GAME Speaks On 2PAC Comparisons After 6IX9INE Comments By TORY LANEZ

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42 Responses

  1. jOk3 says:

    You can't compare a Black Panter blood line to this Clown , the game is right 2 pac was an activist his lyrics were Way different as this punk period . Pac saw a lot of shit with his fam we will never see another Black panther related rapper ever again . Pac didn't hide behind people he got his hands dirty period it's a shame how people compare that man to a pettifile.

  2. Shaquille Burton says:


  3. LIL黒KURO says:

    They both fake gangstas so what’s the difference

  4. Rikki Hinderson says:

    69 IS A CLOWN

  5. William Ruth says:

    Tory lamez is weak af

  6. Baz O says:

    Like the is Wwe. Rapper. Celebrity gangster. Aka change of heart. Dia loyal. No credibility. No honour. Why didnt he responded wen blood walk came out?? When tekashi sed take that guys fone from him lol. How old is he smh.

  7. Jinxcity84 says:

    One more thing. Game your manager disrespected tf out of pac numerous times. You ain’t say ish

  8. gip1279 says:

    They are too young to understand 2pac if they are comparing 69 to him. They couldn’t be more different.

  9. MacArthur Clutch says:

    69 can become bigger than tupac you old niggas are delusional you really believe no one will become a bigger icon than tupac? You really believe that? Sam cooke was a icon so was elvis presley nobody even brings them up these old niggas cant even wrap your mind around that a time will come when tupac won't be idolized by a younger generation..dummies its kids now that revere drake and 69 the same way you revere tupac.

  10. Jack1uptone says:

    People. Look at Tupac's face. That's the face of a real nigga. They don't even make niggaz like Tupac these days.

  11. setrak dawood says:

    Respect game for this✊

  12. blankmanemphis says:

    There's only one 2pac!

  13. jp h says:

    having an album at no 1 while being in jail that's all he meant

  14. james James says:

    tu not

  15. james James says:

    stop hating on whiteboys with more street credit than your bitch ass game you use steroids and have a fake ass manhood from t pills I hate fagets like you

  16. Thenwowillfail13 says:

    Sissy Nine is just A wankster bitch he is never as gangster as Tupac. Tupac shot two cops Sissy Nine cried his way to PC unit on Rikers island while Tupac was in general population on Rikers Island

  17. Rudy Martinez says:

    No comparison to 2Pac no no.2pac didn't go around beefing with everyone.2PAC forever.Fuck 69 n treybitch.leave then N.Y. pussies in jail.its been quite since they have been in jail.feels good to live a normal life instead of beefing with everyone for no reason ha ha.fuck all the ones who like 69.u don't like it do something about I DARE U

  18. Cris Garcia says:

    A male stipper and in
    Change of hearts and a bailerena yeah cant compare whit 6ix9ine

  19. Jakey and Ally says:

    Y’all trippen he was comparing the legal case they had and the fact they released a album from jail

  20. Flap Duus says:

    Dont disrespect 6ix9ine like that !

  21. YoungRell804 Beats says:

    more like Elton john

  22. YoungRell804 Beats says:

    neva tupac kap

  23. such mungow says:

    Game Game Game Game

  24. LazyKnotz says:

    The game a whole big fool ain't no way you can convince me otherwise after that Chicago shit. But 69 is also a goofy. Pac the only legitimate nigga being involved and he dead

  25. Akeem Sincere says:

    If y'all loved Pac as much as y'all claim the you'd all fight for black reparations

  26. Akeem Sincere says:

    It's a lot of similarities. And I was around they both got caught up by not staying true to themselves. They not Bloods LoL they Ain't street. I think that's the aspect people saying.

  27. xrated25126raindogg says:

    2pac was a real thug 69 was just a crash dummy

  28. pagraves5678 says:

    The Game is a CB4 Gusto ass nigga. He ain't no bitch when it comes to catching fades but he just ain't no gangsta, u can just tell by his actions

  29. Elise Shipp says:

    Thank you Game some one had to say this!!

  30. Jermaine Funderburg says:

    How can we compare this shit when 2pac lived a life that he was willing to die for 69 is a fraud he is seeing it now that our struggles on the streets is real

  31. Food For Thought says:

    Game should've watched the clip. He didn't compare him to Pac. He said the only nigga to have an event like having his album drop and be in jail at the same time.

  32. MachomusPrime says:

    I grew up a Pac fan. I would draw the correlation with X more than I would with 69. Not musically, more the impact with their own generation and them tragically dying wayyyyy too soon.

  33. ya-da-die tiendez says:

    Next thing you know he gonna squash his beef with him like he did meek

  34. Francisco Luciano says:

    Real talk *

  35. David Dixon says:

    Born 83

  36. Cristopher Calvo Fiallos says:

    who's comparing this ? lol …

  37. Moses JR says:

    Word stop it

  38. quetzalcueyat says:

    Black people always forget they live in America where we have freedom of speech. Till their rights are violated then they want to become fucking lawyers.

  39. Michael Aaron says:

    Blasphemy comparing this dude to the goat

  40. Ihitya Mammie says:


  41. Harold Serrano says:

    took the words right out of my mouth, word for word lol

  42. S. D. H. 3T says:

    Here we go fuck the Gayme

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