Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage QUITS the party!

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The former UKIP leader has long opposed the appointment of the far-right thug, which has been championed by current party leader Gerard Batten. ‘I am leaving Ukip today,’ Mr Farage said. ‘There is a huge space for a Brexit party in British politics, but it won’t be filled by UKIP.’ It comes after a motion of no confidence in Mr Batten was voted down by UKIP members.

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36 Responses

  1. Ben Par says:

    Well done Faux Farage, you have proved that you are just like your Father, a quitter.
    That's at least 4 times now that you have walked away from your responsibilities. ..2 marriages and Brexit and now UKIP.

    I hope that you are proud of that.
    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  2. doctordonuthin says:

    Nigel it is sad that you fight with the media everyday for portraying you in a bad light with their character assassinations but hypocritically, you side with their biased agenda on Tommy Robinson. it seems very selective. You should be experienced by now as to what the media does to personalities it doesn't like.

  3. Radley2612 says:

    Your mates in the MSM told you to lay off the ale !……. Pint of Hobgoblin Nigel?

  4. Alfred Saxon says:


  5. Joey Figo says:

    Farage would make a superb prime minister.

  6. Adam says:

    The party is better off without him. He was always a Tory

  7. Billy B says:

    Nigel would quit on anything when the going gets tough. Unfortunately, we all loose and may the devil take the hindmost…..

  8. Tiger Eye says:

    UKIP has been a racist party since Farage took over. The only difference is they used to hide it and now they don't.

  9. Amanda Hughes says:

    Thanks for everything Nig, but Gerard is a better man

  10. Solar Panel Paul says:

    Ah well, he claimed weed turned people into islamic extremists.

  11. The williams kids says:

    At least Gerard and tommy are actually doing something about the brexit betrayal unlike you Nigel. Yes I hear you saying how disastrous the deal is but as for rallying brexiters NOTHING!

  12. Gar Sm says:

    He still gets the Euro-pension. The far right gets Ukip, or what's left of it.

  13. Remco Van Ek says:

    Flip flop Farage first threatened to join UKIP again for brexit and now poof… gone.

  14. Paulo Gomes says:


  15. Ace Garcia says:

    You need to start a new party.

  16. BayanTheOne says:

    i like how Farage's fans predict that now UKIP is unelectable, because of Robinson and the rest
    look at other European countries, the parties you would have thought of as unelectable are forming governments
    are you sure you have such an intimate knowledge of a Briton's psyche to make these forecasts?

  17. gary j says:

    As much as I like Nigel the reality is he left the Party 2 years ago.
    UKIP has moved on and Mr Batten with Tommy Robinson are the future. Gerard and Tommy are addressing the very real concerns of the British People and that's why I joined UKIP.

  18. andi346208 says:

    Tommy Robinson has never been a policeman, community worker etc, so his 'expertise' in the field he's been hired for isn't required by any political party as far as I'm concerned. Influenced by the success of the far-right on the continent, UKIP now want to become a British AfD or M5S but Farage is right – people like Tommy Robinson are too much for British voters however much they're against high immigration and European federalism. Farage gave the Europhiles a huge stack of ammunition when he quit but If he'd had enough then that's that. Anyone criticizing him for it should post a pro-Brexit comment on the Guardian's website and see the abuse that's blasted at them.

  19. Chunky Buster says:

    You're 100% right (as usual) let Mr Batten run BNP 'lite' .Nobody could have done more than you,can't wait to see you when you come to Dartford 2019!

  20. as you were says:

    Nigel typical M.P cause chaos and walk away. Don't worry won't be long before you get your title Lord or sir then you can reap all your benefits that behold you

  21. Paul Hill says:

    If i had a cunning plan to destroy UKIP and make it un-electable, associating it with Tommy Robinson is exactly what I would do. It now has about as chance of being electable as the National Front or BNP had, ie none. Game over UKIP. Gerard has made sure UKIP is dead, wonder who told him to do that.

  22. The Earl of Grantham says:

    Do you lot seriously think that having EDL thugs in the front line of the Brexit cause is going to help? o.O

  23. Hugh Easton says:

    Yet another limp Lib Dem masquerading as conservative. At least we can now see your true colours.

  24. Joseph James says:

    Tommy Robinson for primeminister

  25. gaz mar says:

    You're now simply in the same league as Cameron, Osbourne & co, they also walked when the going got tough. Nigel it has become very apparent that you do not represent the working class people of the UK. I guess in your own mind, you're better than the lower classes, especially now that your on talking terms with Donald Trump.

  26. Alloment Proof says:

    No one cares Farage, you're an establishment cuck and you couldn't even get a seat in Parliament so you're as much use a chocolate tea pot.

  27. Scitch2781 says:

    UKIP = knuckle draggers cave man party

  28. Scitch2781 says:

    LMAO they have got too nutty and racist even for farage

  29. John Wayne says:

    That’s a stupid mistake, it’s the globalists against us, you haven’t got to support t Robinson, the globalists are at war with us

  30. Joshua Waite says:

    Not really a surprise. To be honest, i thought he'd already left. the fact that he's stayed this long is the only surprising part.

  31. Elizabeth Duckworth says:

    The YouTube ICONOCLAST has a petion to stop the signing of the U.N. PACT it will destroy our sovereignty if we don't sign this please sign and pass this on

  32. HEX METAL says:

    How many more times is he going to quit? He already quit 2 years ago. Buffoon.

  33. Calvary Crusader says:

    Farage & May are TRANSMOSLEM traitors – Islam is an ugly devil worshipping ideology that reminds me of Nazism.

  34. DistantThunder177 says:

    This is PATHETIC!  Farage, read what Winston Churchill and William Gladstone said about Islam (probably our two greatest ever prime ministers), read what people today like Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Kraus, Sam Harris say about Islam.  Learn the real history of Islam and stop being such a coward and sell out to the narrative.

  35. Michael Graham says:


  36. Chris Bell says:

    You are a let down nigle, a shill in fact, to be scared to confront an imported ideology like Islam shows your true colours and cowardice. You should be ashamed.

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