Geoffrey Cox makes statement to MPs about Brexit legal advice – watch live

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The prime minister gives a statement to the UK parliament on last week’s G20 summit in Argentina. The attorney general, Geoffrey Cox, will also speak about the government’s legal position on the Brexit deal

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29 Responses

  1. A Nightingale says:

    Attorney General asserts "There's nothing to see here..!!"
    Since when were those words EVER true..??

  2. Chris Griffiths says:

    I think I get it, Britain becomes Old Britain, Ireland becomes Old Ireland and this is All Legal in Law in Britain, Ireland and Europe!!.

  3. Luke A says:

    He speaks with gusto

  4. numbersix100 says:

    May pulled these sorts of stunts all the time when she was Home Secretary, she’s destroying the Conservative party in plain sight

  5. BANKO007 says:

    Cox should apply to become captain of the Starship Enterprise. He would pronounce "engage" and "make it so" very well. In fact, closing my eyes and imagining it is Captain Picard relieves the tedium of the subject matter considerably.

  6. Star.80 says:

    The women in the white shirt is such a babe..well hot.!

  7. rotweissrot100 says:

    Amateur theatricals.

  8. s tanner says:

    AG…this deal is our way out of the EU. Rubbish. Article 50 is that.

  9. mick sc says:

    Just like the referendum when the public had to make a yes/no choice without knowing what leaving would actually entailed. Now May wants MPs to vote using a abbreviated AG document which only the cabinet has seen, picked the parts that support her for the MPs to see, how can they make an informed choice without the full facts good or bad. This shows her in a very poor light
    duplicitous and at this rate she will kill the conservative party as it appears that the whole cabinet was prepared to go along with her.

  10. s tanner says:


    More concerning orderly departure from the EU……. What is this…… Article 50 is the orderly and EU mechanism for a member state to leave. Nothing more nothing less. A deal is needed if you wan't when once left to be party to something of the EU but such has nothing to do with the actual Brexit; the leaving.
    It is only because the PM wants to remain in the single market etc that all this pontificating etc continues to rage. She wants us to remain with the EU and yet it is worth only 10% GDP. WHY is she caught up wanting these ridiculous ties to the EU at such a price. I wonder if she would expend as much energy and pour taxpayers money in getting 20%GDP from world trade.

  11. s tanner says:


    So because the EU declined to accept termination clauses that is as far as such clauses went towards negotiation. Clearly our P M like her predecessor had actually not negotiated anything significant if anything but rather simply acquiesced to EU as if the EU controlled our Brexit. It is bizarre to kow-tow when we have the upper hand…..
    When the PM says this is a good or the best deal clearly we have no reason to believe her because she wouldn't know a good deal of she saw or heard one. Post Mrs Thatcher our PMs have been useless wets in the EU and negotiating arenas and have but wrought problems after problems upon the people who they extort taxes to fund all that is the EU three- ring circus.

  12. s tanner says:

    The whole focus is about a deal. He says at 2.57 that a deal without the backstop would not have been agreed. We are not dealing in order to leave. We are entitled to leave without let or hindrance or commitments. The mindset of Brexit deal is thus pear -shaped.

    Leave and then deal. The EU have dictated all along because their mindset is divorce punishable when in reality out is a non- renewing of membership and we are free to leave with 2 years notice. The PM has buggered it up. As we knew she would because she is a Remainers and seeing- serving as well as an EU puppet.

  13. s tanner says:


    And he sounds like Rumpole of the Bailey.

  14. s tanner says:


    What the AG implies is fine if the PM can be trusted to deliver Brexit but to date she has failed miserably to convince and she had already proven her worthlessness by producing the deal she has contrary to her previous speeches and conservative manifesto.

    The House rightly has effectively no confidence in what they are being told, have doubts about that hidden from them and feel their power removed removed when they are the elected authority when unanimous in their votes whether they be government or opposition.

  15. s tanner says:

    The national interest is not about knowing the secrets and knowledge about strength and weakness of nations etc but the truth and detail of Brexit

  16. s tanner says:

    Well done Jacob Rees-Mogg!
    The AG didn't like that question.
    Side- stepping the question by citing security, cabinet minutes etc.
    He certainly has lost his rag at this point

  17. s tanner says:


    So we are just expected to take the word of the PM and AG that this deal is it without any further ado or definitive document. It seems to be very laissez- faire to the English documents we used to be known for. Clearly another base continental habit we have picked up.

  18. s tanner says:


    The EU has acted in good faith so far and that because the UK has acted I good faith the EU would not . The way the EU has acted before, during and since the referendum convinces not that they know what good faith might be. One only has to look at those in the EU parliament for excepting a few members their bike and hatred and mentality is contemptible. Clearly the AG has never seen the EU members and mandarins in action.

  19. s tanner says:


    This continual…. against the public interest…… The government is the servant to the people. It is the people's country not that solely of the Ministers and mandarins. It is offensive that we are being deliberately kept on the dark on this alleged complicated deal. It is not a time of war when by necessity a certain secrecy is required but the AG is basically saying that further information would be akin to a war situation which appears to rather disingenuous.

  20. s tanner says:

    If one cannot trust the MPs with knowing the information that says much! The MPs have the answer time and again; they will have to use their democratic right and vote against the deal because they could not vote in good conscience in favour of the matter without disclosure of the full deal contents.

  21. s tanner says:

    At 2.21 the AG says that……… is the only way we can leave pon March 29 th. He is wrong and misleading. We are due to leave on March 29 th regardless. Nothing can prevent us from leaving the EU legally or morally or otherwise.

    So what does he mean by his remarks? Something is afoot and again shows his lack of impartiality.

  22. s tanner says:

    How can one ask questions directly when full information and documents on which the AG is willing to answer questions has not been disclosed. For later the AG will simply say, he was never asked. It is comparable to a sketch from Yes Minister.

  23. s tanner says:

    Breach of good faith…… umm…. he defined as a prolonged drawn out process…… We have seen two years of this already so we can see that the EU did not work within good faith from the start.

    Let us not forget that the whole EU project was built on sand rather than rock and that is why now it is beginning to crumble, as its tyrannical mindset and flawed premises are being shown to the fore. Both in EU policy and commentary there is such anger at the few trying to control the millions within many nations now that the EUs true colours have be been found out by the millions it has for decades tried to deceive whilst taxing them to the hilt for the privilege.

  24. mreldude says:

    Geoffrey Cox for PM!!

  25. Peter of The Awakened says:

    One week after the Brexit Referendum, a cross party committee of Brexitiers, with a leader, should of been formed to say to the EU, "we are leaving now, and if you want to do business, you know where we are. And if you expect any more money, you can think again!!

  26. s tanner says:

    It just shows how unimpartial ous the AG……. also…. not entrapped permanently……..?…… one doesn't want to be entrapped temporarily either, surely.!

  27. s tanner says:

    Ken Clarke … ooh dear…. off he goes yaw yaw yaw back patting when frankly candid was evident in the speech of the AG at all. He deliberately ignored the specific of the question posed regarding the backstop.

  28. s tanner says:

    There does not need to be terms and conditions to leave. ARTICLE 50 provides all that is needed to leave. No payments and no debts and no liabilities. That is why there is a two year period as part of Article 50. This is the EUs own framework of a nation's withdrawal from the club.

  29. s tanner says:

    We certainly don't see the wisdom and forbearance let alone decency and probity in the continual verbal attacks by EU mandarins. Brexit has shown to all those who watch the EU parliament antics what an absolute shower many of them are.

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