the knockdowns

  15. O says:

    he called the fight!!!

  16. Danny D says:

    As much as I would like Wilder to win because he's American, I can't support him after I heard an interview with him, saying he'd like to, "have a body," on his record. In other words he'd like to kill someone, if he was trying to get publicity by saying that, he screwed up big time, if he means what he said then he needs to join a gang, or join the military and go Special Forces, but he doesn't have the balls. Wilder lost all my respect after he said that, hopefully he'll be more careful about what he says in the future.

  17. Fek The First says:

    Fury to win by ko

  18. Blake Mello says:

    Lol Abel just says what he thinks. He said GGG didn’t listen to him… everyone always rags on him. He knows more than a lot of trainers.

  19. Thomas McGillivray says:

    Behind the loud & false front Fury will be shitting himself right now as he tries to pass the last few hours, minutes & seconds he has left on this planet before ~the~ Mr.Deontay nails him in a box.

  20. Alexander Fox says:

    He sounds upset Fury left bigbear early Lol

  21. john bloggs says:

    Dodgy mf

  22. Earl Garcia says:

    Wish she'd move that damn mike out of the way.

  23. Earl Garcia says:

    You read it here first. Fury KO's Wilder. Bet the mortgage.

  24. mark dark says:

    fury by 9 round

  25. kareem Ahmed says:

    odds on our local buckys was 100 to 1 for welder to knock him out

  26. Chris Thompson says:

    There's a reason klitscko never let his hands go and that's because fury has power…. believe it you will all be surprised when he shuts deontays eyes up and stops him late on…. You heard it here first.

  27. Horror freak London says:

    The only way wilder wins is if he keeps his silly mask from turbo kid on!

  28. David Adams says:

    gypsy king smash his face in!!!!!!!!

  29. Will Grello says:

    This fight is going to be as exciting as McCall vs Holmes in 95. Fury is not going to slug it out and he is gonna make it as uncomfortable as hell for Wilder. Looking forward to this to see who fight Joshua. It's up to Fury to win it if he can keep Wilder from landing the bomb then he can win but if he doesn't then it's curtains.

  30. tincan tincan says:

    One shish kebab and chips no salt plz..

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