Geoffrey Cox pulls weird faces as Keir Starmer gives Commons speech

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Amid a crucial test of strength between the House of Commons and the government, Labour’s Keir Starmer (main picture) warned that ministers are committing contempt of Parliament. Tory rebels, the DUP, the SNP and Lib Dems joined the attack amid threats that Attorney General Geoffrey Cox could be suspended as a punishment. But, as Mr Cox looked on in the chamber (inset right), Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom said the government was defending an important principle that legal advice should stay confidential. She also insisted MPs should not take it on themselves to rule on whether there had been a contempt – arguing that ministers should have ‘due process’ of an investigation by the Privileges Committee. Kicking off the titanic constitutional clash in the the chamber this afternoon, Sir Keir accused ministers of ignoring a ‘binding motion’ passed by the Commons. ‘That is contempt,’ he said. The standoff between the House and the government is thought to be unprecedented in modern times.

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5 Responses

  1. oxsam says:

    He actually cried!!

  2. Ash Finkter says:

    Shitting Bricks!! lol

  3. Quetzel Coatl says:

    tis a hard pill

  4. Richard Goode says:

    Person as life.

  5. Mal Palmer says:

    Cox holding back tears – going to have to publish his document, which might not align to what he said in Parliament- another Tory liar is frightened that he’s going to get found out

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