Fletcher Cox Loves Playing w/ Tim Jernigan | Eagles Press Pass

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Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox says he was happy to have Tim Jernigan back on the field and talks about the spark the defensive line brings.

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5 Responses

  1. AlienatedPotato says:

    Anyone else think he looks like a teddy graham.

  2. CoolP19 says:

    Timmy is the X factor along with josh Adams

  3. drealmerz7 z says:

    fuck, I can't stand most reporters but that 1 woman is one of the worst on a consistent basis:

    "does Adrian Peterson have a fountain of youth or something?"

  4. Twon Jones says:


  5. Erik Nichols says:

    Yeah timmy Jernigan is our best DT and also the reason why we were the best on the run last year. I'm glad hes back . Fletch is good but timmy is the best in that middle

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